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That time of year again...

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waaah!! today i got some photos of mine and shaun’s Jack and Sally cosplays from Holiday Matsuri 2014 last year! we had so much fun learning about this thing called “Christmas!”

photography by Coffee Queen Cosplay, Jack cosplay by shmaba, Sally cosplay by toughtink cosplay

14 Nightmare Before Christmas DIYs from HalloweenCrafts by TrueBlueMeandYou.

DIY Jack Skellington Gluten Free Cookie Cake Recipe from Sweet Nothings in the Kitchen here.

DIY Life Sized Jack Skellington from diynmbcprops.blogspot.com here.

BUY or DIY: $9 Jack Skellington Bow Tie from Magical Ribbons here.

DIY Jack Skellington Nail Art from Pshiiit here.

DIY Halloween Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas Makeup Video Tutorial. If you don’t buy a wig you could make one from this tutorial here.

Transform a Dollar Store touch light with paint and a sharpie from Saki.Girl on Halloween Forum here.

Nightmare Before Christmas Bento from Neatorama here.

DIY Jack Skellington Dipped White Chocolate Apples from Wonky Wonderful here.

Free Pattern for Jack’s Paper Spider Snowflake from Instructables here.

DIY Zero the Ghost Dog Tutorial and Pattern from Polish the Stars here.

DIY Amigurumi Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas Free Pattern from Ravelry User Irene Strange here.

DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Life Size Sally from diynmbcprops.blogspot.com here.

DIY Jack Skellington Nail Art Tutorial from Swatch and Learn here.

DIY Zero the Ghost Dog’s Grave Stone Dog House from diynmbcprops.blogspot.com here.


So as promised for reaching 3000 followers, I’m going to have a small contest as a thank you.

One of you lucky followers will win a Jack Skellington bat tie.

The winner will be able to choose the size of tie.

Rules are simple:

  • Like and Reblog only ONCE. This will give you two entries.
  • Must be following me
  • No giveaway blogs
  • You must have a message box open.
  • You will have 3 days to reply to the winning message, or the prize will go to another winner.
  • This contest will go on until October 15.

I will be using a random number generator pick the winner. I will ship world wide.

Holy! Wow! Since Friday I got 5 orders for ties, Just as I finished packing them up last night and getting ready for bed another tie came in, I still had a pre made tie left so after I packed that one, ANOTHER order came in. Sadly I have ran out of ribbon, glue, and bubble wrap, I have to go shopping today and pick up more supplies!!

If you’re thinking about getting a tie, order it sooner than later, so there is time for me to make it and ship it, once October comes I’ll be swamped with orders.


Jack Skellington Bat Bow Tie (Adults and Child Sizes)
Hey there Nightmare Before Christmas cosplayers, or Jack Skellington fans! Needing a Bat bow tie? I know that its difficult to find a good Jack

Alright you guys! We are getting into the last couple weeks of September, remember if you want a Jack Skellington tie or know someone needing one for Halloween, the deadline to order for Canada and USA is October 19, International is October 12.