jack spicer what are you doing


thank you, please enjoy these

i bet both of them are loud snorers and koala cuddlers (at least clay is confirmed for that one), they are a force to be reckoned with when they’re sleeping

Darling viewers~

Today, I want to draw all of your attention to an ABSOLUTELY Lovely artist!


Look at all of this GORGEOUS Art! I absolutely ADORE her Jack Spicer drawings~

Now, I’ll warn you. She was the center of a little ‘scandal’ somewhat recently. This poor girl was harassed, nearly to death, by a vicious group of HUMANS! They aimed for her HEART and fired on her with Vitriol of the most salacious kind!

What did she dare do to garner that kind of hatred, you ask?

She dared to draw some characters in a way that contradicted some people’s interpretations. How scandalous! And to punctuate it all, she’s in the hospital right now! Wouldn’t it be grand for her to return to a new wave of adoration, and kindness?

Please, darlings. Go give her some love, and fill her soul with determination!

Thank you, my darling viewers, for your continued support!

Dojo wtf are you doing?

Dojo why did you have to ruin his work and break the plates? The most horrible thing that Dojo did that in purpose. If you rewatch the episode by frame by frame you can see that Jack listens to his orders very carefully but then he puts the “soap” on the plates which causes them to collapse and before that happens he points to them so Jack can see it happen. What the hell man?

Also this:

Jack looks so determined to finish “his” chore (which suppose to be the monks job which they do together and not only one person) but even after a whole day of hard work…

Dojo still has to come and ruin it? Look at him! He cant even belive what has happened. And he and the monks suppose to be the good guys…


No wonder if he wanted to get revenge. I would be pissed too.

I actually cant believe that Dojo could do this I mean we had an episode where the monks made fun of him and his work so he suppose to know how bad someone can feel if others dont respect someone’s effort. Didnt the monk learn anything from that? They almost lost their friend and guardian because they used and ridicule him. But now they dont care if they make the same mistake? And they even dare to wonder why Jack betrayed them… If Master Fung and the others actually made an effort to accept and help out Jack and tried to understand his problems he probably wouldnt go back to being evil.

They especially did a poor job if Jack is the dragon of metal because Fung and Dojo didnt realize his potential and the others who supposed to be his partners used and hurt him. Clay did a really poor job too, because as an earth dragon it is his obligation to guide and help out the metal dragon, but because his lousy attitude Omi needs to be the one who fills that role which he cant do properly because he is the water dragon so he needs to reverse his relationship with the metal one. It would be Jack’s job to guide and control Omi’s ego which he cant do properly because he didnt realize his potential so Omi has to help him out. Seriously, it is not the first time when Clay didnt use his power or role as an earth dragon. Idk if we should blame the writers or the character itself…


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Okay so I was thinking about Jack Spicer, and what he might’ve looked like in his late teen years (15-18). And you know how kids do craaaaazy things with their looks in their teen years? Well I thought about it and I think he might’ve dyed his hair all black. And then I thought… his name would be Black Jack. Blackjack.


The names cool tho…


In hindsight I should have just gone with “You shall not pass!” But I wanted Jack to sound smart for once, and for it to confuse Chase.

If you can’t read it (which I wouldn’t be surprised), the quote says:
“Some believe it is only great power that can keep evil in check. But that is not what I have found. I have found that it is the small every-day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay.”