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20 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Pirates Of The Caribbean.

1. During the filming of On Stranger Tides, Johnny Depp spent over $60,000 out of his own pocket to buy waterproof jackets for 500 crew members to protect them from the cold, wet weather. 

2. While filming in London in October 2010, Johnny Depp received a letter from a local 9-year old schoolgirl, telling him her classmates needed help to ‘mutiny’ against her teachers. He turned up with almost no warning at the school in full Sparrow outfit, but advised against mutiny. 

3. In Curse Of The Black Pearl, Johnny Depp improvised many of his lines, including the notorious, “Bring me that horizon,” and Jack Sparrow’s catch phrase, “Savvy?" 

4. Depp and Verbinski have a funny way of describing Jack running away from danger. They both compared it to a “lizard running on water.” Looking back at pirates of the caribbean, we can totally see where they’re coming from.

5. The cast and crew walked away from filming with tons of “treasure.” When production wrapped, many of the people who worked on the film (including Johnny Depp) picked props out from the treasure cave to take home. According to Verbinski, not a single one of the cursed coins was left behind.

6. Geoffrey Rush was afraid that people wouldn’t notice him on screen when he and Keira Knightley were in the same scene. He came up with a solution, however. He thought that viewers watched films the same way they read books - from left to right - and thus, tried to be on the left side of the shot as much as possible so that people would notice him before they noticed Keira. 

7. Robert De Niro was originally offered the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. However, he turned down the role because he thought that the film would do poorly in box offices. 

8. Keira Knightley was only 17 years old when they started shooting the first Pirates Of The Caribbean. Because she was a minor, her mother had to accompany her to all of the shooting locations. 

9. Johnny Depp’s character, Captain Jack, is portrayed as having gold teeth in the film. The gold teeth were actually Depp’s idea, but he predicted that executives would want fewer gold teeth than he wanted. So Depp told his dentist to implant extra gold teeth as a bargaining tool. After negotiations with the film executives, Sparrow’s final number of gold teeth in the film was what Depp had envisioned all along. 

10. If you pay attention throughout The Curse Of The Black Pearl, there is a scab on Jack Sparrow’s chin that gradually gets bigger and bigger. Many thought that it was a mistake, but Depp revealed later that his was a prank he and his makeup artist had thought of together. 

11. Clothing and smears of charcoal were used to conceal Johnny Depp’s numerous tattoos. The "Jack Sparrow” tattoo on his arm in the movie is a fake, but he actually got a real replica after finishing the film, in honor of his son Jack. 

12. Originally, Johnny Depp wanted Jack Sparrow to have no nose and be afraid of silly things like pepper and the common cold. Disney rejected the idea.

 13. Jack Sparrow is known for his outrageous face makeup, but he didn’t start with that look. While filming in a cave, excessive makeup was added to all of the characters so they wouldn’t looked washed out on film. When the crew realised how cool the makeup looked on Johnny Depp, they continued to use it on him for the rest of the movie. 

14. The moment when Elizabeth kissed Jack Sparrow in Dead Man’s Chest was purposefully cut out of Orlando Bloom’s script so that the cameras could get a genuine, shocked reaction from him. 

15. The fourth installation, On Stranger Tides, was the most expensive film ever made at the time, not adjusted for inflation. The budget ran to $300,000,000. That’s more than the budget of all three Lord Of The Rings films combined.

16. Johnny Depp based his performance on Keith Richards because he thought that pirates were just 18th century versions of rockstars. 

17. The names of the three main characters are all related to birds: Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann, and William Turner, who was a famous ornithologist. 

18. The scene where Orlando Bloom impersonates Johnny Depp’s performance was devised by Bloom who asked producer Jerry Bruckheimer if he could put it into the movie. 

19. According to the screenwriters’ commentary on the DVD, Will Turner is actually the best swordsman in the film, Barbossa and Commodore Norrington are evenly matched, and Jack Sparrow is the worst. 

20. During filming of On Stranger Tides in London a 'Jack Sparrow’ impersonator just walked onto the set. The guards did not think to ask for any ID as he looked so much like the character. 

Being Jack Sparrow’s Daughter And Will Turner Being In Love With You Would Include

Requested by anon:

being jack sparrows daughter and will turner being in love with me would include?

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  • He was mighty surprised to find out he had a daughter
  • And he would deny it at first, not wanting to know anything about you
  • But then he warmed to the idea and wanted to keep you around
  • He saw it as an opportunity to have something especial
  • To teach someone all he knows and be close with someone
  • So Jack keeps you around and takes good care of you
  • He teaches you all you need to know about the sea, ships and piracy
  • Because you obviously are going with him
  • Jack tells you all the stories he knows
  • Including, of course, the great stories about Captain Jack Sparrow
  • He instructs you in the art of ‘negotiating’
  • And shares his ‘wisdom’ with you
  • Teaches you how to handle a sword as well
  • Sometimes people tell him that ‘a woman is a bad omen in a boat’
  • But when Jack is about to go and defend you, you do yourself
  • And challenge anyone stupid enough to fight
  • Which makes Jack grin proudly
  • Eventually, no one ever says such stupid things again
  • Saving his life so many times
  • But then again, he saves yours too
  • “So you’re Jack Sparrow’s daughter”
  • Captain Jack Sparrow”
  • Impersonating your father to make the crew members laugh
  • And when Jack notices he never gets mad
  • He just makes a face being used to it
  • Jack always calls you ‘child’, sometimes ‘love’
  • Usually calls you child when he wants something from you or to teach you anything
  • And love when he’s trying to be affectionate
  • “Child, get me some rum” 
  • You just call him Jack like everyone else
  • You entertain yourself by ‘pranking’ Jack
  • Both of you are willing to protect each other
  • Even if Jack prefers to keep it as a secret

And  Will being in love with you:

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  • Will couldn’t really believe you were a pirate at first
  • Even if he’s a pirate himself
  • Not to mention Jack Sparrow’s daughter
  • Because he thought you were too sweet and kind to be a pirate
  • Which is why he fell for you, he just noticed something different in you
  • More or less like there’s something different about Jack
  • Something that, despite being pirates, makes you special
  • But Will just adores you because you let your kindness show
  • Even still being a pirate
  • And Will tries to let you know how much he loves you
  • Even if Jack gets a bit protective
  • And jealous that he has to share his precious daughter Y/N’s attentions with anyone
  • Will compliments you constantly
  • And is incredibly charming and chivalrous
  • Even if he doesn’t force anything
  • He just wants you to be comfortable
  • Despite his feelings, he knows you might not reciprocate
  • Will will definitely defend you and your honor
  • He even offers to teach you how to sword fight
  • Much to his surprise, you are skilled in it
  • Through Jack’s teachings and your own learning
  • Which just makes him fall more in love
  • In the end you might fall for him
  • Seeing as he’s so loving and charming
  • Jack doesn’t oppose that much after all
  • He likes Will and knows he’s a good man
  • And more importantly, Jack knows he’ll take good care of you
On the Ravages of Aging

This little ficlet came about because I was disturbed by some of the OUaT Fandom’s reaction to Old!Hook in 6x11, Tougher Than the Rest.  So like a good little dork, I wrote out my feelings.

Beta’d by the admirable @icecubelotr44.  Rated G.


A few weeks after returning from the twisted Wish-reality, Emma begins to notice that something is a little off concerning her favorite pirate.

She doesn’t know, at first, what is bothering her.  There is nothing overtly obvious that makes her think ‘this is wrong’; it’s just a feeling, in the back of her mind, insisting that something is off.

So she starts watching Killian a little closer.  Her eyes follow him around the kitchen as he makes dinner and she watches him out of the corner of her eyes as they dress in the mornings.  And for the first few days, everything seems normal and she starts to tell herself that she was wrong, that everything is all right.

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Confession Time

This new Pirates of the Carribbean trailer/movie has got my inner 15 year old all fangirly again lol

When the first one came out I was only 11 years old and now I’m 25. This has been my favorite movie series of all time. I grew up with this.

dude I was am the biggest closet Sparrabeth shipper of all time. it was my first ship lmao. 

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Jack Sparrow was my first sexual awakening lmao He got me through puberty LOL I still have my Jack Sparrow Posters & pillows. To this day when I see Jack Sparrow impersonators I still get all tingly. seriously I need help. it is ingrained now. I am secretly still Jack-Sparrow-sexual. It’s a problem. 

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oh the feels & memories.

It got so bad that I could literally lip sync and quote the movies as they played. I knew the scripts by heart.


PS I’m wearing my circa 2005 pirates outfit when it comes out in theaters and no one can stop me

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 World Premiere, Shanghai

Last week, the world premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was held here in China at the Shanghai Disneyland Resort!

Fans lined up from early morning for the red carpet event…

Two of my favorite cosplayers from Japan even in flew in and did their best Jack Sparrow impersonations hoping to get Johnny Depp’s attention…

Johnny Depp, Javier Bardem, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom and Brenton Thwaites were all in attendance at the event…

So why am I posting this on Eataku, you may ask? What’s it got to do with food? Well, you see, at the after party, they served special chocolates molded into the shape of Captain Jack’s iconic compass, which plays a big part in this fifth Pirates film…

(Picture by Lisa Huang)

But I’m not going to spoil it for you!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales open May 26th!

pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides would be like

a perfect movie

if jack sparrow was not a character in it

like i dont know wtf happened with the writing of him in this movie but like

s2g johnny depp is behaving more like a bad jack sparrow impersonator than the man responsible for forming the majority of that character’s make up

its so bad like i cant handle it like i have seen this movie so many times and i can NEVER get over how bad his character is in this

like to be fair he’s not even my favorite part of the other movies, but at least he feels like a real character and not a bad caricature of the character


I’ve been told many times that I shouldn’t be Jack Sparrow or that it’s weird that I’m Jack Sparrow because I’m Asian (oddly enough no one ever comments about my gender or height haha so that just shows that people are just freakin racist). While I sort of see their point, at the same time I’m just like -__- well then, that was definitely unnecessary. I think I do a pretty good job considering my situation of me being a short Asian female who impersonates Jack Sparrow :P

So yea. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you can’t be certain character because of your appearance, age, gender, height, etc. Just go for it and represent the characters you love! If I can do it you can do it!



I am now a officially employed pirate!

I had my trial today at the arts and crafts festival and they absolutely loved me and the way i acted around the kids and public.
They’re even going to teach me to do balloon twisting which I am so excited for!

I’m so happy that I got this experience and keen to see where this will lead me.

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Top 20 Dances of Season 20


Riker and Allison- Paso Doble

So I know that I just posted this earlier this week. But I mean can you ever have too much of Riker impersonating Jack Sparrow. Anyway, you all know the reasons why I love this dance. No need to go into further detail why it’s my fave from Riker and Allison.