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Halloween ‘16 - Overwatch Style!

Starring Reaper, S76 and Widowmaker in “What you get when you put two rarepairs together!”  aka The OT3 that literally no one asked for! OTL (Timeline: Post-Recall, after Gabe and Amelie tentatively make good with new Overwatch.)


Feat. Overly competitive Gabe. 

Seriously man. You have a problem with competition. Sop being twelve. (Although I have to admit, edgecouple is totes my aesthetic).

Also, what each pair is like alone. 

For those who are curious, I have this weird ass otp b/c I ship Gabe with Jack but I ship Reaper with Widow and then I saw Amelie and Morrison standing together and they looked cute so this happened.

Jack meeting new French-Canadian tadpole
  • Jack: Salut, ça va?
  • Tadpole: Ça va. Ça va?
  • Jack: Ça va.
  • Holster: Here we see the French-Canadians in their natural habitats.
  • Ransom: The French-Canadians need very little to communicate.
  • Holster: Hence why they only use two words as greetings.
  • Ransom: According to research, it does not happen in other languages of latin origins. Making the French-Canadians a very rare specie.
  • Jack: Alright guys that's enough, you'll freak out the tadpole.
  • Ransom: ABORT! ABORT!

I did go out with Jack, for a year and we were open about that in the press. Filming is an intense environment so it’s natural that relationships happen. We had a good time and I loved him a lot. He was a great first love and we’re still good mates, which is amazing considering most people hate each other when they split up. I was nervous about working with him after we split but it was amicable so we slipped back to being friends very easily.

Johnny, Kick a Hole in the Sky (1/?)

TITLE:  Johnny, Kick a Hole in the Sky

Summary: follow this post. “I wonder if they have a 100 pick up lines, but for men?” or the fic where Johnny visits the bookstore for the first time since he got his copy of 100 Pick Up Line Guaranteed to Make Women Love You. 

I promise it’s not crack. @c2ndy2c1d this is your fault.

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