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“Broken and Rotting” Curse Jar

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A powerful curse to bring ruin and turmoil to your enemy.


What You’ll Need:

  • A Jack of Spades playing card (this represents the target as a sort of poppet, and for the sake of the curse, the jack is gender-neutral)
  • A Peat Pot Planter (The peat pot is eco-friendly and more powerful for this particular curse, but a jar can also work)
  • Old Parsley, to represent financial ruin
  • 1 Big, Rotting Strawberry, to represent romantic ruin
  • Rotting Banana or Carrot, to represent sexual ruin, if target has a penis, OR Rotting Peach or Red Apple, if target has a vulva (If you don’t know what genitalia the target has, use one of each)
  • Crushed Egg Shell Powder
  • 1 Black candle
  • 1 other candle: pink if target ids as female/transfemale/transfeminine, yellow if target ids as male/transmale/transmasculine, purple if target ids as agender/genderfluid/bigender/etc.
  • Black Pepper
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Legally obtained animal bone(s) (I recommend chicken bones, you can get them out of pieces of fried chicken, so they’re easily available and more importantly, LEGAL!)
  • Storm/Rain Water
  • (Optional) Cursing sigils
  • (Optional) A slice/half/whole rotting onion, to represent their health deteriorating


What to do:


STEP 1: Place the peat pot down on your working space. Place the black candle above it and the other candle below it. Light both of the candles. (Be sure to practice fire safety!)

STEP 2: Take the Jack of Spades and write the targets name over the card, as big as you can. (It can be any name you knew them by, their full name, a nickname, their “witch name” if you’re cursing another witch, etc.)

STEP 3: Place the animal bone(s), egg shell powder, and old parsley in the peat pot. Next place the Jack of Spades in. (If you have any cursing sigils, add them here.) Then put in the rotting strawberry and the rotting banana/carrot/peach/red apple. (If you add the onion, do it here.) Sprinkle the black and cayenne pepper over all of it, saying:

  • I call upon the forces of dark,
  • fulfill the curse, I’ve done my part.
  • My reasoning sound, my logic tight,
  • bring [TARGET’S NAME] suffering on this night

STEP 4: Cover the peat pot with another peat pot or a piece of another cut to fit as a lid. (You can draw cursing sigils all over the pot if you so choose to.) Bury it somewhere close, like your garden or backyard. Pour the storm/rain water over the burial site.



STEP 1: Dig up the spot where you planted the peat pot. Try to find what you can of the jar. If it’s been a while, parts of it will have started to decay. Try to find the Jack of Spades. Take it out and rebury the rest.

STEP 2: Cross out the eyes and the hand(s) on the card with a dark colored marker. DO NOT MARK OUT THE NAME OF YOUR TARGET!

STEP 3: Place the card into a fire-safe bowl, and sprinkle a little salt and a little sugar over it.

STEP 4: Light the card on fire and let it burn until it’s nothing but ash. While it’s burning, say the chant:

  • The curse is lifted, thus I have said,
  • my curse is lifted from off your head.
  • But be ye warned, should the need arise,
  • I’ll recast the curse, and ruin your life.

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This can be read as a standalone or as a prequel to this: Imagine your first time with Jack Wilder

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Behind The Story S2 | Pt. 4

Summary: They say things never go as planned and oh were they right. When you are giving a second chance in life, you’re only just begun to live. A baby girl came to the world but it doesn’t mean their road is over yet. The story about their relationship and family while shooting Supernatural and attending Conventions continues…

Author: sleepywinchester [prev. deanwinchester-af]

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 4.1k+

Warnings: Fluff.

Beta: @doro7winchester (Thank you, love! <3)


Title: Happy Birthday, Handsome. 

A/N: Is been a long while, I know but I finally got to write another chapter for this series!!! Really hope you guys like. If so, please leave some feedback? xx



x x x x

Instant joy blossomed inside you once strolling into the green room. Fellow cast members who are here for tonight’s little concert in Nashville greeted you. While Jensen sang a couple of songs with his buddies, you took a moment to catch up with everyone. Instead of being here having a beer with Brianna and Kim, you were supposed to be back home in Vancouver with JJ. Having to say goodbye to your daughter was harder than speculated. This being the first time you were apart from her since she was born. But It was something you needed to get used to sooner or later.

Your maternity days were soon going to be over and you were really excited to start shooting again. You weren’t scheduled for this convention, it was a surprise you wanted to give the fans. You couldn’t wait to see their reactions once they saw you. Salute to Supernatural was something you’ve always loved. Singing along with the cast and fans, feeling like a big family and having a great time. Tonight, you felt like performing and what better way than being with two amazing singers, Brianna and Kim.

“Are you nervous?” Kim asked you, noticing the constant shake of your legs.

You shrugged giving her a nervous smile.

“It’s just… been a while, y’know?” you sighed. “I don’t want to fuck it up.”

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Request: by: @danandphilimaginess Hello! Can you do an Imagine where the Reader is Kidnapped and Jack Saves her (there not dating btw) thanks!

Summary: Read above ^

Triggers: kidnapping
The Horsemen. We were the envy of the magical world, and pretty much everyone wanted to get ahold of us. Whether it was to steal our secrets or make us steal, someone always wanted something. That’s probably why I found myself like this, and by that, I mean tied up in the back of someone’s van like some crappy horror movie. I wasn’t worried of course, I had four other illusionists looking after me, and anyone with the gull to piss off Jack Wilder probably wouldn’t live to tell the tale. I’d known Jack for six years, and when we’d both gotten into the eye together, well, we were excited to say the least. Jack had become like an older brother. He was my best friend, and we looked out for each other like family. He got angry when someone so much as looked at me oddly. Needless to say, I wasn’t particularly worried. Now, back to my current predicament. We drove for awhile, and I did my best to remember what turns we made. I don’t know how it would have helped, but I tried. When we stopped I was drug from the van, a bag placed over my head as I was pushed forward. I sighed and moved with a role of my eyes. Amateurs. When we’d gotten to wherever we were going I was sat in a chair, cuffs around my wrists and ankles. I tried not to laugh. The bag was pulled off my head, and I looked up to see a man smirking at me. He wasn’t very attractive, his hair was graying and he looked frail.
“Well, if it isn’t Y/N Y/L/N.” I narrowed my eyes, staring him down.
“Well if it isn’t sir douchebag. Nice to see you.” I felt a sting across my cheek, clenching my jaw against the pain.
“I’d treat me with some respect if I were you. I am the one calling the shots. Now, I have a proposition for you darling.” I let out an exasperated sigh, looking up at the shady-as-hell man towering above me.
“And that would be…..”
“In return for your freedom, I want you to steal something.”
“No.” He seemed taken aback for a moment, like it wasn’t what he was expecting to hear.
“You don’t even know what the job is.”
“Don’t care. No.” He growled in anger, gripping my jaw tightly and yanking my head up to glare at me.
“You will change your mind, I promise you that. I’ll leave you to think for awhile.” He walked away, and I leaned back in my chair, drumming my fingers on the arm of the chair. I whistled a little tune, nodding my head back and forth in boredom.
Just as expected, it was only about ten minutes later when I heard the unmistakeable sounds of fighting. The door in front of me burst open, and I smirked as Jack Wilder walked into the room.
“Well it took you long enough. I can’t believe the idiots didn’t realize you were there when they grabbed me.”
“They just made it way too easy. All I had to do was call up Danny and have him track the license-plate. It wasn’t even fun.” I laughed at the complaint, looking down as he picked the locks on my cuffs. He helped me stand once he was done, and he hugged me tightly.
“Let’s go home Jack.” He kissed the top of my head, and I scoffed in amusement at the three men who’d grabbed me, now unconscious on the ground with playing cards lying around. They all had cuts on their faces and what I could see of their chests. Jack threw playing cards like a boss.
“The cards kept them distracted enough to knock them out. Like I said, easy.” We both laughed as we left the building, his arm wrapped around my shoulder as we walked out into the night air.

Amon as the Jack of Diamonds and Knight of Pentacles: his meaning and his relation with other cards.

Jack of Diamonds.

In the French history of cards the Jack of Diamonds is the representation of Hector, the mythological greek prince of Troy. Also known as the “Breaker of Horses”, and the greatest fighter in the War of Troja.

“(…) martyr to loyalties, a witness to the things of this world, a hero ready to die for the precious imperfections of ordinary life” ( Nature and Culture in the Iliad: The Tragedy of Hector )

As a Knight. 

In the Minor Tarot Arcana the Jack of the playing cards have the rol of the Knight. 

First of all the Knights in the tarot represents actions, keep the events happening in others cards. When they’re linked to others cards it’s meaning  "movement" for them. The job of a knight is keep the journey going.

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