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When They Get Jealous:


They’ll die. That’s all there too it.

“Was he checking you out?”


“Did he touch you?”


“Was he flirting with you?”


“I’ll be back”

Next Day on The News:

“Jeff The Killer strikes again. This time with a different message on the victim’s wall. The body of teenager Cody Harrison still has not been found. Authorities are still investigating the homicide” The news reporter spoke 

“Jeffery” You take in a deep sigh.

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BEN Drowned: 

He will be (physically) very upfront about it. He will go as far to try to make you moan in front of the person that he got jealous of. A triumph smirk would always appear once his mission was complete. If the jerk doesn’t get the hint and continues to flirt with you, he will kill them. This is what you signed up for when dating the perverted elf ;)

“You’re pretty hot” He spoke, a flirtatious grin crossed his features as the stranger complimented you.

“Thanks but–” You were cut off mid-sentence when your boyfriend BEN walked in between you and the stranger. 

“Excuse me” It wasn’t even a request. BEN hungrily crashed his lips into yours while softly pushing you away from the flirt he was jealous of. A smirk formed on his lips as he felt the presence of the stranger leave.

You parted the kiss to see your boyfriend pouting. “No need to be jealous, baby” You giggled 

“Me? Jealous? Yes” He said, right before he crashed his lips back onto yours.

Laughing Jack: 

Jack won’t admit that he’s jealous at first, you might have to get him to admit it through candy. The only way to tell if Jack is jealous is if you catch him pulling a death prank on his victim.

Jack saw the employee that flirted with you at the Halloween festival yesterday, his victim was jogging to the other end of the crosswalk as the lights turned red while Jack was sitting in the driver’s seat of the school bus he had stolen. Just as his victim stepped foot onto the concrete road he applied so much force on the gas paddle; he crashed into the car in front of him, sending the bus to miss the flirt by inches. Jack sped off as soon as possible to avoid the police before yelling.

“HAHA!! DON’T EVER TOUCH MY GIRLFRIEND JACKASS!!” He continued laughing until he reached Slender Mansion.

Ticci Toby: 

Toby would feel really insecure. He’s worried someone other than him would soon enough sweep you off your feet and you’d just forget about him. He never wanted that to happen, but he was too shy to admit he was jealous. You’d have to somehow pick up on the actions of your boyfriend and the only way to notice his jealousy if he was clingy.

“Darls, I’ll see you before 2! I’m gonna meet up with Scott!” You told your boyfriend before you went to see an old friend who had recently come back from their vacation in Greece. 

“N *tic* O! Don’t go!” Toby got up from the couch and speed walked to you. “You *tic* promised we’d *tic* watch the movie *tic* together” 

“I’m sorry Toby but Scott got back from the airport and asked if I could pick him up” You objected

“Nope,” Toby lifted you over his shoulder and carried you back to the coach where you both spent the rest on the night watching Lisa, Lisa.

Eyeless Jack:

Jack trusted you, he knew you would never cheat on him, but he didn’t trust any male you were with. If he got jealous he would come up to you and wrap his arms around your torso until whoever it was walked away. Then he would kindly ask you for permission to eat their organs for his next meal.  

Jack’s arms were still around your torso even after the male nurse left. E.J wanted to try to see if he could take the organs of a soon-to-be-dead person, but the minute he left you one of the male nurses came up to you and started flirting. 

“Can I kill him?” he whispered in the crook of your neck

“Somebody jealous?” You smirked

“What? No! I’m just hungry” You could practically feel his blush under his blue mask. 

“Hmm, sure, he wasn’t that hot anyway” You giggled. 

He chuckled as he kissed you on the cheek.

CreepyPastas react to Jen (Jeff x Ben)


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  • Nina: Does anybody here care about me?
  • BEN: Not really, You scare me.
  • Sally: Daddy said you're like Jeff, But worse...
  • Jeff: What?
  • Eyeless Jack: Not really.
  • Laughing Jack: I don't know you.
  • Lazari: I eat people like you.
  • Clockwork: Nah.
  • Liu: ....I only care about Nat so...
  • Toby: Wow, You guys are pretty fucking rude.
  • Masky: Would you be her friend Toby?
  • Toby: No.
  • Jane: Ignore them kid, They're all assholes. They don't know friendship when they see it, You're always welcome to be my friend.
  • Nina's thoughts: Holy shit I'm in love-
Their S/O Have A Split Personality

requested: @orangettetwins : The main Creepypasta members having a split personality s/o? Please and thank you.

Thanks Darls for requesting, hope this is what you were looking for. I accidentally forgot to save it the first time so I had to re-write everything XD


Well, Liu has a split personality disorder so Jeff would be slightly experienced with this. He might not give two shits about his brother sometimes but he tries his best not to blow up when your other personality comes into play. Your boyfriends got anger issues but he tries his hardest to control it, he knows it’s not your fault for having a split personality. He might just take his anger on someone else…

(Examples include)

BEN Drowned: 

Ben is very chill with you having a split personality, he doesn’t mind you having it and thinks it’s cool that you have a uniqueness. He’ll kiss you and tell you that you’re great both ways to make you feel better about yourself and hope it works.

(Can I take a min to say how amazing this cosplayer is?) 


Eyeless Jack: 

He doesn’t really mind. Split personality or not he doesn’t find that a problem in the relationship. If your other personality goes off at him then he’ll just leave until you’re done and once done so he’ll just shrug it off knowing that there isn’t much he could do and it would be useless to get upset. He won’t bring up the subject unless necessary although he won’t say much about it. He loves you for the way you are. 

Laughing Jack: 

He’ll just laugh it off. But he gets annoyed if your split personality is rude or being arrogant then he’ll just come off as annoyed and when you’re normal self comes back he’ll just laugh it off as nothing happened. He knows you’re not in control of you whole personality and knows what it’s like to feel unloved and he’d never make you feel the way he did. 

Ticci Toby: 

Toby loves you for the way you are, he feels that you could both relate to the subject of having something you can’t control; you with your split personality and him with his tics. This is one of the reasons the pasta’s ship you both. He might get slightly scared of your other half if goes crazy and tries his best to help you out when you need it. You both talk about your split personality on a daily basis.


Masky will try to help as much as he can. He’ll be there when your personality snaps and will try his best to helpful. He normally knows what to do, however, if more help is needed then he’ll simply ask for Hoodie’s or Slender man’s assistance. He knows you’re not in control of your own personality disorder and will try his hardest to make sure you can get through it and know that he is there for you.



At first, Hoodie has no bloody clue what to do when your split personality snapped. He rapidly ran to Masky and Toby begging them to come help. After a while, he knew what to do to keep you from snapping. He’d try to remain calm when your other personality comes to play and tries his hardest not to snap back. He will ask about how you’re holding up when it’s just the two of you; asking questions such as “How’s it going” or “Anything I can do to help?” He wants to make sure you’re happy but is sometimes a tad clueless.

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Creepypasta Headcanon

《Creepypasta x male Headcanon》 When they carry you

Jeff the killer:

“Ugh jeff get your hand off my ass!“ You argued as his hand was placed on your ass while he carried you over his shoulder, “Im trying not to drop you where else am I meant to grab?” He complained as you clinged to his hoodie. “Well you could always put me down!” You shouted while gripping him tighter, “Fine I’ll drop you!” He shouted pushing you off his shoulder. You let out a gasp as jeff pushed you off his shoulder but just before you hit the ground he caught your wrist, “Jackass” You mumbled under your breath.

Eyeless jack:

You squirmed and wriggled as jack held you bridal style carrying you through the forest, “Stop moving Y/N” Jack complained. “Your nails are digging into my skin” You argued wrapping your arms around his neck, he sighed and quickly readjusted his hands. “Jack…” You whisperd in his ear, he turned his head towards you and hummed in response. “Get your hand off my ass…” You whisperd twirling a knife around in your hand, he let out an annoyed groan and just decided to sling you over his shoulder.


You rested your head on his head as hoodie gave you a piggy back, “Y/N your starting to strangle me” Hoodie said turning his head to you. Rolling your eyes you loosened your grip on his neck and clinged on his shoulders instead, “Im so high up I feel like I’m going to fall off” You wined wobbling slightly then tightening your grip. He rolled his eyes but smirked at a idea and bent forwards, “HOODIE WHAT THE F***!” You screamed clinging onto him for dear life. He bent back up and laughed at you while you shouted at him and slapped his head.


You leaned on masky tired as you closed your eyes and rested your head on his shoulder, he picked you up with ease and carried you fireman style. Your torso was draped around his neck, with your legs on the right side of his body. He was holding your legs and right hand with his right arm. Your head was leaning on his left shoulder. He was surprisingly comfortable so you fell asleep on him.


“Y/N!” Toby shouted running towards you with his arms wide open, “Toby!” You shouted back also running towards him. Once you reached eachother you enveloped him in a hug, you both laughed and he held your waist because he wanted to carry you. You smiled and wrapped your legs around his waist as his arms were wrapped securely around you so you wouldnt fall, you wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his forehead.

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Halloween Spirit- Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios [When He Confesses]


[f/n]= first name

When He Confesses

    Lately, my captor has been acting odd. Which, quite frankly, is making me really nervous. He has become kind of distant, almost like he’s avoiding me. I have no idea what he’s thinking, or what he’s planning. Is this it? Has he decided to finally kill me off? I thought we were close, that we were actually friends. I seriously screwed up by letting my guard down. I let myself forget, but the reality is that he is psychotic. Who knows when he’ll snap?


“Slendie?” I call hesitantly. Lately, he has been locking himself in the library and refuses to let me be near him. I have no idea what it is I did wrong. He doesn’t respond, so I try one more time. “Slendie?”

    “Not now, [f/n],” he replies beyond the closed oaken doors. “I’m preoccupied at the moment, so I request you to leave me be.”

    “Oh….well, ok. I’ll see you later, then,” I respond, hurt by his words. I keep my hand planted against the door for a little longer before dejectedly walking away. If Slendie is bored of me, angry, or whatever it is that is going on with him, what does that say about my future? He’s never endangered my life before, but he is known for killing people. Maybe he’s done with me.

    You’d think I’d be fearful for my life, but more than anything, I’m just plain hurt. I glance outside a window, trees surrounding everything. I’ve never left the manor without Slendie before, but surely I’m allowed outside on my own. After all, escape is futile when Slendie can teleport to wherever I am. Unable to handle being inside the manor with its stifling atmosphere any longer, I decide to get some fresh air. So I head out the door, without Slendie by my side.

    I thought being outside would cheer me up, but my thoughts become more prominent as I walk past the endless stretch of trees. I find myself getting more depressed the longer I walk. I become so lost in my thoughts that time flies by without me noticing. It’s only when I notice the forest is much more darker than usual that I realize it is night time. And, of course, I’m lost. Getting lost in this forest is unavoidable. But what really upsets me is that it’s night time, and Slendie still hasn’t come to bring me back to the manor.

    I settle down on the ground and wrap my arms around my knees, trying to huddle for warmth in this cold night air. Maybe if I wait long enough, Slendie will come and get me. I know trying to walk back is impossible. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe this is my opportunity to escape. I mean, this much time has passed without him bothering to fetch me. If I wander around long enough, I’m bound to find a way out of the forest. After all, while very few, peoplehave managed to escape before. Slendie’s powers only work in the confines of this forest and other certain areas, so if I escape, I’m safe.

    Except….I don’t want to leave him. Which is completely crazy. He’s a monster, for Christ’s sake. I should be fleeing him without a second thought. But monster or not, he’s been nothing but a gentleman to me. He’s kind, gentle, caring, supportive. He’s better than most men I’ve met in my life. And to the other Creepypastas, he’s like a mother/father figure to them. He takes care of them despite their flaws, their disfigurements, their fragile minds. I mean, I don’t know why it is that he kills people, but I know there is some good in him. And that goodness in him makes me want to stay.

    So I stay in place, waiting for him to find me. But if he doesn’t get me by morning….I’ll leave. Time passes for what feels like forever, and still no sign of Slendie. When I think he might really not come, my eyes start to sting. I try not to, but I end up crying. I bury my face onto my knees as tears silently trickle down my face and stain my jeans.

    “[f/n]?” a voice gently calls me. It’s Slendie. But I don’t want to look at him, for my face is surely blotched from crying. So I quietly keep my face buried, not trusting my voice to not break with tears. “[f/n], what’s wrong?” I feel a hand grip my shoulder, providing warmth. But I remain quiet.

    I hear him sigh, then suddenly I’m scooped into his arms. “Wha- no, Slendie!” I cry, my hands flying to my face to cover it up.

    “You were crying, were you not?” he prods. I don’t respond, because I really don’t want to admit it. We stay like this, silence surrounding us, before Slendie eventually says, “Do you want to leave, [f/n]?”

    I pull my hands away in shock. “What?” I breath, caught off guard.

    “If you do not want to be here, I can return you to your home,” he tells me. He’s offering to let me go? Any fear I had of him evaporates into the air. Unable to help it, I’m bawling once again. “What’s wrong?” he asks, concerned.

    “I-I thought y-you h-hated me!” I stumble out through the tears. “Y-you didn’t want m-me around any-anymore, so I thought, I thought you were t-through w-with me.” I hate this! I hate crying in front of him! But the relief that flooded through me broke the dam I had built to contain my emotions.

“No!” Slendie cries, his composure crumbling. “If I tired of you, you would not be alive. But I could never tire of you. The reason I did not want you around me is that, well, I was researching matters concerning you.”

“What matters?” I ask him, a hiccup escaping my lips. At least the crying slowed a bit.

“There is something different about you, [f/n],” he tells me seriously. “You are human, yet not quite. Similar to Jeff and Toby, you have an aura about you that makes you different from the average human. And yet, you’re not exactly like Jeff and Toby, or I would know it. I have not met one like you, so your circumstances are rather curious to me. But….some of the information I have gathered could concern you. I do not want to worry you, so I tried to keep you away from all of it.”

“Why would it worry me?” I ask.

Slendie merely shakes his head. “I want to make sure my information is accurate before I inform you. But, will you stay with me?”

“Yes,” I reply softly. “Honestly, I’ve grown rather attached to you and the others.”

Slendie squeezes me slightly, and if he had facial features, something tells me he would be smiling. “[f/n]?” he ventures.


“I have grown rather fond of you. That is, what I mean to say is, I have fallen in love with you,” he tells me, nervousness slipping into his words.

My face flushes in heat as I stare at him, wide eyed. “I-I…,” I stumble out. I never realized it. And what about me? These feelings I have for Slendie, is it love? It all hits me in a rush. Yes, this is love. I’ve never met someone as good to me as Slendie is, and I’ve fallen for him harder than I thought could be possible. Haha, I’m truly crazy. “I love you, too.” I tell him.

He manages to life a hand to stroke my hair off of my tear stained face. “Shall we return home?” he asks me, loving warmth wrapped around his words.

I smile lovingly at him in return. “Of course,” I respond warmly.

Turns out, even monsters can be loved.



    “Ben?” I call to the powered off T.V. It has been turned off for days now, meaning days have passed since I’ve last seen Ben. It has me really worried. Is he sick? Did he run into some kind of problem? Does he need help? Without Ben around for me to ask questions, I had turned to Slendie, but he tells me there is nothing to worry about. Ben is simply remaining in the digital world, for whatever reason. But the worry is still there, and I wonder if he is merely avoiding me. If so, what did I do? Is it because I kept beating him at video games?

    “Ben, please answer me,” I beg. Silence. Well, I don’t want to piss him off, but maybe if I play Majora’s Mask, he’ll interact with me. So I turn on the T.V.,place the cartridge into the console, and grab the controller. The menu pops up, but instead of clicking my file, I click the one titled BEN. I roam around for a while, playing the game normally and hoping Ben will show up. I play for hours straight, but still no Ben. But I’m not one to give up, so I keep playing despite my body complaining.

Eventually, text shows up saying, ‘You’ve met a terrible fate.’

“Ben?” I call. “What’s going on?”

‘You should have left when you had the chance,’ new text says.

I scoff at the message. “Oh, sure, just let me waltz right out of here,” I say sarcastically. “Seriously, though, I don’t want to leave. Believe it or not, I’m having fun here. I’ve always fantasised being in this situation. I admit, at first, I was utterly terrified. But now that we’re friends, I think everything is actually pretty awesome here.”

I stay silent for a moment, something dawning on me. “Do you want to get rid of me?” I ask quietly. Fear edges into me at the thought. Am I an annoyance to him now? What if he decides to get rid of me? Out of everyone here, Ben is the only one who doesn’t kill anybody. He just scares the shit out of people. I thought I was safe with him, but what if I’m wrong?

But suddenly Ben’s face appears on the screen, eying me. “Why do you like it here?” he questions me.

I’m caught off guard, but I recover enough to respond. “Are you kidding me? Everyone here is like straight out of a horror story. I worship this stuff! Plus, I get to play so many video games with the best gaming partner ever.”

Ben’s lips twitch ever so slightly into a small smile, but he still looks forlorn. “I kidnapped you. You’re a normal human being, even if something seems different about you. Me, I’m just a digitised ghost. We’re utterly different. You don’t belong here. You should just leave.”

I cross my arms stubbornly. “Ben, get out of there,” I demand.

He scoffs at me. “Who are you to tell me what to do?” he asks challengingly.

“A normal human being,” I respond. “Please, Ben, just do it.” He doesn’t argue, and soon he materializes in front of me. I lift my hand and ruffle his hair, then move my hand to his cheek to pinch his skin. “Ouch!”

“Some ghost you are,” I say as I poke at his cheek. “What kind of ghost can be physically touched? And can have awesome powers that control the digital world? You’re the coolest ghost ever, if you ask me.” His cheeks color at my compliment, and I continue. “Everyone here is different, you know. The fact that I’m not like you guys at all makes me different, too, so I’m not exactly normal. But Ben, I’ll ask again. Do you want to get rid of me?”

“No!” he exclaims a little too loudly. He clears his throat embarrassedly and tries again. “No. I just thought you wanted to leave, is all.”

“Well, I don’t, so if you’re done brooding, let’s get our game on,” I say with a grin as I toss him a controller. I insert the first game I find, too thrilled that everythings resolved to care what we play.

However, before we can start the game, Ben says, “[f/n]?”

“Hmm?” I hum.

He edges close to me, his finger tracing my lips. My heart jumps to my throat as he smirks at me. “What kind of ghost can be physically touched,” he murmurs as he spreads his hand across my cheek. “What kind of ghost falls in love with a human?”

“B-Ben what are y-you-,” I stumble out, but he interrupts me.

“I love you,” he tells me, his voice husky.

“I, um, I, uh,” I stutter out. I swallow heavily and scramble away from him. My heart pounds rapidly, and I can’t deny that I, too, am in love. But my heart is beating too fast and my breathing is too irregular for me to speak. Ben looks stung, like I had slapped him. I quickly grab my phone and start rapidly clicking buttons. I shyly hold up the phone, the message, ‘I love you, too,’ displayed on it.

Ben blinks in surprise, but then breaks into a wide grin. “Then come here and be my player two,” he demands. I smile warmly at him as I scoot over to where he is. I settle beside him, but then he says, “Nope, wrong spot.” His hands grip my shoulders and suddenly I find myself sitting in his lap. “That’s better.”

I bite down the giddy giggle that bubbles in my throat, and instead say, “Let’s play.”

He seriously is the best gaming partner ever.


Jeff the Killer:

“Jeff?” I say questioningly. “What are you doing?”  One minute we’re watching a horror movie, the next he’s all up in my face. His eyes are narrowed like a snake’s as he inspects me.

“I’ve been thinking,” he starts.

“That’s never good,” I say with a smile.

But he ignores my comment. “What is it about you?”

“Um, what do you mean?” I ask, confused. His hand reaches out and tugs a strand of my hair. “Ouch! What was that for?”

“Why won’t I kill you?” he asks to himself, a question that makes me nervous. Honestly, I don’t know the answer to that question. And if Jeff doesn’t either, what reason does he have to keep me alive? His eyes glint with confusion and something else, something dangerous.

“Jeff?” I call his name a bit fearfully. My eyes widen when he slowly pulls out his knife. “Jeff!” I see hesitation flash in his eyes, but it doesn’t stop his knife from swinging through the air. I swiftly throw myself to the ground, avoiding the knife. I scramble to my feet and dash to the doorway. I feel a hand grip my arm roughly and I am tossed to the floor. Jeff’s face is soon close to mine as he pins me to the ground. He lifts the knife, as if to stab me, but he can’t bring himself to do it.

“Why?” he hisses. “I could kill my family! But why can’t I kill you?”

Tears pour down my face as I start to sob. “Jeff, do you hate me?” I ask, my voice trembling. I could be begging for my life, yet that is the question that spills from my mouth.

Jeff doesn’t respond as he stares at me. Tears continue to trickle down my face as I stare into his eyes. Eventually, I hear the knife clatter to the ground. “No, I don’t,” he whispers as he wipes the tears off my face. “I thought I didn’t need anyone. Family, friends, nobody. Yet you prance into my life, and suddenly I have someone I need. I hate it.”

I swallow my tears as I lift my hand. I stroke his cheek softly, refusing to remove my eyes from his. “If you hate it, why don’t you kill me? I’ll be gone and you won’t need me anymore.” What the hell am I saying? But yet, the words spill forth from my mouth, my heart painfully throbbing with the question. I….I love Jeff. I love him, but if he wants to be rid of me….The thought stabs at my heart as I stare at him, my eyes begging for his answer.

“That’s just it. I can’t!” he exclaims. “The thought of you being gone hurts, and it shouldn’t. I threw all negative feelings away. I always felt so, so good afterwards. And when you came along, I felt even better! But then I started imagining you leaving, or you dying, and I became scared. Me, scared, for Christ’s sake! And I felt anguish and loneliness, feelings I had sworn to never feel again. So I wanted to get rid of you, to get rid of the source of those emotions. But….I couldn’t.”      

    “I won’t leave,” I say softly. “You’re a jerk, you know that? You steal me away from my life, but not only that, you steal my heart to boot! I love you, Jeff, and it kills me. You go and do things that hurt me like this, but then you show me a part of yourself that reminds me of a scared child. I don’t know how I should feel about you!” I sniffle as more tears leak from my eyes. Damn my heart for falling for a psychopath!

“You love me?” Jeff asks incredulously.

“Yes, damn it!” I snap. “Despite everything you’ve put me through, I’ve come to need you, too. You’re not all bad, you know. Like how you’re so protective of me, or how you always try to make me smile, or how you’re always making me laugh with your snide remarks…,” I notice Jeff is smirking at me at this point. I blush embarrassedly as I tear my gaze from his eyes.

However, his hand forces me to look back at him. “Besides losing you, you know what else I was scared of?” he asks.

“What?” I mumble.

“The thought that you would never love me,” he responds. “You see, turns out I fell in love with you. But I never thought you’d feel the same.” I can’t help it as sobs start to shake my body, my system overloaded with relief. Alarmed, Jeff sits up, bringing me with him. He holds me against him as he rubs my back comfortably. “I’m sorry,” he whispers, his voice coated in guilt.

“I-I thought y-you w-were going to, to kill me!” I sob. “Th-that you hated me!”

“I love you,” he whispers over and over as he rocks me soothingly. I sob until all of the fear, tension, and anguish is out of my system. Then, when it’s all over, I let love wash over me.

“I love you too, you idiot,” I mumble against his neck. I feel him shiver as my lips move against his skin. “And if you ever do something like that to me again, I’m going to use all those self-defense moves you taught me against you.”

He laughs at my threat. “Trust me, darling, it’ll never happen again! You’re my property, and I can’t damage my treasure.”

Why did I have to fall for an idiot? Idiot or not, though, he’s officially my idiot.


Ticci Toby:

“Hey, Toby I-Toby?” I stop in mid sentence when I see that Toby is hunched over as he sits on his bed. Gloominess surrounds the air like a heavy fog, something that is extremely abnormal for Toby. His head is cradled in his hands, depression weighing him down. “Toby, what’s wrong?” His head shifts as he glances in my direction, but he doesn’t respond. I quietly sit on the bed beside him. “You can talk to me.”

“I know why I was drawn to you,” he says quietly.

“What do you mean?” I gently ask him.

“When I first met you, I mistook you for my sister,” he continues. “My sister, she died a long time ago. You had a warm, welcoming air about you. When I saw you, I immediately felt at home. Like I did with my sister.”

“I’m sorry for your loss,” I tell him sadly as I rub his back comfortingly.

“I had amnesia,” he tells me abruptly. “I didn’t remember her, or anything about my past. But now, I remember everything.” His body starts to tremble as his twitching increases in frequency. “I-I killed h-him! I b-burned everything! I-I-I-!”

I stop his ranting as I pull him into my arms. “Hush, now,” I whisper gently. “It’s ok, Toby, I’m right here for you. It’s alright.”

He holds on to me desperately as he trembles violently. He takes deep, shuddering breaths before continuing. “I became a m-monster. I k-killed my own dad, I b-burned my house. I destroyed m-my family.”

“Why?” I ask him as I stroke his head. At this point, Toby killing people doesn’t phase me (a fact that bothers me, but it’s a fact nonetheless). But for some reason, he’s really shaken up by this revelation. I need to know why he was driven to be who he is now.

His nails dig into my back as he tries to explain, but I ignore the pain. “I-I was tired. Of dealing w-with my d-dad. His beatings, his dr-drunkness, his shouting. I couldn’t d-deal with the abuse an-anymore. With my si-sister gone, I just couldn’t. So I k-killed him. And forgot e-everything.”

“Oh, Toby,” I breath as I hold him even tighter. I feel a fury burn inside of me at the thought of Toby’s dad abusing him. How dare he! “It wasn’t your fault! Your dad had no right to do what he did, you didn’t deserve it. He was a worthless piece of shit who wasn’t even capable of loving his own son. He deserved what happened to him. You are not a monster.”

“I-I’m not?” he whimpers.

“Of course you’re not. You’re human, just like me. Nothing more, nothing less,” I assure him.

His grip on me relaxes as he calms down. “[f/n]?” he says questioningly.


“I really love you,” he says as he snuggles against my neck.

“W-what?” I stumbled out, my heart picking up in pace.

“I love you lots!” he tells me, his usual cheerfulness returning to his words.

I bury my face in his shoulder, his hair tickling my face. I find it hard to breath, let alone speak! But I have to say the words that have been floating around in my head for a long time now. “I love you, too,” I mumble. He pulls away so he can rub his nose against mine. “T-T-Toby! No, stop!” I don’t think my heart can take it!

“Say it again!” he demands.

“I-I love you,” I say shyly.


“No!” I cry.

“Aww, please?” he begs.

“I have a lifetime to tell you I love you, ok?” I tell him.

“I love you,” he tells me warmly.

I fell in love with such a goofball. No matter what others say, he’s no monster.


Eyeless Jack:

“Jack, can you please explain yourself?” I ask, irritated and confused. It’s the middle of the night, and I wake up to find a blue mask watching me silently. Hey, at least I avoided having a heart attack after screaming my lungs out!

“I was hungry,” Jack mutters.

“And?” I prod.

“I was going to eat your liver,” he says bluntly. Wait, what!?

“What!?” I shriek. “Jack, get off me!”

“But I don’t want your liver, after all,” he continues. “I want your heart.” He trails his finger from where my liver would be to where my heart is, causing said heart to beat uncontrollably.

“Are you being serious?” I ask nervously. Maybe Jack is pulling my leg? I really hope so. But sadly, he’s not. As he pulls out a surgical knife, my stomach drops. “Jack, no!” I shove him off me, dashing for the door. I make it out and I continue to run aimlessly down the halls, hoping to outrun him. But Jack is extremely fast, and quiet on his feet. One glance behind me reveals he is right on my heels. An intake of air meant to catch my breath becomes a shrill scream as I feel myself being tackled to the floor. I struggle against him, but all my effort is futile.

“Shh,” Jack breaths to silence me. “It’s ok. It won’t hurt.”

“I’ll die, Jack!” I sob.

“No, it’ll be a transplant,” he tells me, trying to be reassuring. But it fails epicly as I try to struggle harder. “Then your heart will belong to me.”

“Why do you even want my heart?” I ask him, tears choking me.

“Because I don’t want anyone else to have it. You belong to me, and me only.”

“What?” I say, utterly confused. “You don’t need to cut out my heart for me to belong to you! That’s not how it works!”

He tilts his head in confusion. “But if I have it, no one else will.”

“But that doesn’t mean I’ll belong to you,” I say, trying to remain calm. Surely I can talk him out of this. Jack has done some pretty weird shit for as long as I’ve known him, but he is still able to be sensible. “In order to belong to you, I have to choose to belong to you.”

His grip on me relaxes as my words soak in. “Then, do you choose to belong to me?” he asks.

“It depends,” I say softly. “Why do you need me to belong to you?”

“Because…,” he trails. “Because, I….I don’t know.”

“Yes, you do. Your answer determines if I can belong to you or not,” I push.

“There is a human word for it. What was it?” he asks himself. I say nothing as I wait for him to think about it. Eventually, he whispers, “Love. I think I am in love with you.”

I sigh in relief. “If I belong to you, does that mean you will never kill me or cut me up?” I ask. I have to be sure!

“I would never kill you!” Jack exclaims, louder than I have ever heard him. “And I would have no reason to ever cut you up.”

“Good,” I say with a warm smile. “Because I love you, too. My heart belongs to you, without you having to cut it out. But please, can you get off of me now?”

“Yes,” he replies as he helps me to my feet. His hand continues to grip mine, spreading warmth to my cold hand.

“And please, don’t ever, ever do something like that again,” I demand sternly.

“Ok,” he replies, sounding embarrassed as well as guilty. I guess he realizes that his behavior was way too much.

“Good. Now come on, let’s go to bed. I’m exhausted. After,” I emphasise, “you put away that knife.”

“Ok. Can I sleep with you?” he asks, sounding like a little boy.

“Of course, but no funny business,” I say with a smile as I pull him to my bedroom.

He’s utterly dangerous, but truly, he’s just different from everyone. But I know I can handle him, because I understand him best. I love my psycho, despite everything. Maybe I’m a psycho, too?

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What types of music do the pastas listen to?


Jeff: he says he listens to heavy metal, because he likes being seen as punk rock. But in all honesty, he just jams out to Melanie Martinez when he’s alone.

BEN: I’ve mentioned this before, but rap. When he’s high, he likes things that are a more chill kinda thing (lil uzi vert and kendrick lamar kinda shit), but when he isn’t high then it’s things like Eminem he listens to.

EJ: he likes things that are indie (independent); troye sivan and stuff like that. It calms him in times like of stress

LJ: he’s that one weirdo who has no particular taste, he’ll like anything no matter the genre. His favourite artist is highkey britney spears.

Sally: That creepy music that most youtube channels make nightcore remixes of. Things like Hide and seek is her favourite.

Masky: He likes classic rock, Nirvana and Pink Floyd kinda stuff. He has band posters rolled up and collected under his bed.

Hoodie: This guy really likes shit like Neon Trees and Simon Curtis. I don’t even know what this genre is called but anyways.

Toby: He REALLY likes pop. Katy Perry and Selena Gomez, mainstream stuff, y'know? He likes how the beat matches his happiness and the lyrics are just fun, something unusual in the life of a murderer.

Bloody Painter: Classical music. It calms him and helps him sleep when he hasn’t for so long. It also inspires him to make more art so yay.

Puppeteer: like Laughing Jack, he’s everywhere. Alternative is his favourite though, especially bands like Set It Off and Get Scared.

Slenderman: this hoe likes to pretend he’s classical af, and will listen to Beethoven and Yiruma in front of others. Behind doors? Marilyn Manson.

Thanks killer

Imagine: Running from Jeff after he tried to kill you only to run into Laughing Jack who takes an interest in you. 

You ran, every muscle in your legs aching. Your lungs burning. You were running from what looked like a teenage boy. But he tried to kill you and you some how got away. You were running down an alley breathing heavily. You saw someone about twenty feet away. Hoping that they can help you, you run towards them only to stop right in your tracks. Standing there was a seven foot tall clown. It had sharp teeth and black and white stripes. Your breathing was shallow. You felt footsteps behind you making you spin around, it was the teenage boy who tried to kill you. You swallowed hard looking between the both of them. Right when the teenage boy who was wearing a white sweatshirt ran at you with a knife you felt something lift you up making you yelp. You looked down seeing the clowns large clawed hands holding you up over his head making you confused. “ What the hell LJ?! “ the guy with the white hoodie whisper yells. You feel a sharp pain in your shoulder from one of the clowns claws, also known as LJ, at least that’s what the guy with the white hoodie said. “ Your marking her? “ the white hoodie guy says surprised. “ She seems different, “ LJ says.

Creepypasta Headcanon

《Creepypasta x male Headcanon》 When you have to wake him up

Jeff the killer:

“Should we get up now?” You mumbled to jeff still drowsy from sleep, “Nah” He replied turning over and pulling you close. When you were half asleep you heard someone say “Get up you two” and then jeff say “f*** off”, you smirked and buried your head in jeff’s chest.

Eyeless jack:

“No way am I waking him up!” You whisper-shouted at the other pastas as they pushed you towards EJ’s room, “Your the only one he probably won’t kill!” Jeff replied as Ben pushed you into his room and closed the door. You didn’t risk shouting or banging on the door as jack stirred for a bit but luckily didn’t wake up, carefully creeping towards him you whisperd his name gently while shaking his shoulder. When he stirred and made some growling noises you stopped breathing and booked it for the door.


Your such a heavy sleeper you accidentally slept through the whole day, you slowly woke up and checked the time. “What the What?” You shrieked jumping out of bed and landing on the floor, you hurried into your clothes while knocking objects onto the floor. “Ow shit!” You whisperd as you smacked your side on the sharp edge of your draws, you cursed under your breath while holding your injured side which felt like it was burning. As you curled up on the floor hoodie walked in your room, “Oh your up” He stated placing a cup of coffee on your bed side cabinet. You furrowed your eyebrows “Why didn’t you wake me up” You sighed managing to stand up, “You looked so peaceful” He said chuckling at your reddened face.


Masky was already up so he woke you up instead, “Y/N get up” He said shaking your shoulder. “Noooo” You groaned pulling the covers over your head, he let out a frustrated sigh and pulled the covers off you. When you didn’t move or open your eyes he grabbed your ankles and tried to wrestle you off the bed, however you sat up and pulled him on the bed while wrapping your arms around him. You nuzzled your head in his clothes and tightened your hold as he struggled to get free, you wined sadly but inhaled his familiar scent once he relaxed.


“Toby wake up~” You whisperd in his ear then you nuzzled into his shoulder kissing his neck softly, he stirred in his sleep but didn’t wake up. You pouted while poking his shoulder repeatedly, “Toby” You wined while resting your head on his chest. You rolled off him and onto the space next to him on the bed, but there was no space next to him he was laying on the edge so you fell of the bed. You landed on your back hitting your head on the floor, you groaned in pain but stayed on the floor until your head stopped hurting. Your eyes shot open once you felt two arms wrap around you and pull you back on the bed, “At least you awake” You mumbled chuckling softly.

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Halloween Spirit- Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios [When He's Jealous]


[f/n]= first name


When He’s Jealous

After spending more time at what I now know is dubbed the Creepypasta Manor (what the heck does Creepypasta mean?), not only have I become closer with my captor, but I’ve also become closer with the other residents. While it makes me question my sanity,  I’ve come to regard the Creepypastas almost like family. I’m starting to feel at home here, and I don’t know what that says about me. These people are killers! But I can’t help how I feel, so I’ll continue treating them like my family. That is, until the day they decide to kill me as well.


I turn another page of the book, completely absorbed in the story. After finding out I like horror stories, Slendie had bothered to bring me a few books of the horror genre. Sadly, though, I’m on the last one he had brought me, and it’s at its end. I reach the suspenseful climax, clinging to the book as I read the book’s final page. Finished…I sigh as I shut the book. Slendie is still not home yet, and now I have nothing to read. What shall I do now?

“Hey there, [f/n],” someone greets me. I turn around to find Ben smirking at me.

“Hey, Ben,” I greet him. “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” he responds. “I’m bored out of my little digital mind.”

“As am I,” I sigh. An idea occurs to me. “Oh, I know! Want to play video games with me to pass the time?”

“Sure, I’ve got nothing better to do,” he replies with a shrug. He grins at me evilly. “But I warn you, games with me don’t turn out the way they should.”

I grin at him. “That’s fine!” I respond. I’m curious as to what he means!


    “That’s so cool!” I cry as Luigi’s head explodes into a mess of blood and brain matter. Ben had stocked up on video games once I had beaten Majora’s Mask. We are currently playing Mario, with Ben as Mario and me as Luigi. However, with Ben’s adjustments, the characters tend to die very gruesome deaths, and the monsters act much more viciously than they had before. It’s like I’m playing a horror game, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

“It shouldn’t be cool, I’m winning you know,” Ben says smugly. We’re competing to see who can die less, and so far, Ben is way ahead of me.

I scowl at him. “I’m sure you’re cheating! You’re rigging the game so the monsters don’t attack you as much!” I accuse him.

“Nuh uh, I’m just better than you!” he declares as he smashes in the head of a Koopa, its blood splattering.

I return my attention back to the game in determination. “We’ll see about that!” I challenge him.


“No!” I cry when Ben passes the finishing point. I lost!

“Ha! Victory is mine!” Ben whoops. “In your face, loser!”

I glower at him as he performs a victory dance. “You…you…cheater!” I growl as I tackle him to the floor. “Admit it, you cheated!”

“No way!” he laughs as he struggles to get me off of him. I pound my fists against him lightly.

“Cheater, cheater, cheater!” I whine.  

“[f/n]?” a voice calls. Slendie enters the room, witnessing me pinning Ben to the ground.

“Ah, hey Slendie!” I greet him. Ben struggles under me, but I smirk at Ben as I press down on him tighter.

Suddenly, my vision is swimming with static. Huh? “Hey, Slender, stop that!” Ben cries.

“What’s going on?” Slendie asks. His voice seems darker than usual, so something tells me Slendie is the one filling my mind with static.

“Ben cheated,” I mumble. “So I’m punishing him.”

“I did not!” Ben cries indigintaly.

Slendie walks over to me and yanks me off of Ben. He stands in front of me, his towering figure blocking my line of sight. Oh no, he’s mad at me! “Slendie?” I say questioningly, my face scrunched in worry.

But he ignores me, instead fixing his attention onto Ben. “Ben,” he says threateningly. “I’d appreciate it if you would not get [f/n] involved with your antics.”

Ben glares up at Slendie, but replies, “Yes, sir.”

“Good,” Slendie says curtly. He grabs my arms and drags me out of the room. “Good day, Ben.”

As we are walking, Slendie will not let go of my arm. “Slendie, you’re hurting me!” I cry as he squeezes my arm.

“My apologies,” he replies and releases my arm. I continue to follow him as he walks briskly down the hall.

“Why are you mad?” I ask him.

He stops walking and turns to face me. “You should not straddle a man in such a way, [f/n]. It can invite certain actions,” he tells me.

Certain actions? Wait, what- My face erupts into a deep red. “Oh no, it wasn’t like that!” I cry rapidly. “I was just teasing him, that’s all!” Wait, why would Slendie care? Was he…was he jealous? Why would he be jealous? No, surely he’s just worried about me. I gently grab his hand and give him a reassuring smile. “Nothing was going to happen.”

Our fingers entwine and he pulls me closer to him. “It would of been a shame if something did happen. I would hate to have to dispose of Ben.” Whoa, dispose? I didn’t think he would go that far for me! To Slendie, everyone here is his precious family. But…does that mean I’m part of the family, too?

I smile warmly at him. “Well, thanks for worrying about me, even if it wasn’t necessary.” We walk in silence when something occurs to me. “Oh yeah, what was that static thing about?”

“Oh, ah, sorry, that was unintentional,” Slendie replies, his voice sounding odd. Curious, I peek at his face. He’s flushed red!

“Whoa, you’re red!” I exclaim. “What’re you embarassed for?”

“No particular reason,” he replies, then hurriedly tries to change the subject. “Ah, by the way, I brought you more books.” (What he doesn’t want to tell me is that the static was the result of his powers going out of control due to his jealousy).

Even though it’s obvious he is hiding something from me, I decide to let it go. “Really? Could you show me them?”

“My pleasure,” Slendie responds, his voice carrying a hint of relief. We head to the library, where he shows me the new books.

I gotta say, Slendie looks cute when he’s red!



I groan as I stretch, my back cracking in protest. Playing video games for hours straight can take its toll on your body. “Ugh, I need a break, Ben,” I say as I stand up, stretching my legs.

He shrugs his shoulders in response. “Eh, whatever. I’m going to take a break, too. You know the rules.”

“Yeah, yeah, phone with me at all times,” I respond. Once Ben trusted me enough to let me walk around, he had gotten me a phone to keep in contact with him. With his interference, however, I am unable to actually call anybody. The phone is just so that Ben can teleport to wherever I am at any given time. So in other words, if I try to escape, he’ll know it.

Ben yawns before waving me off. While he doesn’t actually need to sleep, he gets tired if he is manifested in the real world for too long. “Night, Ben,” I say with a wave. He flickers for a moment before disappearing. I get to walking, eager to keep moving after sitting still for so long. The halls are, as usual, empty and quiet. Which is quite peaceful, but after awhile, becomes rather boring. However, just as the boredom was about to become too much for me, I notice something at the corner of my eye.

I scream as I notice Slenderman, who was blending quite well in the shadows. “Jeez, Slendie,” I gasp out. “I didn’t see you there!”

“My apologies,” he says, his voice bemused. “I was just on my way for a stroll. Care to join me?”

I get to go outside? I haven’t been outside in what feels like forever! While Ben trusts me to roam the manor, the trust level hasn’t quite reached the outdoors yet. I think it’s because the lack of technology weakens Ben. “Of course!” I reply enthusiastically. “I’d love to!”

“Well then, follow me. Be careful to not get lost, it is easy to do so in these woods,” he tells me.

“Got it,” I reply cheerfully, and begin following him. When we step outside, I take a deep breath of the fresh air. Ah, how I missed it! The leaves crunch delightfully under my feet, and I’m practically skipping as I follow Slendie. I glance up to admire the small amount of sunlight trickling through the leaves as I walk.

Which was a bad idea. A tree root catches my foot, causing me to thud heavily against the ground. As I fell, my ankle twisted painfully, causing me to grunt in pain. “Are you alright, [f/n]?” Slendie asks me as he crouches by my side.

I free my foot from the tree root, my ankle throbbing. “I think I twisted my ankle,” I reply with a wince. Suddenly, arms are wrapped around me as I am lifted into the air. “Ah, Slendie!” I cry as I wrap my arms around his neck for fear of falling.

“I shall carry you home,” he tells me. “You are in no condition to walk.”

“Thank you,” I mumble embarrassedly. I hold on to him as he walks so I’ll feel like I won’t fall.

But he only manages to take a few steps before something flickers in front of us. Ben stands before us, his eyes glaring. “What’s going on here?” he asks.

I blink in surprise, but quickly recover. “I twisted my ankle while walking with Slendie, so he’s carrying me home.” He glares at us for a moment longer before spreading out his arms. I stare at him, confused. “What?” I ask him.

“I’m carrying you,” he says firmly.

“No need,” Slendie replies. “It’s fine, I’m fully capable of carrying [f/n] myself.”

I’m carrying [f/n],” Ben insists, his voice coming out in a hiss. I’m utterly confused as I watch Slendie and Ben stare each other down.

Eventually, though, Slendie caves in. “Alright, here,” he says, crouching down and gently placing me in Ben’s arms. My arms instinctively wrap around his neck, clinging to him. “I’ll meet you two at home,” Slendie says, and with that, he vanishes.

I say nothing as Ben silently carries me. His movements are glitchy, and he fumbles a few times, but he holds on to me tightly. “Are you ok?” I ask worriedly. The only source of technology nearby is my phone, which doesn’t provide Ben with a lot of energy.

“I’m fine,” he replies curtly.

“Are you mad?” I ask him, my eyes saddened.

“Kind of,” he mumbles.


“You came out here without me and ended up hurt. You need to be more careful!” he replies (But truly, he was just jealous that Slenderman had held me. Seeing me in Slenderman’s arms really irked him).

“I’m sorry,” I apologise quietly. “I tend to be a clutz sometimes.”

“Well, you’re grounded until I say you’re not,” Ben replies.

“Wait, grounded?” I cry. “I’m not a child!”

He smirks down at me. “As defenseless and childish as you are, you may as well be a child.”

“Meanie!” I grumble. I pout for a little bit before I realize something. “Hey, why did you insist on carrying me? Slendie could of handled it just fine.”

To my surprise, Ben’s face flushes red. After a moment, he replies, “You’re my responsibility.” Oh, is that it? Why is he acting embarrassed, though? I decide to drop it, though, for Ben starts avoiding my questioning gaze.   

When we get home, Ben refuses to let Jack treat my wound and does it himself.

I wonder why Ben acted so strangely today?


Jeff the Killer:

“No, wait, stop!” I cry as Jeff grins viciously at me. But he doesn’t listen as he tosses me over his shoulder, throwing me to the ground. I cry in pain as my palms scrape against the cement.

“I win!” Jeff cries victoriously. He had been giving me lessons in hand-to-hand combat for a while now, to the point where I had actually become good at it. Today’s lesson had escalated to a duel to see who would win, even though I figured I would lose.

I scowl up at him as I cradle my throbbing palms. “You jerk!” I shout at him as angry tears sting my eyes. “You didn’t have to throw me!”

His grin becomes sheepish as he offers me his hand. “Sorry, I got carried away,” he apologises, but I smack his hand away. I’m still pissed, and being in pain didn’t help.

“I’m going to go see Jack about treating this,” I mumble as I help myself up. Before Jeff can respond, I’m storming away.

“[f/n], wait-” he cries, but I interrupt him.

“I’ll be back once my hands are cleaned up,” I tell him, a threat in my voice telling him to not follow me. I need some time to cool down, or I’ll just be edgy with him. I can’t afford to piss him off, because he is a psychopath, even if I forget it sometimes. He doesn’t follow me as I walk to Jack’s infirmary.

“Jack?” I call into the room.

“Yes?” Jack’s quiet voice answers.

I open my palms to him, displaying my injury. “I scraped my hands, so I was wondering if you could fix them up?”

He walks over to me, taking my hands in his as he inspects them. How can he see with no eyes? I don’t bother asking, because I don’t know if he’ll be offended or not. “Sure,” he replies, walking away to rummage through his medical supplies. He returns with disinfectant. “This will sting a bit.”

“Ok,” I reply, holding my hands out for him. He takes a cotton swab and soaks it in disinfectant before dabbing the swab onto my hands. It stings as he rubs in the disinfectant, but it doesn’t hurt that much. “Thanks,” I say with a smile as he finishes.

“No problem,” he murmurs, gazing at me eyelessly. Suddenly, he lifts his hand and takes a strand of my hair.

“Jack?” I say questioningly as I try to not jerk away from the contact. I don’t want to make him mad. He doesn’t say anything as he fiddles with the strand. I’m starting to feel uncomfortable as his hand roams from my hair to my cheek, his hand stroking my skin.

Suddenly, a hand grips my wrist, tugging me away. “[f/n]’s my property, Jack. You know the rules,” Jeff growls.

“Jeff!” I cry in relief. Jeff glares angrily at Jack, who tilts his head in response.

“Sorry,” Jack apologises softly, emotionlessly.

“Tch!” Jeff scoffs. “Don’t let it happen again!” He swivels around and stomps out of the room, dragging me with him.

“Thanks, Jeff,” I thank him quietly. “I wasn’t sure what I should’ve done, so I’m glad you came along.”

“You shouldn’t of let him touch you, that’s what you should of done!” Jeff snaps.

I flinch at his tone. Gazing at the ground dejectedly, I murmur, “Sorry… Sorry for getting mad at you before, too.” Jeff glances back at me, frowning at my ‘kicked puppy’ appearance.

He sighs loudly before leading me to a chair, forcing me to sit down. “Let me see your hands,” he demands.

I blink up at him in surprise, but I obediently offer him my hands. His fingers softly wrap around them, the feeling a lot different from when Jack had held my hands. He brings my hands close to his face, inspecting them. “Sorry for getting you hurt,” he murmurs.

I smile reassuringly at him. “It’s fine, I overreacted,” I reply.

“I’ll help with the pain,” he declares. Suddenly, he brings my hands to his lips. He places multiple soft kisses on the injury.

“Jeff!” I cry, yanking my hands away. My face is completely flushed in heat as I hold my hands against my rapidly beating heart.

“You’re supposed to kiss boo-boos, aren’t you? To kiss it and make it better?” Jeff says teasingly as he smirks at me.

“Jerk!” I cry shrilly as I glare at him, my heart refusing to slow down.

Why does Jeff have to tease me so much?


Ticci Toby:

It is so unbearably quiet when Toby’s not around. I have gotten too used to his constant chatter. I’ve even got used to the sounds of his neck cracking each time he twitches. I actually kind of miss that cracking as I lay on my bed, the dead silence surrounding me. I. Am. So. Bored. Toby come back, I can’t stand this! I mean, you’re a psychopath who kidnapped me and won’t let me leave this manor, and quite frankly I should be avoiding you at all costs, but I need you around to kill the boredom!

“Found you,” a singsong voice calls. I swivel around to find Jeff grinning at me. “I have something to show you.”

Haha! No. “What, specifically, are you trying to show me?” I question him suspiciously. Jeff has always been one to antagonise me, and sometimes I’m not sure if I’m safe around him. It seems like everyone here is under some oath to not harm me in any way, but that doesn’t mean they don’t try to scare me.

“Trust me, you’ll get a kick out of it. It has to do with Toby,” Jeff tells me. Curiosity builds up at the mention of Toby. What is it that he wants to show me that he wouldn’t show me when Toby’s around?

Unable to help my curiosity, I mumble out, “Ok, but no funny business!”

“But what I’m going to show you is hilarious!” he protests.

“You know what I mean!” I snap at him. “Alright, so what is it?”

He pulls out a notebook from his hoodie’s pocket. “Toby’s diary,” he declares triumphantly.

“He has a diary?” I exclaim, admittedly finding it funny. I don’t think a lot of guys have diaries, but seems like Toby does.

“And what he writes in it is hilarious,” Jeff says as he waves the diary around. “Care to read it with me?”

I know it’s rude and an invasion of privacy to read his diary, but my curiosity is eating away at me. I really, really want to read it! So I reply to him, “Alright, fine.” What Toby doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?


    “What the hell, dancing waffles?” I laugh out, clutching my sides. Toby, as I have learned before, tends to have a lot of delusions. Which, consequently, is what fills this diary. God, the things he wrote!

    “[f/n]?” Toby calls, startling me. I rapidly throw the diary behind me and squish myself against Jeff to keep the diary completely out of sight. “What are you two doing?”

“Nothing, nothing!” I hurriedly reply. “Just hanging out with my good pal Jeff!”

Jeff wraps his arm around my shoulder, grinning widely. “Yep!” Jeff chirps. “Just chit-chatting, we are.” We both grin widely as Toby’s eyes dart between the two of us. His gaze focuses on Jeff’s arm that is wrapped around me. His twitching, I realize, has become much more frequent, and he starts to stumble nervously.

“W-w-when did y-you two become s-so cl-close?” he asks in his stutter. Normally, he only stutters when he is under distress, so I’m starting to get worried.

“What’cha talkin’ ‘bout?” I say cheerfully. “We’ve always been close friends! Right, Jeff?”

Very close,” Jeff replies, pulling me closer.

At this, Toby’s eyes glaze over in anger. “H-h-hands off!” he shouts, and charges at Jeff. I’m shocked as Jeff is tackled to the ground.

“Whoa, Toby?” I cry as Toby unclips a hatchet. “Calm down!” I grab at his arm, straining to keep it from flinging down into Jeff’s face.

“Get off!” Jeff growls as he whips out a knife.

“Stop!” I screech. “Toby, please!” I pull with all my might, tugging Toby off of Jeff. I know what it’s like when Toby is having one of his mood swings, so I know I have to get him far away from Jeff. I tug him to his feet and pull him with me as I run from the room.

“Let me go!” Toby shouts at me. “I’m going to kill that bastard!”

“Toby, calm down,” I say in a soothing tone. We make it to my bedroom, where I force Toby to sit down on my bed. I ease the hatchet out of his hand, tossing it to the floor, before I embrace him. If I hold him like this, he won’t be able to make a dash for it. “It’s ok, it’s ok.”

His arms wrap tightly around me, holding me close. “[f/n]…,” he murmurs, my name almost sounding like a sob as it comes out of his mouth.

“What’s wrong?” I ask gently.

“You like Jeff more than me,” he mumbles dejectedly.

“What?” I gasp as I pull away, just enough so that I can look into his face. “No way! Jeff scares the shit out of me. If I had to choose, I’d choose you in a heartbeat.” Despite his mood swings, I feel the safest when I’m with Toby, oddly enough.

“You’re not going to leave me?” he whimpers.

I laugh at his question. “Do I have a choice?” I ask him. Honestly, he kidnapped me! “I’m here, aren’t I?” I squeeze him reassuringly. “So don’t worry.”

“I’m glad!” Toby cheers, lifting me in a bear hug as he bolts up. Suddenly, he carries me to the hallway and screams at the top of his lungs, “[f/n] likes me better!” I just know he’s screaming at Jeff, and I roll my eyes at his childishness.

Jeez, he’s just like a child!


Eyeless Jack:

“Jack?” I call as I study some strange two headed lizard in a jar. “Um, where is this supposed to go?”

    “Top shelf,” he responds.

    “For the record, I think this two headed lizard thing is seriously cool,” I say with a grin as I place the jar on the top shelf. “Did I ever mention that you remind me of the father in this horror game I played, called Mad Father? He was this mad scientist-slash-doctor. I should have you play it sometime.”

    “Game? Like the one Ben inhabits?” Jack asks.

    “Yeah, but this game won’t have a real life ghost living in it,” I tell him. “Ok, what else do we need to put up?”

    Before he can respond, the sound of stomping feet approaches us. “[f/n]!” a voice calls, and Toby appears in the doorway. Before I can react, arms wrap around me as Toby tackles me in a glomp.

“Toby?” I say is surprise. “What is it?”

“I found you!” he cheers. “I want you to make me some waffles. You make them really good!”

“Well, I…,” I glance at Jack helplessly. I already agreed to help Jack sort his storage room, but knowing Toby, Toby will literally stick to me until I do as he says. Or worse, he’ll have one of his mood swings. “Sorry, Jack. I’ll be right back. I’ll make his waffles and then I’ll continue helping you.”

Toby grabs my hand and proceeds to drag me out of the room. “Let’s go!” Toby declares.

But he only manages a few steps before another hand grips my free one. I turn around to meet Jack with a questioning gaze. “Jack?”

“Let go,” Toby complains as he tugs on me, but Jack keeps me in place.

“….Don’t go,” he says.

“Why?” I ask, stunned.

“You promised to play this ‘game’ with me,” he mutters, tightening his grip on my hand.

I glance nervously between Toby and Jack. Oh no, what do I do now? “Um, how about this? Jack, you can come with me while I make waffles, and then me and you will go play video games.”

Jack, as usual, is silent. But it doesn’t seem like his usual silence, which makes me nervous. But to my relief, he replies, “Sure.”

However, when Toby goes to tug at me again, Jack still refuses to move. I glance at Toby. “How about you go ahead of us? We’ll meet you in the kitchen.”

Toby shrugs, and replies, “Alrighty, but don’t take too long!” And with that, he dashes off.

I turn my attention back to Jack, who is still tightly gripping my hand. “Jack, really, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t like it,” he mutters.

“Don’t like what?” I push.

“You running off with Toby clinging to you.”

Whoa, wait, what? “Are you jealous?” I exclaim in surprise. To this, Jack doesn’t respond. Um, ok? Unable to help it, I laugh at Jack. He stares at me silently as I explain, “I knew Toby was childish, but I didn’t know you could be too. Well, when Toby’s determined, you can’t shake him off. So, when he needs me for something, you can come with if you want. And, I’ll try to get him to stop hugging me and stuff.” Emphasis on try. “So don’t get upset, ok?”

“Fine,” he mumbles.

“Alright, then let’s go.” Gently, I tug him towards me. He complies, and we make our way to the kitchen. He stays grumpy until Toby leaves. I cheer him up by playing Mad Father with him.

Who knew Jack could actually be kind of childish?

Creepypasta Headcanon

《Creepypasta x male Headcanon》 When you steal a peice of their clothing

Jeff the killer:

You laughed like a maniac down the corridor as you tightly clutched jeff’s blood stained hoodie to your chest, he followed closely behind you. “Damn it Y/N! Give me my hoodie!” He shouted finally catching up to you and tackling you to the ground, you landed on your stomach as jeff snatched his hoodie back. You grinned and lunged at him pinning him down and taking back the hoodie, you quickly put it on and continued sprinting down the corridor.

Eyeless jack:

As you wrapped your towl around your body you cursed under your breath once you realised all your clothes were either covered in blood or missing, sighing you made your way to jacks room while avoiding any of the creepypastas. You quickly took one of jacks tops and rushed back to your room, when you finished dressing you made your way to the lounge. “Is that my top?” Jack questioned as you sat on the couch, “No” You lied flicking his forehead.


You waited in hoodie’s room for him until he came back from a mission, you sighed and fell back on his bed when you spotted his yellow hoodie. Feeling lonely you slipped his hoodie on and curled up on his bed, you inhaled his familiar scent from his hoodie as your eyes slowly closed. You got woken up by two arms sliding around your waist, “Thats my hoodie” He mumbled placing his lips on your skin. You laughed slightly and poked his forehead, “It’s mine now” You teased flicking the hood over your head and closing your eyes.


You’ve ‘borrowed’ tons of maskys socks to the point where he barley has any anymore, you like to stash them at the back of one of your draws where he won’t find them. Sitting on your bed you jumped when masky suddenly barged into your room, “Y/N have you seen my socks?” He questioned crossing his arms infront of you. You shook your head no while crossing your legs, suddenly he threw you over his shoulder and took his your socks off your feet then threw you back on your bed.


You sighed and fell back on your bed while peering at your room, it was a mess clothes were thrown everywhere and all your draws were torn open. Toby strolled in but stopped suddenly upon seeing your room covered in your clothes, “H-hey Y/N” He said sitting beside you. “I can’t find my hoodie” You whisperd sadly rolling over so you were facing him, he quickly ran out the room then returned seconds later holding a spare hoodie. “H-here” He said placing the hoodie next to you, smiling you slipped the hoodie on and kissed his cheek “thanks” You said while giggling at his red blush.

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Halloween Spirit- Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios [When You Meet Him]


[f/n]= first name

When You Meet Him:

    I tug on my hoodie so that it presses tighter against my skin, but the hoodie doesn’t help as the crisp autumn air breezes past me, leaving behind goosebumps. It’s finally fall; the leaves are finally becoming tinted by warm colors, the night air finally carrying a refreshing chill. But more importantly, it’s finally October. The month of Halloween!

    Truth be told, I’m a crazy fanatic for all things creepy. I often indulge myself in horror stories, games, and movies. Halloween to me is what Christmas is for others. So rather than treating it like a one day holiday, I celebrate Halloween for the whole month of October. And this year, I’ve found a very interesting place to visit to get in the Halloween spirit. I’ve been hearing rumors of a thick forest that many people tend to get lost in. Many scary stories have originated from that forest, and the manor that is rumored to exist within it.

I am currently heading for said forest as a full moon shines brightly above me. I readjust the slightly heavy bookbag so that it sits more comfortably on my shoulder. I had filled it with various equipment, particularly survival equipment, so that I can be prepared for whatever situation is thrown at me. Now then, what shall I find in this sacred, horrific forest?


Once I enter the dense forest, I become surrounded by pitch black darkness as the moonlight becomes blocked by the trees. I zip open my backpack and dig around until I find the flashlight. I click it on, but the light is only enough to illuminate what is right in front of me. Well, darkness my friend, you really know how to set the mood. The forest is deathly quiet except for the sound of leaves crunching under my feet. Paranoia of being watched settles in my mind, which makes my heart race in anticipation.

I trail the light around the forest, trying to see if there is anything out there in the darkness. With a start, I realize I am no longer on the forest trail. I was being so careful to stay on the path, what happened? I try to retrace my steps, but I become more panicked as I realize I can’t find the path. I’m utterly lost! Will I become another person who disappeared in this forest?

Something white catches my attention, and I edge towards it to find a note pinned to a tree. Scribbled on it is the message, ‘Behind you.’ A flare of paranoia causes me to tremble slightly. This must be a prank from someone who was here before, it has to be. Still, ever so slowly, I turn around to look behind me.

And I am faced with a faceless being. A shrill scream rips from my throat as I back away from the creature, but I slam against the tree. My eyes are locked on the white, faceless man in paralyzed fear as he edges closer to me. Before I can force my body to move, tentacles gently wrap around my arms and legs so that running is no longer an option. He brings his face close to mine, as if he was inspecting me despite having no eyes.

“How curious,” a voice says, projected in my mind. He raises a hand and strokes my face curiously, but I find myself unable to look away from him. “Something is…different about you.”

I swallow heavily and will myself to talk. “W-wh-what do y-you mean?” I stutter out.

“I’m not sure myself,” the voice responds. “Interesting.” I squeak in fear when suddenly he lifts me into his arms, carrying me bridal style. “You are lost, yes? I shall take you to safety.” I say nothing as he carries me, too scared that I’ll say something that will make him snap. So instead, I close my eyes and will all of this to be a dream. But when I open my eyes, I find myself at a manor. He opens the door with a tentacle and carries me inside. I soak in the interior of the manor until eventually he takes me into a room with only a luxurious looking bed.

He gently sets me down on the floor, but my legs are so wobbly that I fall over. He catches me, holding me still until I am able to stand. I back away as far as I can from him, and he continues to seemingly stare at me. “Rest, child,” the voice orders me to do. “You are safe. Get some rest, and we shall chat once you have a more calm demeanor.”

“W-what are you?” I ask, curiosity getting the better of me.

“You may call me Slenderman,” he tells me. “Goodnight.” And with that, he shuts the door. I wait awhile before bolting to the door, but sure enough, it’s locked. With no chance of escape, I slump onto the bed. Slenderman, was it? For a monster, he was surprisingly civil. But what does he want from me? The thought of it does my mind and heart no good. I didn’t think I would be able to, but eventually I fall asleep. I can only hope that he continues to be civil.

He may look like a monster, but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Right? I can only hope so.



I tried to stay on the forest trail, but at some  point I managed to lose it. Unable to find it again, I desperately wander around aimlessly in hopes of finding the trail, or at the very least, shelter. I need to stay calm. Even if I’m lost, I’m sure that once it’s daylight I’ll be able to find the trail. I keep on walking until I notice a building looming in the distance. Is it the rumored manor? Regardless, I’ve found my shelter for the night. I keep walking until I am standing in front of the manor’s entrance door.

Fear is replaced with a sense of excitement. It looks like a haunted house! I came here for the thrill, after all. So I open the door and enter the vast manor, ready to explore. Cautiously, I examine room after room. The manor is decorated with old fashioned furniture, like from the Victorian era. I head up the stairs after I’ve had the first floor thoroughly examined.

A lot of the rooms are rather simple, is what I thought until I reached a certain room. All of the rooms were void of modern technology, all except this one. A T.V. sits on the floor, a gaming console laying in front of it. I closer inspect the gaming console to find only one game available, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Childhood nostalgia washes over me as I smile fondly at the game. As a lover of video games, the fact that I found one in a seemingly haunted house thrills me. I’m going to play it! That is, if I’m able. I make sure the T.V. is plugged in before flipping it on. It works! The game menu automatically fills the screen, so I settle down on the floor and grab the controller.

I notice that there is already a save file, titled BEN. I’m curious about the person who played this file. Who was he, and why was he playing this game here, of all places? Well, playing his file won’t reveal anything, and I want to start the game from the beginning, so I create my own file titled Link. The game works pretty well, except for one small glitch: sometimes I’m called BEN instead of Link. But it doesn’t bother me, so I ignore it. I get rather absorbed in the game, and before I know it, I’m hours into the game. I’m starting to get rather bored of it, so I decide to try something new: the “4th Day” glitch. I had tried to do it before a few times in the past, but I could never get the timing right. I head to the astronomer’s tower and wait for the right time before looking in the telescope. Ah, I did it!

But when I exit the telescope, I find myself in the final boss’s arena, with Skull Kid floating above me. This wasn’t supposed to happen! But instead of getting creeped out, I actually get excited. I explore the arena, with Skull Kid always watching me. Eventually, a message pops up asking me if I want to go the lair of the temple’s boss. Curious, I don’t hesitate to press Yes. I’m teleported to a completely empty Clock Town. A reverse version of the Song of Healing is playing, making it sound like the song belongs in a horror game. In fact, it feels like I am playing a horror game. I love horror games! So I continue to explore this alternate Clock Town, a smile playing on my lips. Whatever this glitch is, I’m really enjoying it. I discover many horror game worthy moments, and the more I discover, the more excited I get.

“You’re not supposed to be enjoying this!” a voice says, startling me.

“Who’s there?” I ask without thinking, already searching the room for either a place to hide or a weapon to defend myself.

“I’m called Ben,” the voice replies with a snicker, and to my horror a person starts coming out of the T.V. I shriek and start crawling away from the boy who looks like Link. But suddenly he is looming over me, preventing me from moving any farther. He lifts my chin with his finger so I’m forced to look him in his blackened, bloody eyes. “See, this is the reaction I wanted.”

As I tremble beneath him, he inspects me closely. “You’re strange,” he tells me. “Normally, you humans are bothered by my alternate game reality. But you, you were enjoying it!” He chuckles at me, inching closer to me so that I can only see his eyes. “I like you. I think I’ll keep you around. It gets rather boring over here.” He gets off of me, allowing me to scramble to my feet.

I try to run to the door, but Ben appears to glitch in front of me, slamming the door shut. “What do you want from me?” I ask, on the verge of tears.

“Your company,” he tells me with a smirk. “You’re not leaving here any time soon.” Does he really only want my company? I can only hope so, and if that is the case, I need to be on my best behavior. I can be his friend if that means I can stay alive.

I used to wish video games could be real. I really wish I hadn’t.


Jeff the Killer:

    Where am I? I had gotten so distracted with searching the area that I unknowingly strayed from the forest trail. I search for the path, but to no avail. Now what am I to do? In the dark, it seems pointless to keep searching for the path, so I’m going to start looking for shelter and try again in the morning. Hey, maybe I’ll find something interesting! That’s what I’m here for, after all.  

    However, the dead silence is actually starting to get to me, so I start humming cheerfully to break the silence. I keep scanning the forest with my flashlight, but so far nothing has caught my eye. Ah, wait, I think I hear something! I stop humming and stay still so I can listen carefully. Somewhere in the forest, I hear something walking. My body tenses in response, but I try to keep calm. Most likely, it’s just a deer or something. But just in case, I crouch down and turn off my flashlight in hopes that I’ll be less visible to whatever is out there.  

    “I see you,” a voice sings in the dark. Shit, someone’s out there! Ok, I’d rather not fight, so it’s time to flee. I slow down my shaky breath and quietly edge towards the shadows. He claims he sees me, but I don’t see him. The moment I see him, I’ll bolt. “Where’re you going? You haven’t even introduced yourself yet!”

    Suddenly a person bursts out from the bushes, heading straight for me. I scream briefly as I jolt to my feet and run as fast as I can from him. But to my terror, he is rapidly catching up to me. There’s no way I’ll be able to outrun him! I spot a rock lying ahead of me, so I pick up speed and swoop down, rapidly picking it up as I run. I swivel around and throw the rock at him as hard I as can. It smashes straight into his face, causing him to stop in his tracks. I should keep running, I know I should keep running, but I can’t help but watch to see what happens next. The man raises a hand to his face, swiping away the blood leaking from his nose. He looks at me, then gives me a very wide, eerie smile. He licks the blood on his hand while he watches me.

“Not bad,” he tells me. I shudder at the sight of him, at the tone of his voice, then I rapidly start running away from him. As I’m running, I keep searching for anything else I can use as a weapon.

“Ah!” I scream as I trip against a tree root that had been concealed by leaves and shadows. I thud heavily against the ground, the forest debris scratching me as I skid against it. I feel a hand grip my jacket, and I’m flipped around so I’m face to face with my pursuer.

“Hi, I’m Jeff, and you are?” he asks me with his wide grin, proceeding to pin me to the ground.

“Please don’t!” I sob, wriggling under him to try and release his grip, but he holds me firmly.

He reaches into his his hoodie and pulls out a knife. He brings the tip of the knife to my chest, twirling it around against my skin. “I asked you for your name,” he says more firmly.

“[f/n],” I say quietly as tears leak from my eyes. He brings a thumb to my face, wiping away my tears. He brings his thumb to his mouth and licks the tears, eying me all the while. He brings his face close to mine, inspecting me.

“Hmm,” he hums, then breaks into a grin. His scarred, horrific grin. “You have quite the arm, [f/n]! Got me real good with that rock.” He fiddles with a strand of my hair as he continues to look me over. I hold my breath as I anxiously watch him to see what he’ll do. “Quite interesting that you fought back. Usually people keep running from me. I like you!” Suddenly, he pinches the edges of my lips and forces me to smile. His eyes glint with a strange emotion as tells me, “And you look great with a smile.”

I whimper slightly at his touch, certain that I’ll either be raped, killed, or both. But to my surprise, he gets off of me. However, he grips my hand tightly as he lifts me to my feet, preventing me from escaping. As he drags me along with him, I hesitantly ask him, “W-where are you taking me?”

“Home,” he replies. He turns to me with a smirk. “I want to show off to the guys the treasure I found today.” I’m starting to feel nauseous. He has friends? What is going to happen to me?

I don’t know, but I can only hope that the fact he considers me his ‘treasure’ means he isn’t planning to kill me. I give him a shaky smile in hopes of appeasing him.

Please, I don’t want to die.


Ticci Toby:

Welp, I’m undeniably lost. For what feels like hours now, I have been searching for either the path or shelter. And with my luck, it seems I can’t find either one. I’m starting to feel cold, so I guess I’ll just build a fire to warm up. Sleeping on the ground won’t be that bad, I guess, as long as it doesn’t rain. I can’t see the sky due to the cover of the trees, but I doubt it’s gonna rain, so I should be good. I start gathering various branches and dry foliage, piling it all together until I feel like there is enough. I zip open my bookbag and start digging for my lighter. Once I find it, I light a branch, the flames slowly spreading until eventually I have a small fire going.

Ah, that’s much better. I settle down on the ground, holding up my hands close to the fire to feel its radiating warmth.

“Hey there, Lyra!” a voice suddenly calls right beside me.

I squeak in surprise and jump away from the man who showed up out of nowhere. “Who are you?” I blurt out as I scramble away.

He laughs at me as  he settles on the ground. “I’m your brother! Quit messing around,” he replies, his head twitching as he talks.

I stare at him in confusion, debating in my head if I should run or if I should try to talk things out. His head keeps twitching, and I can’t make out his facial expressions with the smiling mask and goggles he is wearing, but he seems friendly enough. He is casually warming his hands by the fire, as if he is a friend of mine. I don’t sense immediate danger, so I decide to talk things out. “I’m not your sibling,” I inform him.

Suddenly he inches closer to me so he can see me better. Confusion clouds his eyes as he stares at me. “Who are you? I don’t have any siblings.” What? But he just called himself my brother!  

“I’m [f/n],” I tell him.

He scratches his twitching head. “[f/n], huh,” he repeats. He looks at me again, and suddenly he jumps to his feet. “Who are you?” he shouts.

I jump to my feet when I sense anger rolling off of him. I suddenly notice that he has two hatchets clipped to his jeans. I’m not sticking around, there is something clearly wrong with this guy! I swirl around and dash away from him, and the sound of stomping feet alerts me that he is chasing after me.

“Why do you make me feel this way?” he screams at me, and I don’t bother making sense of his words. I just need to focus on outrunning him! But suddenly, something whizzes past me, barely missing my head, and buries itself into a tree in front of me. He threw a hatchet at me! Oh God, he still has another one! I just barely missed getting hit the first time!

I can’t keep running, or I just may get hit. So I toss myself to the ground, causing the man to trip over me. As he thuds against the ground, I jump on top of him and pin him down. I try to clip off the hatchet with my trembling hands, and for once, luck is on my side. I manage to get the hatchet off of him, and raise it threateningly. He stares at me in confusion again, and mutters, “[f/n]?”

“Who are you?” I ask him angrily.

“Ah, I’m Ticci Toby, you can just call me Toby though!” he says cheerfully.

I take a deep breath to calm my nerves. “Ok, Toby, I’m going to get up. If you try anything, I’ll chop you with this hatchet,” I tell him. He nods in affirmation, so I slowly get off of him with the hatchet raised. He slowly gets on his feet as I back away from him, refusing to take my eyes off of him.

“Well, it was nice meeting y-,” he starts, then suddenly lunges at me. I scream and swing the hatchet, but he swiftly dodges it and yanks it from my hand. He tosses it to the ground, then pulls me into his arms. He hugs me tightly, so tightly I can feel his heart beating rapidly against me.

“It’s ok, I won’t hurt you,” he says, sounding genuinely kind. “I’m sorry I scared you, I tend to have mood swings.” I say nothing as he holds me, too scared that he’ll suddenly flip again. He pulls away and takes my hand, tugging me with him. He picks up his hatchet and pulls the other out of the tree, re-clipping them back onto his jeans. “Come on, I’ll take you home.”

“Home?” I ask him, my voice shaking. “You know where I live?”

“No, silly!” he responds. “My home! Well, now it’s your home, too.”

“What do you mean?” I squeak out.

“You’re going to live with me and my family from now on!” he says happily.

What should I do? I don’t think arguing is a good idea, he’ll just snap again. So for now, I’ll play along. I nod at him silently and obediently allow him to lead me to a manor.

I’ll escape as soon as I can, or else I’m surely doomed.


Eyeless Jack:

    Um, where am I? I glance around to find that I have no idea where the path is. I was too lost in my daydreams, and this is what happens. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Well, I don’t even know which direction I came from now, so backtracking is a no go. I guess I’ll just roam around and hope I’ll find shelter.

I keep on walking for what feels like forever, yet I find no shelter. Great, just great. I don’t have much time to be depressed, however, when I hear some rustling in the distance. What is that? I stay still and listen attentively, but the noise stops. I guess it was just an animal. I keep on walking, when suddenly I hear something above me. I look up, and somebody jumps from a tree, landing in front of me.

I scream shrilly as I find myself face to face with a blue mask and eyeless sockets. My body kicks in faster than my mind, for I find myself running away from whoever that man is. I can’t hear him chasing after me, so I quickly glance behind me to see if he is still there. Except I should of been looking where I was going. Suddenly there is no ground, and I’m falling through the air. I tumble down the cliff, my head banging roughly against rocks. When I hit solid ground, the world is spinning around me. Is that…is that my blood? A fuzzy figure appears beside me, his head titled curiously.

“No,” I moan to the blue masked man. “Please.” But I can say no more, for the world dulls to blackness.


    I moan slightly as I awake, my hand cradling my aching head. Where am I? The world starts to come into focus, and the smell of antiseptics invades my nostrils. I find myself laying on a surgeon’s table in a room filled with medical equipment. My hand brushes against rough fabric wrapped around my head. It seems someone treated me while I was knocked out. Who?

    “Hello,” a soft, raspy voice greets me. I jump a bit, startled. I search for the source of the voice, and find him sitting in a chair.

“You!” I scream, jumping off the table. The blue masked man! He calmly watches me, yet makes no move towards me. I quickly pick up a scalpel that was laying on a table, the nearest object I could I grab. “Who are you?” I ask, raising the scalpel threateningly.

“Jack,” he says, his voice eerily quiet. He’s blocking the only exit, so there is no getting past him.

“Please, let me go,” I beg of him.

He watches me silently, but eventually speaks up. “That wound on your head needs constant treatment, or it will get infected.”

I reach up and prod the bandage. “Were you the one who treated me?” I ask. He nods. “Why?”

“I’m not sure,” he replies. “You were bleeding, bound to die. But I didn’t want that to happen. I know a lot about the medical field, so I treated you. You needed stitches.” I shudder at the image of him threading my skin. “Your treatment is not complete.” He stands up, slowly moving towards me.

“Stay back!” I scream, but he doesn’t listen. I start slashing at him with the scalpel, but he doesn’t even flinch. He roughly grabs my wrist, stopping my wild slashing. He forces the scalpel out of my hand and drags me back to the surgeon’s table.

“Rest,” he orders. “I won’t hurt you.” He backs away from me, muttering, “Good night,” before shutting the door. I jump up and desperately turn the handle, but it’s locked. Trembling, I collapse back onto the table. What am I going to do? I eye the medical equipment surrounding me, shuddering at the thoughts of what he could do to me. I press my cheek against the cold metal and tightly shut my eyes.

Please let this all be a dream.