jack satan

Story idea where Jack Starbright is Black Widow.

A young, cheerful American - or American-sounding - woman with red hair. 

She’s assigned to work as Ian Rider’s housekeeper so that SHIELD can keep their ear to the ground about what British intelligence is up to, and maybe she, like, assists Ian without his knowing when he’s doing something important that the USA also has an interest in him not fucking up, and protects Alex a bunch of times so that Ian can’t be compromised and blackmailed. She does it so efficiently that Ian, Alex and MI6 don’t even notice. 

Then Ian dies, and before SHIELD can arrange to pull Natasha out, Alex gets sucked into the whole Stormbreaker thing. So they tell her to stay on, because teenage super-weapon? This is HUGE. And also Alex keeps getting himself mixed up in global catastrophes that SHIELD really needs to know about.

She gets instructions to go with Alex to Egypt because Scorpia are regrouping and SHIELD wants them down and out for good, and they don’t want to leave that to just Alex. But while staying in Cairo she gets the message: Gods are showing up from other planets, Tony Stark is inventing groundbreaking new weapons, the whole Avengers thing is kicking off and they need her to come in. So they somehow fake her death in Razim’s car explosion and bring her back home.

I said Alex Rider was my fave. I never said I would be nice to him.