jack v


We’ve got so much in common! We’re both ambitious. We’re both super hot. I blackmailed and murdered my way up the Hyperion ladder, you came up with that sick Vault key deal…

Playing GTA
  • Michael: Seriously, all you do is bitch.
  • Gavin, upside down in a tree and on fire: I happen to bitch the perfect amount for someone in my situation.

jack makes the mistake of putting bitty’s shirt on once and then gets stuck with his arms above his head, shirt half on bc it can go no further and if it did it would rip seams. (bitty gets a phone call at the grocery store with a laugh and a quiet ‘when will you be back?’ bitty says thirty minutes and jack asks if he could make it fifteen because he’s already lost feeling in his arms. when bitty does get home he laughs too hard to do anything and the gc gets about twenty pictures all at different angles. [in the end they get the shirt off and bitty says it was a sleep shirt anyways while both him and jack work on getting the blood flow going again])