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Soldier:76 crush headcanons

Jack refers to you using your first name more than to others, calling the rest “jokers”, “punks” and whatnot, or by their Overwatch names. 

He’ll always keep an eye out for you, making sure you ate breakfast every morning, that you drunk enough during the day and that you’re healthy - he cares about your well-being. 

Out of everyone you’re definitely his favourite so he compliments you more than others whenever you’re training although he just covers it up by saying that you’re just naturally talented. 

He’d use every chance he has for any kind of physical contact even if it’s just your hands brushing against one another.

Morning hugs are a given but mostly when no one’s around but he won’t explain as to why, instead he’ll leave you wondering.

In all honesty he’s just waiting for you to figure out that he has feelings for you, he wonders how long that will take you. Either way he doesn’t mind waiting.  

He sometimes uses pickup lines on you, ones from his youth, enjoying the look on your face straight after you hear them. He finds you absolutely adorable when you’re embarrassed. 


Seriously, I don’t care it’s over 2 hours. IT’S HILARIOUS!!