jack x bunnymund

Celebrating Easter (Guardians x Reader)

“It’s almost Easter,” you murmured, realizing how time flew as you glanced at the calendar on the wall. You were standing in the North Pole, hanging out with North, the yetis and the elves on some spare time you had from your own guardian duties. “I didn’t even notice how it was already that time of the year again…”

“I know what you mean,” Jack exclaimed, suddenly popping up besides you.

You let out a startled squeal. “Jack! When did you show up?”

“Just a moment ago, I stuck past Phil,” the guardian of fun said with a smirk. “Speaking of Easter, do you think I should make it snow again this year?”

“Bunny would not like that Jack,” North’s voice boomed as he entered the room. “He’s always jumpy around this time of the year, no?”

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I’m in love with this ;A;

Shows up 20 minutes late with starbucks and a christmas photo.

Note to self, don’t start on a drawing christmas eve with the hopes of posting it christmas day.

But hey! A day late is better than no drawing at all! Man, its been a few years since I did a christmas photo, but here one is!

But come on guys, you’re at a christmas party, keep the smooching until later, ok?