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Headcannon #121

~Toby is one of the most stable CPs in The Mansion. He is always kind and polite to anyone and everyone and will never make you angry. He is the hardest to piss off and it will take a lot to get him to drop his cool. But if Toby for whatever reason does get angry, he gets so angry that even Slender gets nervous.~

anonymous asked:

Zimbits au Monsters Inc style. Jack is sully, Bits is mike.

I’m gonna have to disagree here, I feel that if anything Shitty would be Mike. Or more like, Jack would be the top monster with the highest scream quota, with Shitty acting as his partner.

Bitty would have failed miserably at being scary, would not have even been interested in being scary, so instead he works under Lardo (who terrifies everybody instead of kids but she’s cool with Bitty) in the administration department.

Ransom and Holster are the number two team, and they accidentally bring 3 kids with them who were apparently having a sleepover. Enter Chowder, Nursey and Dex.

Bitty thinks they are adorable, and then shenanigans occur and I’m not sure who is the bad guy (prolly fry guy and the LAX bros) or why I’m even typing this in the first place, but yeah that’s my take on things.

 i firstly would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who follows me. i made this blog 2 years ago ( in august to be exact ) and i never thought it would be of help to people ‘cause when i first made it, it was just going to be yknow, personal musing stuff but then it came to be writing help and all this good stuff !! 

i’d like to start this off with some honourable mentions.

@partycrouchwrites – my boo, my partner in crime. you are such a lovely person, your writing style is so amazing and i am sososo happy to be able to write with you and have awesome ships together. ( zach and spencer are my LIFE ) i also want to say that i’m hella proud of you for finishing school in like 20 days. GO YOU

@geechloe – we have been friends since my other blog xecrivain and that amazes me ??? like, you are an actual ray of sunshine and i know we don’t keep in touch much but i love seeing you pop up on my dash ( on instagram/facebook as well )

@musepirations – liGHT OF MY LIFE. ugh, you are such a blessing to have in my life. again, we don’t talk as much as i would like us too ( that will change tho *eyes emoji* ) but you’re a big part of my life nonetheless. i love talking to you and hearing about your day. you also have helped me through a lot of tough times which i’m so grateful for

@monsoonrps – jen, jen, jen. the rose to my jack. the sully to my mike. we’re starting to plot and TBH I’M HELLA EXCITED TO GET IT STARTED ?!?! you are such a darn joy to talk to. i love getting all hyped up and shit. you in general are just so amazing and beautiful and i hope you see that as well

and last but certainly not least: @elliotfofrp​ – i love being able to have someone to lean on and it be mutual. like, we can help each other and make the other less lonely. you are trult such an amazing, lovely person who i am sososoo glad to have as a friend, MUAH !!!!

now i’m going to put the actual ff under the cut ‘cause … this shit is already long. SO HERE WE GO

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Accent Headcannon

Slender Bro’s: German(Or they put something on, they are really good at accents! Slender usually sticks with German when casual but when he’s being menacing it’ll-obviously-be staticky without an accent, Offender likes American, Trender likes French and Splender can usually be heard in a slight British accent)
Laughing Jack: British
Candy Pop: Irish
Jeff, Jane and Liu: Australian(Sully’s is often described as Texan-American)
Eyeless Jack: American
Sally: American
(Now I really want Creepypasta/Hetalia Fanart!)