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For the AMA--What are your top ten ships from any fandom, not necessarily in any particular order? =)

Ooh! :D Fun!!

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Every Doctor x Rose Tyler

No surprise, right? Ten x Rose is my ultimate OTP, just because I love the way David and Billie interact, but in the end, if it’s Doctor/Rose, I will love it. 

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Sam x Jack, Stargate SG-1

Oh man. Oh man I love this ship. I actually made a series of fake romance novel covers based on this ship. 

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Aragorn x Arwen, Lord of the Rings

Why yes, i do have a Thing for ships where an immortal falls in love with a mortal. But also, these two are just… They waited decades to be together. I love it.

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Sherlock Holmes x Molly Hooper, Sherlock

I love the steadiness of Molly’s love and how Sherlock comes to see her as part of his inner circle. I love that even though Molly loves him, she doesn’t put up with his bad behaviour. I just… love them. 

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Elizabeth x Darcy, Pride and Prejudice

I love this relationship so much, I wrote a book about it.

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Han x Leia, Star Wars

I had to go with this gif instead of one from the OT. Just… the way they’re comforting each other, I love it so much. 

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Josh x Donna, The West Wing

Seven years of UST nicely handled, finally. I love that the writers allowed Donna to grow over the years, and that they didn’t actually become a couple until she grew professionally. 

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Jeff x Annie, Community

So, full disclosure: I haven’t seen past… series 3? Series 4? Which means I have not seen the unsatisfactory note the writers left this ship on. (This show was a classic case of the writers not wanting to believe they’d written a ship, and then writing something shippy but saying it wasn’t, but it really was, and… death of the author applies here.) 

BUT. Once again, we have a fantastic story of a slow burn where they both grow and learn before they are together. (Because they are. I don’t care what the writers say.)

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Harm x Mac, JAG

Going old school for the rest. JAG was the show that got me into fanfic and internet fandom, so you should all be thankful to it. (Or cursing it :p)

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Diego x Victoria, New World Zorro

(No, that’s not Victoria. But I had 2 gif choices, so…)

Speaking of old school ships that brought me into fic! This is the first ship I wrote fic for, eons ago when I was in middle school.

Thank you! This was a fun one to do. :D