jack power


Everyone, go show Sasha some love! I fell in love with her art after a Static post here on Tumblr led me to a Power Rangers image posted to DeviantArt (both included above), and when I saw her Connor Hawke, I was hooked!

Her bodies, her faces, and her attention to detail have me hooked. I hope you will be too!


CBR's art challenge, The Line It is Drawn, takes a shot at splicing comic book characters with Hanna Barbera cartoons this week. My picks are up top, but you can check out more impressive mash-ups HERE.

Powerpuff Girls meet the Avengers by Rachel Ordway / Tumblr

Quick Draw McGraw and Jonah Hex by Sean McFarland

Hong Kong Phooey meets Power Man by Xum Yukinori

Aku Hires Deadpool by Cynthia Sousa / Tumblr & Amanda Rodgers

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