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My name is OMI. I am Xiaolin Dragon of Water! (Well, I am still in training, but shhh….I am destined to become one, soon. Tomorrow will not be soon enough.) I team up with other Xiaolin Warriors: KIMIKO, Xiaolin Dragon of Fire, a super girly fireball with fierce upper body strength (it’s true, I personally tested it). RAIMUNDO, Xiaolin Dragons of Wind, whose charming smiles mask deadly tornado spins that can blow a 800-pound evil baddy far far away just for giggles. CLAY, Xiaolin Dragons of Earth, a gentle cowboy with gentler Tai Chi moves that pack a not-so-gentle wallop. (Baby goats love him!) And PING PONG, Xiaolin Dragon of Wood, my mini-me admirer who has a long way to go since he just joined the temple. Together, we must join forces to protect the SHEN GONG WU, sacred objects that hold mystical powers, against the dark forces of evil for whoever that controls all the Shen Gong Wu will win. So there is no time to waste on the chitty-chatty, especially when JACK SPICER, evil boy genius mama’s boy is forming off/on convenient alliances with WUYA, the ancient floating ghost lady face, to aid in his world domination fantasy.

What’s the most fun for me/us? The SHOWDOWNS for certain! And in this theatre, we are featuring DOUBLE SHOWDOWNS! This means Double Happiness for all of us. Yippee! This is part of the Special Edition from Christy Hui the creator herself!

What’s next? It is my most sincere hope that we start work on more Xiaolin! All of us Dragon Warriors are super HOT on a continuing Xiaolin saga! We live for our mystical adventures. (Well, it is also my day job.) It is wondrous, just like eating ice cream all day every day and not get fat or brain freezes! (I have a special way to control my chi.)

Here is the bottom of the bottomest line—Support our Xiaolin Temple Theatre for this is the first baby-goat step on our journey to make more Xiaolin happen.


Yours truly Omi.