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So like is anyone else noticing this pattern ?

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They all have beards too…

How Bioware Makes Decisions...
  • Bioware Art Department: *Designs hot soft butch who makes the underwear of any wlw who sees her burst into flames, and makes thousands of women who considered themselves straight realize they are lesbians or bisexuals.*
  • Bioware Art Department: *Giver her a haircut right out of Butch Lesbian Hair Quarterly*
  • Bioware Art Department: *Adds two interlocked Venus symbols shaved into her hair*
  • Bioware Art Department: *Adds a Labrys tattoo*
  • Bioware Art Department: *Puts her in a "No one knows I'm a lesbian" t-shirt*
  • Bioware Art Department: *Adds a rainbow flag patch to her outfit*
  • Bioware Writers: *Include four years spent living in a lesbian commune as part of her backstory*
  • Bioware Writers: *Have her openly and loudly thirsting after another woman*
  • Bioware Story Manager: *looks at all of this*
  • Bioware Story Manager: "We'll make this one straight, because we want to avoid stereotypes."
  • Bioware Fans: "AGAIN?!"
Check Please Fanfic Gothic

Jack is watching a history channel documentary. No, the channel has never switched to Ancient Aliens. There are only World War II documentaries. There has never been a documentary about another war.

Bitty is listening to Beyoncé and pulling a pie out of the oven. Halo is playing. Oh, the pie is done. Halo is playing. Oh, the pie is done. Halo is playing. Oh, the pie is done.

It’s finals for Ransom. He has an important test tomorrow. Holster is worried. Holster is always worried.

Dex is fixing the dryer. It will never be fixed. Every time Nursey looks upon him he dissolves into stars and fire and freckles, destroying the dryer again.

Lardo is emerging from a pool of paint, like the lady of the lake, brush held above her head. She is creating another project. 

Everyone is very drunk and very high. They have had one sip of beer and smelled weed once. It is a medical mystery how they are so affected by this.

Chowder is excited. Why is he excited? Do not ask questions if you are not prepared for the answer.

The Samwell Team as stuff my bf did p.2
  • Bitty: accidentally ordered 50 cans of peaches instead of 5, sold them at school to make profit
  • Jack: once fought a goose to impress his s.o (me)
  • Ransom: once drunkenly cried bc his best friend said that he was "a good noodle"
  • Holster: Rapped the entire Hamilton Musical, continued to ask me out on our first date after he saw that it impressed me
  • Shitty: His chosen signature is a weed smoking illuminati sign
  • Lardo: Broke his thumb, continued to play beer pong (instead of going to the hospital)
  • Chowder: Got sent to the principals office, brought pizza with him
  • Nursey: screamed "CLOTHES DON'T HAVE A GENDER", while fistfighting in a skirt he borrowed from his s.O (again, me)
  • Dex: Stole a refrigerator from his neighbors (bc his grandpa dared him to)
  • Whiskey: Secretly loves polca music
  • Tango: Still speaks to his plants lovingly though they have all died in his care