jack skellington bow

Jack Skellington Bat Bow Tie (Adults and Child Sizes)
FOR HALLOWEEN 2017 LAST DAY FOR USA AND CANADA ORDERS IS OCTOBER 15TH 2017 (Roughly takes 6 business days for delivery) LAST DAY FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS IS OCTOBER 8TH 2017 (Roughly takes 10 business days for delivery) ATTENTION I will be not home from October 2 - 12. BUT I will be taking ties with me. Each sale I will update numbers. I currently have 9 Adult ties and 10 Kid ties. Please be aware that they are sent from Canada, and sometimes customs will hold it for whatever reason, and may take longer than expected, I can not control customs, or how long customs will hold packages, Im sorry if this causes any inconveniences, there will be no refunds for late packages. There are two different prices for Overseas, since tracking is so expense, you get the option for tracking or no tracking. USA and CANADA comes with tracking. For people from the States, as a cheaper option, you can use this coupon NOUSATRACKING to have no tracking, and it will remove $8 CDN from your order. This will make your order have NO TRACKING, so that is up to you. Sadly this option CANNOT be offered to CANADIANS because shipping within Canada only gives tracking (I know it sucks). If you have any questions PLEASE ASK! :D I know that its difficult to find a good Jack Skellington tie, I searched for months looking for one for my costume, and nearing October I gave up and made my own. To ease the search Im here for those who need a Bat Bow tie. I have a size for both Adults and Children. Adults can wear the child size if they want to, has more of a female Jack feel to it (even though I was a female Jack and had the big tie) Each tie is hand sewn with love and passion of a The Nightmare Before Christmas fan. The Bat head is stuffed, made with felt for main material. It ties around the neck with thick ribbon. Many people that have seen me hand sewing the ties have questioned why I hand sew instead of using a sewing machine, my answer to them is that it gives a certain feel and style to it, it gives a Sally feel to them, with each stitch, which adds to the Nightmare Before Christmas feel to it. It does take longer than sewing with machine, but each tie has love in each stitch. Each tie is made to order, please give a week before being shipped. The white lines may vary slightly do to hand painting. If any questions please feel free to ask. Adult tie measures at 18 (Picture where Im dressed as Jack) Child tie measures at 12 (Picture after that ^^^) IF NEED FOR EXPRESSED SHIPPING within North America, THE TOTAL SHIPPING COST IS $35CDN (this does not add in the cost of the tie), IF YOU WANT TO PAY FOR EXPRESS (takes 2-3 day to arrive from shipping date) PLEASE CONTACT ME AND I WILL CREATE A LISTING SO YOU CAN PAY THE DIFFERENCE.

My sister is graduating and wanted me and my other sisters to watch her cross the stage. She lives in BC while I live Alberta. So from October 2nd - 11th I will not be in Calgary, but knowing it’s October, I did make a bunch of ties that I will be taking with me to BC. Currently, I have 9 Adult ties and 10 Kid ties. For every tie I sell I will be updating my Etsy listing. So if you want to get one, better do it now. If you live in Canada or the States, I will only have 4 days to make and send out. 


waaah!! today i got some photos of mine and shaun’s Jack and Sally cosplays from Holiday Matsuri 2014 last year! we had so much fun learning about this thing called “Christmas!”

photography by Coffee Queen Cosplay, Jack cosplay by shmaba, Sally cosplay by toughtink cosplay


Hey 😘 someone should cosplay commission me, I make everything I wear and I’ve got a lot of spare time on my hands this summer. Here’s a couple examples of cosplays I’ve made in the past two months. Message me on here about my rates. If you’d like a more official way of messaging please DM me for my email address.
What I actually made in each cosplay break down:
Neon katt- sewed together the shirt, painted and attached bell to collar, made belt buckle, made all the knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, sewed and stuffed tail then painted ombre.
Jack skellington: made bow tie. Painted on stripes onto the jacket and pants.
Kanaya: sewed and painted the horns, made the apron and maid headband.
Bee: made cape and wings, made the halo, made the bird on the sweatshirt with felt, made the boot covers.

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So as promised for reaching 3000 followers, I’m going to have a small contest as a thank you.

One of you lucky followers will win a Jack Skellington bat tie.

The winner will be able to choose the size of tie.

Rules are simple:

  • Like and Reblog only ONCE. This will give you two entries.
  • Must be following me
  • No giveaway blogs
  • You must have a message box open.
  • You will have 3 days to reply to the winning message, or the prize will go to another winner.
  • This contest will go on until October 15.

I will be using a random number generator pick the winner. I will ship world wide.

Holy! Wow! Since Friday I got 5 orders for ties, Just as I finished packing them up last night and getting ready for bed another tie came in, I still had a pre made tie left so after I packed that one, ANOTHER order came in. Sadly I have ran out of ribbon, glue, and bubble wrap, I have to go shopping today and pick up more supplies!!

If you’re thinking about getting a tie, order it sooner than later, so there is time for me to make it and ship it, once October comes I’ll be swamped with orders.