jack the shade

This post is for those who keep telling me I’m “heterophobic.” I don’t dislike Jashi because it’s straight, I dislike it because:

1. The age gap (or the interpreted age gap)
2. The fact that they portrayed Ashi as child-like most of the time, making me think of them as father and daughter, which really disgusts me now that they're…. romantically interested in each other
3. Ashi should have been more developed character and they should have shown some sides of her remorse and grief because Jack literally killed her sisters and then later she killed her own mother to protect Jack,,,, and they never ever showed her grieving for ANY OF HER FAMILY SHE LOST… she literally lost everyone she’s ever known (except Jack of course) and she and Jack suddenly are a thing
4. Ashi wouldn’t know what romance is because she’s lived in a cave her whole life and hasn’t even known what love is, based on the way her abusive mom raised her. lf she hasn’t had that kind of love, how does she know what romance is, let alone KISSING
5. Ashi was EXTREMELY sexualized (especially by the fandom) and although she is a badass, they’ll counter that with the next episode she’s in and her being completely incapable of fighting and becoming very submissive and passive
6. She and Jack grew on each other too quickly… they went from hating each other to friends to lovers in literally 3-4 episodes….. like I get they only have 10 episodes this season but it was just written and paced so poorly
7. Jack never needed romance and that was never the goal of the show. The goal was him defeating Aku and the fact that an entire episode got wasted on a romance that didn’t further the plot is really counterproductive to that goal
8. They both are VERY out of character together and it just felt Wrong™
9. Ashi was also seemingly created only to be Jack’s love interest which I feel is really awful and not fair to her at all because i love her character
11. It’s kind of discouraging for minors like myself because it just reminds you that people sexualize your age group

I feel bad for anyone that hasn’t seen the ending of the trivia murder party lets play