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The very real fact that Bitty is dating a famous nhl player and therefore will likely get a chance to meet his queen Bey at some point, warms my heart through and through. You know if it’s in Jack’s power to make it happen for Bitty, it will. I’m just. So happy for my tiny baker son.

Mass Effect 2 Asks: Shepard + Companions

(Notes: As ME2 has a fuckton of companions, the full count is thirteen, I’ve downgraded the amount of questions from 5 to 3. Also, Kasumi and Zaeed are DLC only, specify in the tags if you didn’t play with them! Lastly, for any companions that appear in the other mass effect games, i.e Tali and Garrus, these questions pertain to ME2 only)

All companions
1. Who survived the suicide mission? If there were deaths, how did they affect your Shepard?

1. What did your Shepard think about Jack’s incredible biotic power? Were they alarmed? Impressed?
2. Did your Shepard allow Jack to kill Aresh, the man in her cell at Pragia? Did they do what they believed to be best for Jack?
3. How did Jack’s abrasive temperament affect your Shepard’s relationship with her? Were they put off or did they attempt a friendship?

1. Did your Shepard believe that Garrus’ attempt to stand up to the Merc groups on Omega was a worthwhile fight or a hopeless one? What did they think of his team?
2. What did your Shepard think about Sidonis? What happened to him?
3. Did your Shepard’s relationship with Garrus change throughout the events of Mass Effect 2? Did they become closer or drift away?

1. How did your Shepard react to Miranda’s genetic “perfection”? Do they believe that no being can truly be perfect?
2. Did Oriana and Miranda’s protection of her change your Shepard’s view of Miranda? Does your Shepard have siblings they would ceaselessly protect, like Miranda and Oriana?
3. How close were your Shepard and Miranda? Why drew them together or apart?

1. What kind of effect did speaking with a Geth have on your Shepard? Were they unsettled?
2. How did your Shepard choose to deal with the Geth heretics? What was their motivation for the decision? Fear? Respect?
3. Did your Shepard’s opinion of Legion change from the beginning of ME2 to the end or did it stay the same?

1. What did your Shepard think about Jacob’s switch from the Alliance to Cerberus? Did they understand his frustration with the regulations of Cerberus?
2. What become of Ronald Taylor and how did your Shepard decide what to do with Jacob’s father?
3. Did your Shepard see eye-to-eye with Jacob or did they disagree often? How close were they?

1. Did your Shepard assure Tali that they didn’t want to be working with Cerberus or did they tell her it was the right choice?
2. How did your Shepard handle the charges of treason against Tali? Did they relate to her struggle to make people listen to her?
3. How did your Shepard see Tali at the end of ME2? How would they describe her?

1. How did your Shepard react to Mordin’s internal struggle with his work on the genophage? Did they think he should move on or attempt to atone?
2. How did meeting Maelon influence your Shepard’s decision to either save or destroy his data? Did Maelon survive?
3. Did your Shepard like Mordin? Were they comfortable around him? Why or why not?

1. How did your Shepard react to the news of Thane’s terminal illness?
2. Was Kolyat what your Shepard imagined him to be? How was he alike or different than what they pictured?
3. What kind of attachment did your Shepard form with Thane, if any at all? Were they friends? Enemies?

1. What was going through your Shepard’s mind when they let the massive, volatile Krogan war baby out of his tank?
2. Did your Shepard approve of the Krogan “puberty” ritual? What did they think of it?
3. What kind of relationship did your Shepard form with Grunt by the end of ME2? Did they form a relationship at all with him?

Samara (#2 & #3 are N/A if she was killed in the confrontation with Morinth)
1. What did your Shepard think about the Justicars? Did they consider it an outdated organization?
2. Why did your Shepard choose Samara over Morinth? How did they feel about their decision?
3. How did your Shepard get along with Samara? Did their choices conflict with Samara’s morals?

Morinth (#2 & #3 are N/A if she was killed in the confrontation with Samara)
1. How did your Shepard view the Ardat-Yakshi? Powerful allies or dangerous foes? 
2. Why did your Shepard choose Morinth over Samara? How did they feel about their decision?
3. What did your Shepard think of Morinth? Were they uneasy around her?

Zaeed (N/A if The Price of Revenge DLC wasn’t played)
1. How did your Shepard feel about Zaeed’s mercenary career? Did they approve of mercs?
2. Did your Shepard allow Zaeed to kill Vido? How did they make their decision?
3. How well (or badly) did your Shepard get along with Zaeed? 

Kasumi (N/A if the Stolen Memory DLC wasn’t played)
1. What did your Shepard think of Kasumi’s incredible thieving reputation? Did they trust her?
2. What did your Shepard tell Kasumi to do with the Keiji’s greybox and why?
3. Did your Shepard establish a friendship with Kasumi? Did they speak often or rarely? 

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ask-sollux-things  asked:

How strongly do you stand by Jack being the best power bottom? (I absolutely fucking live for power bottom Jack (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) It is the best.)



Reflection and Shine (gen)(8/24)

Original Prompt:

What it says. Mainly inspired by the fact that his race is listed as “ice elf” and some other things.

Jack falls in the lake, but pops out the other side into the land of fairies. Spends enough time their to gradually absorb some magic without his noticing at first- when he decides to go back, 300 years have passed.

I wrote this as Jack having all his powers, but inexplicably ending up in Faerie. He still has no memory of his past, and the Guardians have to bring him back to the real world.This doesn’t go smoothly because Jack doesn’t know what’s going on.

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