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“238. Moved in together without noticing” (meme link)

Bitty’s key turns with the softness of an already-opened lock.  The house is quiet and the entry hall is dark; what he sees in the filtered light of outside street lamps in the living room is the tent’s thin frame, the netting hanging from it, and indistinct sleeping-bag lumps of the children. When he’s very quiet, he can hear them breathing.

Then he tiptoes past them to the kitchen, where Shitty and Jack are playing cards in the dimness of the under-cabinet lighting.

Jack raises a hand from his tented cards, smiling softly at him.  "Hey,“ Shitty says. "Date go well?”

Bitty shrugs, feeling a little awkward because–they did this, these sleep-overs, so Bitty could spend the night out, not so he could come home at ten-thirty. Shitty, or Jack, were going to watch the kids until early morning. “Went okay,” he says. “But–you guys can go home if you want, I’ll bring your kid back after breakfast.”

Shitty puts a card down and Jack says, “Something go wrong?”

“No.”  And it hadn’t; John was great, they’d had a good evening. “Just… listened to my feelings and thought I’d rather be here.”

Jack makes a concerned noise, frowns down at the cards on the table.  

“Awright,” Shitty says. “You want me to deal you in?”

Bitty shrugs his jacket off his shoulders, smiling, and goes to hang it up at the back door.  "All right,“ he says. "What’re we playing for?”

brilliantrosetyler replied to your post: “can we choose to believe that she’s in some dungeon somewhere &…”

‘raised by relatives or a convent’ yeah and something happened anytime he mentioned anything involving pirates and eventually it just got into his head. and it wouldn’t be a surprise if someone was after her because she’s elizabeth SWANN for god’s sake she’s got to be on more than just one person’s list - royal navy and pirate both, depending on how far her stories have gotten HER STORIES CRIS IMAGINE

also the very fact that salazar is after ALL THE PIRATES (wikipedia says that he “is determined to kill every pirate at sea“) so why not start with the PIRATE KING???? and how did he even find henry like is it a coincidence??? i think not

also damn man do you think it got out that she killed jack herself?? do you think salazar knows somehow and that’s why he sent henry?? LIKE WHY HENRY OUT OF ALL THE PEOPLE!!!!! 

but yasss liz imagine all the STORIES about elizabeth swann, from governor’s daughter to pirate KING, mistaken with calypso (there may be even people who still think that themselves) and how does it even sit with pirates the fact that a woman is their king??? i mean with the whole “back luck to have them on board” shitty superstitions??

and do you think that henry knows who’s really his mother?? so far it looks like he’s after will trying to break his curse, but does he really know how BADASS his mother is??? specially if she didn’t raise him after the post-credits scene, does he look for her stories?? does he even know????????

and what breaks my heart the most, imagine if henry and jack talk about lizzie, like just picture jack’s face, and like what if henry thinks that his mother is just a regular citizen??? i mean wouldn’t that be the saddest thing ever??


Russian False Cognates: Letter В

Вакансия - vacant position (job); vacancy - свободное место (в гостинице)
Вакуум - vacuum (physics), never vacuum cleaner (пылесос)
Валет — Jack (playing cards); valet - лакей, камердинер, привратник;
Веер - fan, veer — перемена направления;
Вельвет - corduroy (never velvet — бархат); Виртуальный - digital, the complete opposite to real, actual;
Виртуоз - virtuoso, masterly (never chaste, pure)

Amon as the Jack of Diamonds and Knight of Pentacles: his meaning and his relation with other cards.

Jack of Diamonds.

In the French history of cards the Jack of Diamonds is the representation of Hector, the mythological greek prince of Troy. Also known as the “Breaker of Horses”, and the greatest fighter in the War of Troja.

“(…) martyr to loyalties, a witness to the things of this world, a hero ready to die for the precious imperfections of ordinary life” ( Nature and Culture in the Iliad: The Tragedy of Hector )

As a Knight. 

In the Minor Tarot Arcana the Jack of the playing cards have the rol of the Knight. 

First of all the Knights in the tarot represents actions, keep the events happening in others cards. When they’re linked to others cards it’s meaning  "movement" for them. The job of a knight is keep the journey going.

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Fun drinking game: Now You See Me 2 version!

Take a shot every time:

  • – someone says “Bullshit”
  • – Jack plays with cards
  • – Merritt throws a snarky remark
  • – Cowan makes an appearance 
  • – Thaddeus Bradley makes a vague statement
  • – Arthur Tressler being a little shit
  • – Lula makes a pass at Jack
  • – Dylan does something bad-ass
  • – The Horsemen pass a card to each other
  • – Daniel looks even the tiniest bit ticked off

Not only is this game fun for the whole family, but you are guaranteed to pass out within the first 30 minutes! Bonus points if you make it to the toilet bowl before you empty out your stomach. 10/10 would recommend. Have fun~