jack sail by the wind

jack in potc1: this is captain barbossa. he led a mutiny against me and stole my beloved ship. i despise him completely. i have relentlessly hunted him down for a decade. he is my most loathed enemy. he is one of the only men i shall ever kill onscreen.

jack in potc5: this is hector and he is my bestest buddy ever. he has a really cool wooden leg with a secret rum flask inside and one time we even teamed up to help him get revenge on blackbeard. we have saved each other’s lives multiple times. hector’s such a great guy

Galen Wolfe

Character Biography

Name: Galen Wolfe
Age: 23
Race: Hyur (Highlander)
Citizenship: Limsa Lominsa
Occupation: Privateer/Adventurer
Orientation: Homosexual
Marital Status: Single


Galen is the son of Ingrid & Ranulf Wolfe.  His father, a ship’s captain serving the Maelstrom and his mother is a customs agent with Maelvan’s Gate.  Following his mother’s footsteps he joined the Maelvan’s Gate and became a customs officer.

While the office didn’t suit him, he was a quick study of arcanima.  An oppurtunity arose for Galen to join the crew of the Umbral Wind,a privateer vessel, and he quickly accepted.

The life of a sailor suited Galen, and he quickly demonstrated his worth as a jack of all trades.  He could work wind magic, hem a sail, tinker with the ceruleum engines, and hammer out dents in armor.  After several trips, he was given berth as the quartermaster of the Umbral Wind.

Unfortunately, Galen was only quartermaster for several voyages.  The ship ran afoul of the Sahagain and their primal, Leviathan. The Umbral Wind was lost with most of its crew.

Deciding to stay ashore for some time, he stumbled across a crimson-bedecked mage, where he studied under him for a short period.  Understanding the fundamentals of Red Magic, Galen began to study further the weaving of thaumaturgy and conjury into his blade.

After helping an old family friend, he joined the Wildwood Clan.


Galen is flirtatious and friendly. He likes to make quips and laugh.  He loves to hear a good story and does his best to tell his own stories.

He has periods of melancholy, but he does his best to put on a brave face to not bring others down around him.


Galen is the quintessential jack of all trades.  He has a good grasp of thaumaturgy and conjury, and is able to weave those spells as red magic.  He is a decent smith, able to work with both heavy and precious metals. He knows how to sew and work with leather, and he knows how to acquire the materials.

5 Random Facts!

1.  Galen has a really big soft spot for canines.

2.  Galen is afraid of being shocked or struck by lightning.

3.  Galen loves to swim and is usually found on the beach during his down time

4.  Galen loves red meat.

5.  Galen’s favorite color is dark green.

OOC Information

Looking for:
Roleplaying! I enjoy roleplaying conversations, light hearted RP, and deep plots. 

RP Hooks:
Galen was a privateer and made many trips between Limsa Lominsa & Kugane.

it’s been over ten years and i’ve just realised that near the start of dead man’s chest, during the scene in the bayou when tia dalma asks about the compass and the camera cuts to jack, that jack is holding




you know, THE hat. with the feather. the iconic barbossa hat.

foreshadowing so subtle it takes over a decade to notice, well done me

Jack Sparrow didn’t remember a time when he hadn’t been able to swim. […] One of the stories often repeated about him was about the time an old pirate had asked him where he’d learned to dive and swim so well, and the five-year old Jack had responded solemnly, “The mermaids taught me.
—  A. C. Crispin, ‘The Price of Freedom’, p.175

hi so potc is cool again, there are a few new people round these parts and i FINALLY have finished my exams for the year so i actually have some Free Time (scary concept)

and i thought maybe i could celebrate all these things by doing some FIC REQUESTS for you lovely people!

if you’re interested, just send in a potc prompt and i’ll give you a short fic in response! a couple of notes:

- no nsfw (sorry)
- on pairings: i’m not really fussy, but im more comfortable with (and more likely to fill) prompts related to pairings listed in my tag page.
- if anyone gives me a character study/analysis prompt i will love you almost as much as captain jack sparrow loves the black pearl.

prompts will be filled over the next week or so.

(if no one replies, this never happened ok? ok.)