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Javid Titanic AU - Part 2

Tw: suicide mention (only to the extent that there is in the Titanic movie)

Part 1

It took Jack only a couple of days to fall in love with the night sky at sea. The stars were so clear, so beautiful and bright, that he could happily spend hours staring up at them when almost everyone else on the ship was inside in the warm. He didn’t have a coat but he was used to the cold so his jacket was enough.

And that’s when the person ran past him. Whoever it was clearly wasn’t a runner – they were gangly and awkward and had no finesse, but it was more than that. They were desperate, clearly crying, and they were heading for the stern of the ship. There was something about that that made Jack uneasy and he climbed unsteadily to his feet and followed the runner.

When Jack saw the guy – a boy really, maybe 17 or 18 – hanging over the back off the ship, on what was entirely the wrong side of the railings, his heart leapt into his mouth and he fought the urge to run forward and grab him to pull him back safely. From the look of his clothes he was a first-class passenger who probably wouldn’t take kindly to being manhandled. That’s when he realised it was the boy, the one from the first-class deck. He wanted to talk to him, but this wasn’t the time. Instead Jack cleared his throat.

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About Goetic/Underground Hell and Hellborns Under Goetics

Hellborns, true to the name, are demons that reside in Hell. Note that this post obviously does not cover the entirety of Hell; this is written mainly from a LOW-CLASS GOETIC MILITARY PERSPECTIVE and interaction with royalty from that class perspective. By “low-class military” I mean the military of a Goetic Marquis, which is one of the lower ranks of Goetic Hell Nobility.

EDIT: It has come to my attention that there are portions of Hell above ground, and the above ground portions are generally much nicer than the underground portions. THIS POST PERTAINS MAINLY TO GOETIC HELL/THE EXTREMELY DEEP UNDERGROUND PORTIONS, where most of the Goetics that are actually fallen angels or demons reside. 

What is Goetic/Underground Hell culture like?

So you know in old Europe, wars were held for…”fun” and “honor” to put it basically? At least, for the nobles it was considered “fun” and “honorable”? Well, think of the same concept in Hell, except that the top nobles are immortal and powerful enough to wipe out an army of non-nobles with a wave of their hand!

With War/Fighting/Making Enemies being a sign of honor and respect, and the Nobles participating in it never needing to fear death, you can imagine how it’s Hell for everyone else besides the nobles and those they favored. With Making Enemies(™) being a sign of respect, as ironic as that sounds, nearly all Hellborns have fragile egos and do not tolerate even the slightest of insults.

With armies being raised purely for fun and “honor”, most military Hellborns are born into the army. Yes, a child military. A military of children where children are trained to kill as soon as they understand commands! I’m talking like 5 year olds here. 

Those that aren’t born into the army are usually born into something related to the army in some way; whether it’s military research, weapons forging, etc.

A “survival of the fittest” mindset, taken to the absolutely-most-fucking-extreme, and as a source of enjoyment (again, only for nobles anyways) basically summarizes Hell.  

Yet a lot of nobles also take pride in being “civilized” and by civilized I mean they hold fancy parties so they can still see themselves as like. Not disgusting, in some way. Just another thing to be pretentious about. At these parties, there is usually tons and tons of wine, ballroom dancing, etc. There’s also an uneasy peace- uneasy in that yes they are enjoying partying without fighting, but that they would all start ripping each other to shreds immediately if someone started it. And again, with their fragile egos, “starting it” could be as simple as accidentally bumping into someone on the dance floor.

Additionally- favoritism. Favoritism, favoritism, favoritism. Favoritism literally makes all the difference in how much someone’s Goetic/Underground Hell life sucks- the only people who are like “(underground/Goetic) Hell wasn’t that bad!!” are those who were nobles, favorites of some noble, and/or weren’t prescribed to the military. 

Or, hopefully, they came from the above-ground and not-so-awful parts of Hell, and it’s just a miscommunication/difference of experiences.  

What’s the class structure of Goetic/Underground Hell like?

There’s like 30000 layers of nobles and different ranks of nobles. Rank is so important that there’s a bunch of subdivisions within each rank so that nobles of the “same rank” still know where they stand relative to the others. So for example: There’s Great Kings, High Kings, Kings, Sub-Kings, etc.

How often does the class structure of Goetic/Underground Hell shift?? Are demons ever overthrown/overruled?

Never. When all the top nobles are immortal, it never, ever shifts. At least, to my knowledge it has never shifted. 

Besides entertainment (for nobles), what other reasons could they be at war?

As all non-nobles, and even non-immortal nobles are told the bare minimum of information, my only guess is training demons for the (possible) war against Heaven. I have no idea if that war is going to be an actual thing that will happen eventually or not.

What is the Goetic military like?

Well, to summarize how much is sucks:

  • You’re born into it. Or, you could be a dumbass and join the military.
  • Once you enter there is no leaving. No time off at all; you’re in until you die. The only “time off” you’ll get is if you’re injured and your superiors consider you worth enough to keep alive.
  • Torture is 100% Legal and encouraged as well!
  • Haha what payment?? You don’t get paid, are you kidding me?
  • You are told the bare minimum of information. Like only just as much to do your mission, IF you’re told anything at all. Nobody except the nobles knows why we even do any of this.
  • The only clothes you’ll ever have are your uniforms.
  • But to be a little more informative, here’s some info about the specific divisions you might find in your average Hell military. There’s more, but these are the only ones I know a decent amount about.

Stealth Division:

  • Avg height is 5 ft, ranges from 4-lower 6 range
  • Have a lot of tests
  • Physical Tests: Balance, Speed
  • Cunning Test: You are given “special” information from a Commander/General and instructed not to tell anyone, but members of your division will (stealthily) attempt to grill you for that info. Realizing you are being tested = passing. Failing to realize, or giving away the “info” = fail.
  • Also have a bunch of weird tests where u can die-
  • Assassination Test: With permission, certain members of the division may try to kill you. If they get caught, you are allowed to kill them. All methods are allowed, as long as they are stealthy (poison,physical assassination, etc)…Yep! You try to kill members of your own division and the members of your own division try to kill you too!!


  • Average height usually ranges 7-9 feet. Anything below is considered short.
  • The dudebro fraternities of hell (but 1000x more violent and aggressive than humans)
  • 100% GRADE A BEEF. A regular gun would probably do jack shit (in more pleasant words, nothing) against a front-liner. A single front-liner could probably take out a tank.  
  • Scary as fuck
  • The entire front-liner area is made really tough because of the frequency of brawls, which would result in a lot of things breaking if everything wasn’t made of rock. Fights were most common in the cafeteria.
  • No limit/extremely high upper limit to your food ration at the cafeteria

Front-Line Mages:

  • Really rare, as in, almost none–for lower ranked militaries, at least. (I believe they are much more common in higher-up militaries as higher militaries recruit from lower ones but I’m not 100% certain on this)
  • Usually don’t live longer than 2 years
  • If they live longer than two years they usually become really OP, like a one-man army

Okay, the Goetic military really sucks. What about outside of the Goetic military but not nobility? Like those weapons forgers or research demons?  

Outside of the military is nowhere near as bad, you’re a lot less likely to get tortured, beaten, you actually get paid, you (usually) get your own house/apartment. However, you still can’t leave Hell. 

What do non-nobles do for entertainment?

This is mainly what lowly Goetic military demons do for entertainment:

  • Fuck- there are absolutely no rules on sex within the military. Although, males and females are usually housed separately so as to prevent babies when not at…specified breeding times. So yeah, basically each base was and even (literally) had giant orgies of the same gender. Especially after winning a battle/mission.
  • Alcohol- There might (MIGHT) be one (1) bar at a base. Maybe. Though (in my experience at least) there’s no bar at the front-liner base because they’re too rowdy andb break everything.
  • Sleep- Self-explanatory.
  • Brawl- Brawling is absolutely encouraged, especially with the front-liners. It’s both a form of training and weeding out the weak.
  • Yeah, there really isn’t much to do at all in Hell if you’re not a noble and if you’re in the military.  

What about morals? If…any.

LMAOOO what morals?? You think of something bad, it’s probably embraced, even seen as a form of empowerment. Torture? Yep! Non-consensual sex? Definitely! Abusing your partners (especially if one is a noble and the other not)? Absolutely!!  

Will I go to Hell if I’m not a Christian/some variant?

This is totally my take but I didn’t see a single damn human the entire time I was down there. And no, I didn’t do anything to be placed in Hell, I was literally just born there. So no need to worry, that’s just a form of fearmongering.


Feel free to send in any more questions about Goetic Hell/Hellborns! 

that-pan-asshole  asked:

What happens if the hybrid AU crossed over with the spooky scary AU? What would /that/ look like? :)

Not sure if u mean like The two separate individuals meet? or like If spooky scary AU happened to also be Hybrid AU BUT I’M GONNA GO WITH THE LAST ONE, BECAUSE THAT’D BE PRETTY INTERESTING

Gav would probably have like two different types of wings, so he’d either be a super goofy flier or none at all. WEREBUN RAY. would be a beautiful beautiful thing

And geoff would literally be a demon goat man. Probably have the jacob sheep horns too just for extra spooky scaryness

Plant/lionman Jack being an adorable cat plant. like woah, talk about too adorable. Ryan and Michael are kind of like, the most normal i guess? Ryan’s p much just a bull hybrid that’s also a mad scientist, and Michael’s an undead that’s also a cat hybrid. but Michael would also get like a bunch of dumb 9 lives jokes, and he gets pissed everytime. 

Anon requested a Masterlist

So I’m going to post the shortest masterlist in all of Tumblr history XD

Jack J Fanfic Each part is a different name, so don’t get confused. (Also, when I started writing it, I didn’t know that there was a difference between an Imagine and a Fanfiction. This is a y/n fanfic, but the title in each says ‘imagine.’ When I figured it out, I had already written like 4, so it was too late to go back lol)

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6
Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10   Part 11   Part 12   {[Part 13 coming soon!]}

Omaha Text AUs

You’re dating Sammy, but Jack J likes you: Part 1   Part 2 

Nate lives across the country and he’s texting you telling you how much he misses you

You’re a rapper and Nate gets jealous that Nicki Minaj wants to do a song with you

So yeah, that’s it so far. Sorry that this was probably really disappointing, Anon. XD

It’s not much now, but I’m working on more! Leave me requests for text AUs (Omaha + Nash, Cam, & Matt) in my ask! I might start taking requests for imagines once I finish the Jack J one ^^^ WE’LL SEE, PLEASE DON’T BOMBARD ME YET lol

anonymous asked:

I LOVE THE JACK AND BITTY KISSING SERIES!! jack and bitty kissing in front of: bad bob! an airport! kent! the ocean! any or all of the above!

So here’s the thing. 

And Jack, originally, doesn’t think it’s a thing. But, turns out, it is. A thing thing. A capital T Thing that Jack has worked pretty hard to avoid for most of his adult life.

The Thing is: Jack is ass over tea kettle for Bittle.

At first it was supposed to be meaningless, a soft crush spurred on by the freckles that litter Bittle’s shoulders and the bridge of his nose. It was supposed to be this warm, easy, stupid, not-real thing (that wasn’t A Thing) that only wormed its way into being because they lived in the same space. Jack thinks that if you see the soft parts of anyone, you could probably start to love them. And that’s what a lot of Jack’s senior year had been: Bittle singing in the shower; Bittle in his sweatpants and his hair a mess on Saturday mornings; Bittle, with his fucking freezing feet stuck under Jack’s thighs, squished beside Jack while they watch a movie. The other parts, too: Bittle spread too thin over midterm stress; Bittle getting better with taking hits after a handful of practices at 9 pm or 5 am; Bittle tearing up after skyping with his mom. There are so many things about Bittle that he wouldn’t have learned if they hadn’t been in the Haus together, but that doesn’t mean he thought it was A Thing.

But, it’s a certified Thing, Jack being a goner for Bittle.

And Jack couldn’t say what makes him do it, couldn’t pinpoint any specific moment or happenstance or shift of universal matter that changes it. Because there’s another Thing, and it was A Thing that Jack had thought was pretty permanent, as far as permanent things go. Not meaningless at all, not stupid and not warm and definitely not easy. 

That Thing is: Jack doesn’t want to be the first guy in the league to come out of the closet. 

But, as far as Things go, Jack apparently isn’t very good at being able to tell what stays and what fades away, can’t pin down the space between Never and Again. 

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