jack whitehall and noel fielding


Some of my favourite comedians and their hogwarts houses. 

Big Fat Quiz of Everything was the greatest thing I have ever witnessed

- tit up
- jack’s lisp
- noel and richard being married
- mel and “they faint”
- “it’s a producer”
- noel and richard adopting jack
- jack’s love of gbbo
- actual food fight on national tv
- noel’s outfit
- noel genuinely terrified by the t-rex
- richard ayoade in general
- “russell brand was not available”
- everyone pissing off jimmy
- Jack whitehall’s cute ass face

I could go on forever it was just so fucking wonderful

Big Fat Anniversary Quiz 2015
  • Jimmy: Russell and Noel, you didn't answer.
  • Russell: Oh, well as a matter of fact, we've got something rather better then that.
  • Noel: Yeah. If... if...
  • Russell: And it's a big if.
  • Noel: If... Russell opens his hand... and a fly is released into the studio. Can we have ten points please?
  • Russell: That would be fair!
  • Jack: Can I say I'd be happy with that.

The Big Fat Quiz of Everything - Panelists: Jonathan Ross, Chelsea Peretti, Jack Whitehall, Mel Giedroyc, Noel Fielding, and Richard Ayoade


The Signs as British Comedians
  • Aries: Frankie Boyle
  • Taurus: Michael McIntyre
  • Gemini: Russel Howard
  • Cancer: Jack Dee
  • Leo: Jack Whitehall
  • Virgo: David Mitchell
  • Libra: Miranda Hart
  • Scorpio: Stephen Fry
  • Sagittarius: James Corden
  • Capricorn: John Cleese
  • Aquarius: Noel Fielding
  • Pisces: Sarah Millican