jack with kids

The Pastas but with kids

Slenderman: no thank you -teleports away-

Jeff: uhhh….hey there….omg I can’t -kills kid-

Ben: -is playing Mario Kart with the kid-

Jane: - best mom 2017-

Laughing Jack: hey kid you want some candy -insert devil laugh-

Masky: -thinking “Omg what do I do it’s looking at me oh god”- Just take the crayons and paper and go away

Hoodie: -best dad ever-

Toby: hEY kID WAnnA PLAY tAG?!?!? OKAY I’M IT -the small child runs as fast as they can away from the maniac who’s about to trample them-

Clockwork: hey kid you want to play hide and seek? I’ll count! One, two, three -kid hides far away from clockwork-…four, bye bye little bug!

Eyeless Jack- here just take my 10 dollars and go away.

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i love jack + being good with kids! tell me more about cool uncle jack!!

!!! okay so like growing up he was never really great with kids??? like he was fine, whatever, but didn’t really have strong feelings about children one way or another

but then, after the Incident, when he coached his peewee team he just. fucking loved it?? the kids were all just really great and shit, he loved working with them, solving relatively simple problems with them, encouraging them. he loved the smiles they’d give him when they finally, finally figured out what they hadn’t been doing right and nailed it. and then he knew he wanted kids

anyway by the time he was in his early 20s his older cousins were having babies and stuff and he was all 👏over👏that👏like he would go visit them more often and stuff just to see the little ones. totally down to babysit whenever

so yeah by the time he’s with the falcs he’s like, the best with little kids. he’ll sit and color wit them, play with them, give them piggyback rides, all that good shit. when it’s time for him to go the kids never want to let him leave and it’s so HARD for him to go (i mean LOOK at their little faces) but he always promises he’ll be back soon (and he is, duh)

sometimes the kids will draw or paint or build with legos things for him and it makes him SUPER emotional and happy. he has a bunch of kids’ drawings hanging on the side of his fridge and when he has new friends over he sometimes has to explain that no, he does not actually have 7 kids

anyway!! you bet ur ass that cool uncle jack™ eventually turns into super dad jack™ when he and bits have kids of their own like he is just the proudest man alive and when he gets a new phone he gets the one with like 128gb of storage because he NEEDS to document every moment of his kids’ existence oh my GOD they’re tiny HUMANS and they’re HIS and he loves them so much!!! jack loves his family

I’m looking forward to seeing all the different ways they can explore the world in this is us. They did an episode that was entirely in the past, they’re having an episode all about Randall. I would love to see more about William! Or how Kate became Kevin’s assistant. I want to see different sides to every character, just see every side to them. Teenage big three, jack as a kid, Rebecca as a kid, Randall and Beth getting together. The possibilities are endless and I want to see MORE.


Can I be honest with you? Man to man? You know, your mom and me, we always try to treat you kids the same. Always have. Hasn’t always worked, because, well, you’re not all the same.

Ok so I’ve had these ideas in my head for a while now, I’m not very good at writing (specially in english) but I wanted to share it anyway.

Red riding hood AU, sort of. Hanzo as the Red Riding Hood and McCree as the Big Bad Wolf (also known as werewolf!McCree and hunter!Hanzo lmao). 

A few things about the AU under the cut.

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this is super late but here’s every “here’s lookin at you” from uno: the movie

It was still early enough out that it was barely light outside. Bitty cracked an eye open, groggily trying to figure out what had woken him up. He realized, after a short moment, that Jack had come back into the room. He rolled over to dimly see Jack’s dark figure moving around. After shedding his jacket and pants, Jack slid back under the covers. Bitty instinctively wiggled closer to him, but yelped when Jack put his cold feet on his bare legs.

“Jack!” he admonished.

“Sorry,” Jack said amusedly.

Bitty huffed and he rolled back over, but it didn’t take long for Jack’s cold fingers to slide across the bare skin of his stomach from where his t-shirt had ridden up. He pointedly ignored it even though there was no chance he was going to be able to fall back asleep now. Soon, the light touches became ticklish as Jack targeted Bitty’s weak spots until Bitty gave up all pretenses.

“Stop,” he laughed between gasps.

Jack stopped, though his smirk still had a mischievous edge. His hands had stilled for now, but they were still resting dangerously at Bitty’s sides. Bitty distracted him by running his hands through Jack’s hair. He dropped his head on Bitty’s chest.

“Where were you this morning,” Bitty asked quietly.

“Last minute errand,” Jack said vaguely.

They were both quiet for a while, mostly because Jack’s wandering hands had started to drift downwards and was now dipping teasingly just belong the waist band of Bitty’s pajama pants.

It didn’t lost long, however, because quiet, telltale footsteps came thumping down the hall. The door opened slowly, and then the quiet, “Daddy? Papa?”

Bitty considered pretending he was still asleep, but Jack sighed. “Yes, sweetie?”

Annie ran across the room and climbed up on their bed with some assistance from Jack. Once she was comfortable nestled between them, she looked at both of them with wide eyes. “Santa came,” she whispered conspiratorially.

“Did he? How do you know?” Jack asked.

“I heard him. He came and he brought presents!”

Bitty glanced briefly at Jack. “Did you see him?”

She shook her head. “Nuh uh. I had to pretend I was asleep.”

Jack laughed and kissed her cheek. “Okay, Monkey. Why don’t you run downstairs and see what he brought?”

With a shout of glee, Annie launched herself out bed and ran as fast as her feet could take her.

Bitty eyed Jack. “Santa’s cutting it pretty close with his early morning visit,” he said sardonically.

Jack grinned and gave an easy shrug. “Santa had to pick up a limited edition dream doll house this morning.”

“I thought those were sold out.”

“Santa found a guy.”

“You’re going to spoil her, Jack.”

“Not as much as I’m going to spoil you.”

It was Bitty’s turn to laugh as he leaned in to kiss his husband. “So, did Santa bring me anything?” he asked suggestively.

“Yes,” Jack promised. “But it’s something for later,” he added with a wink.

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TFTBL feat. Deadpool (thanks to @demirhys for helping me cast these dorks)

Jack’s jersey number is a burden, and he blames himself for it.  He picked it when he was six years old and he’s had to live up to that ever since.

Bad Bob wore jersey #11, and when they were signing Jack up for his first hockey team in Montreal they asked if he wanted to wear his father’s number.  “No!” Jack said, not rebelling against his father but with dreams of glory under his own name, his own number.  “I want to be number one!”

So they chuckled and wrote him in, filled out the form to order his little jersey, took pictures that year of Jack and Bob on the ice–tall ZIMMERMANN 11 and small ZIMMERMANN 1.  The top of Jack’s helmet is almost perfectly level with the bottom of the numbers on Bob’s jersey.  It’s one of the photos the Zimmermann family releases to the press when speculation about Jack’s draft gets intense, one that gets reprinted in so many newspapers and magazines Jack can’t keep track of them all.

And once they put that number on his back, he could never ask to change it. Not when every team he joined scrambled to clear the number for him, when other #1s volunteered to change on his behalf.  He couldn’t, no matter how afraid he was of not living up to number one.  Because that would be admitting defeat, admitting he couldn’t live up to it.

So he’ll wear the number that feels like it shouldn’t be his, like a prince in a fairytale, until one day through all the toil and sweat and tears he’ll redeem it and make it true.

Taking his Samwell #1 jersey out of its packaging feels like a fresh start, like new growth after a fire. It stretches and pulls like skin over a scar, but when he’s got it over his head, his new friend Shitty reaching out to tug it down for him, he finally feels like coming here wasn’t a mistake after all.

Bob’s a lot more choked up about Jack’s first Providence jersey than Jack is.  By now the #1 feels like part of his name, not a challenge.  Jack knows that isn’t how everyone else will see it–everyone else will make him prove he’s earned the number on his back.  But this time, the thought of putting an NHL jersey oh doesn’t choke off his air.  He’s old enough and strong enough to know that it’s not about them, that the only person he’s really competing against is himself. Number one is a personal challenge, a mountain he’s set himself to climb

And anyway, if he has to be honest: This time, if you really made him fight it out for that number?  For being number one?  He feels like he might actually win, and like himself after.