jack skelly


STORY BY: Sam Sandak Freiberger
ART BY: Diana Skelly, Rick Bryant
COLORS BY: Matt Herms
LETTERS BY: Jack Morelli
COVER BY: Diana Skelly, Rick Bryant, Steve Downer
PUBLISHER: Archie Comics
RELEASE DATE: Sep 2nd, 2015

Follow up after the “WORLDS UNITE” crossover with a BOOM in this EXPLOSIVE eleventh issue! “Eggman Gets a Gorilla”: When Dr. Eggman’s regular robotic enforcers just can’t cut the mustard, he hires some additional help! (Because, seriously, how hard is it to cut mustard?) Introducing the mighty, Kyle the Gorilla! Is he really the next APE wonder of the world? Or will Sonic get yet another reason to point and laugh? You’ll be pointing and laughing too-but in a good way! Featuring cover art by rising star Diana Skelly plus a “BOOMTASTIC” variant with art provided by SEGA!

this is the product of a long boring day at work and a wild imagination.

out of curiosity, I wondered what would skelly look like if she was a rag doll . so this happened, along with an idea that involves a valentines day potion , and jack never trusting food from valentines day town again, cause shit just gets weird afterward..(first the candy hearts now this!)

which her whole story has to do with a potion and valentines day ( rag doll or not), which I should post here at some point ( if anyone is interested)

also another thing I thought of, jack’s little pet name for skelly could be “his little valentine” like a “daddy’s little princess” kinda thing…she’s born on valentines day….thought it would be cute *shrugs*

I’m so tired…

“..but papa,” Skelly’s lip quivered,“ I always go with you”

“I know my dear..” jack gently spoke, getting down to his daughter’s level,“ but this time it’s much different.”

Jack could see the disappointment lingering in Skelly’s eye sockets, She had looked forward to this all day, everyday. Just her and jack, no brothers, no crowds of town folk, just THEM happily walking to town hall to discuss the preparations for Halloween.

Jack exhaled, keeping eye contact with skelly.

“Today’s meeting isn’t the best place for little skeletons my love.” jack spoke softly, clasping his hands around Skelly’s to condole her. His right thumb lightly caressing the top of her hand. “It’s not about Halloween this time.“

How in the midst of all this sorrow, Can so much hope and love endure.
I was innocent and certain,
Now I’m wiser but unsure,

I can’t go back into my childhood,
One that my father made secure, 

I can feel a change in me,
I’m stronger now but still not free

- “ days in the sun” beauty and the beast


A very rough sketch of Edgar and his sister skelly ( rag doll version cause I am still having fun with it lol) not getting along lol, most likely fighting over which book is better. Also raven ( Edgar’s pet raven) butting in her opinion lol might try and do a digital clean up of it tonight