jack white III

signs as jack white moments
  • aries: beating the shit out of that Von Bondies guy at the Magic Stick
  • taurus: "tangible"
  • cancer: birth
  • gemini: that whole fuckin dan auerbach thing
  • leo: cold mountain deleted scenes
  • virgo: catholic-off w/ stephen colbert
  • libra: ginger jakc
  • scorpio: that whole fuckin olivia jean thing
  • saggitarius: wearing a kilt on stage
  • capricorn: forgetting how to play his own songs
  • aquarius: being friends with ian kinsler
  • pisces: that time we all thought jakc had a tumblr but it was really just some rando guy...or was he

Here is another Jack White fan. (Benedict has given us a millionth reason to him🤓) The question was “if you could be a rockstar for a day, who would you be?”


You gotta learn to say “no” without having to explain yourself. #lifelesson