jack sail by the wind

jack in potc1: this is captain barbossa. he led a mutiny against me and stole my beloved ship. i despise him completely. i have relentlessly hunted him down for a decade. he is my most loathed enemy. he is one of the only men i shall ever kill onscreen.

jack in potc5: this is hector and he is my bestest buddy ever. he has a really cool wooden leg with a secret rum flask inside and one time we even teamed up to help him get revenge on blackbeard. we have saved each other’s lives multiple times. hector’s such a great guy

Jack Sparrow didn’t remember a time when he hadn’t been able to swim. […] One of the stories often repeated about him was about the time an old pirate had asked him where he’d learned to dive and swim so well, and the five-year old Jack had responded solemnly, “The mermaids taught me.
—  A. C. Crispin, ‘The Price of Freedom’, p.175
potc 1-5: summarised

jack: of course recent acquaintance / old friend, i will help to rescue your loved one by defeating a pirate villain with a supernatural edge, along with a secondary british naval threat!

jack: btw your long lost father is now a pirate. he died years ago, you say? nope: if you’re a son he’s cursed and immortal and desperately needs your help. if you’re a daughter he’s mortal and a bit sad and probably regrets leaving you to fend for yourself that one time.

*in the background: hector steals the black pearl*

jack: also i will definitely betray you at least once to accomplish my own ends and make you a pirate by association and possibly get you killed hope that’s cool

jack: why is my ship gone

From ‘The Price of Freedom’ by A. C. Crispin, p. 400. The gang need sixty pounds to buy Ayisha’s brother, Shabako, who is a slave, back from the plantation owner. Please note that shoes would cost a couple of pounds at the very most.

“And I have fifteen pounds,” Jack said. “Forty pounds between us. Damn.”


He sighed and then added, absently, “I wish now I hadn’t bought those new shoes today. But there was a cobbler’s next door to the tavern, and he gave me a good price.”

“Jack, the price of those shoes wouldn’t have made any difference”, Robby pointed out. “You needed those shoes. I’ve seen the holes in your soles.”

tell me more about how selfish and greedy jack sparrow is, disney. tell me more about how his only motivation is money. tell me more about how he would demand tribute from his crew for the privilege of calling him captain, when he would deny himself a cheap pair of shoes he desperately needs in order to help a slave regain his freedom.

jack sparrow’s most fundamental characteristic is that he’s a good man. i wish disney would stop forgetting that.

me: *remembers how much captain jack sparrow and doña pirata (as feared pirate captains) would have exclusively relied on each other’s honesty and trust and how esmeralda was probably the closest thing jack could ever have to a dependable and loving relationship*

me: *realises jack was almost certainly present when esmeralda maria consuela anna de sevilla died in order for her to pass on the pirate lordship of the caribbean to him*


it’s been over ten years and i’ve just realised that near the start of dead man’s chest, during the scene in the bayou when tia dalma asks about the compass and the camera cuts to jack, that jack is holding




you know, THE hat. with the feather. the iconic barbossa hat.

foreshadowing so subtle it takes over a decade to notice, well done me