jack rare

Uhm guys???
They just look so happy??
They’re precious??
Who cares if its Anti and Dark??
Like Guys you’re missing the BIG picture here!
Mark and Jack!
In the same room!
Like I’m shook??
2015 up in here??
They just look really happy to finally be like friends in a room recording! Like guys.
I just find this very precious and hopefully they’ll COLLAB more because I die.
Their friendship is brighter than my future!.dontshipseriouslyprobablythewholereasontheydontcollab

Halloween ‘16 - Overwatch Style!

Starring Reaper, S76 and Widowmaker in “What you get when you put two rarepairs together!”  aka The OT3 that literally no one asked for! OTL (Timeline: Post-Recall, after Gabe and Amelie tentatively make good with new Overwatch.)


Feat. Overly competitive Gabe. 

Seriously man. You have a problem with competition. Sop being twelve. (Although I have to admit, edgecouple is totes my aesthetic).

Also, what each pair is like alone. 

For those who are curious, I have this weird ass otp b/c I ship Gabe with Jack but I ship Reaper with Widow and then I saw Amelie and Morrison standing together and they looked cute so this happened.

this was supposed to be a funny drabble and somehow turned into sad, unrequited bittyholtz

“I don’t get it,” Holster said, sloshing his beer around. Ransom sighed, but reasoned with himself that the attic floor had seen a lot worse.

“Are we still talking about Jack and Bits?” Ransom asked, standing to grab another Natty from the 24-pack. Lukewarm beer was not the BEST, but the downstairs fridge was full of Lardo’s shit and the kitchen fridge was…off limits as long as they kept wanting pie. (And they sure as fuck did.)

“Yeah,” Holster said, taking another gulp and not even pretending to look at his International Finance notes. “I just don’t get it.”

Ransom managed to absorb a total of three words from his own reading before finding he was too distracted by Holster. “What don’t you get?” He asked. "Jack being g- bi or whatever? It’s a little surprising, yeah, but I mean…all that fanfiction was built on something, y'know?“ 

Holster shook his head, leaning back in his desk chair and contemplating the ceiling. "Nah, man, I mean, I don’t get why Bits would date Jack. Bitty’s, like, the nicest person we know – like, totally a three-way tie between him, Chow, and Mother Teresa-" 

 "We know Mother Teresa?” Ransom chirped. Holster chucked a pencil at him, glaring.

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