jack pherson

[image: three drawings of Jack Pherson, Mitchell Hundred and Suzanne Padilla from Ex Machina as if they were stained glass windows]

Way back I drew these three pieces (1, 2, 3). There’s a couple edits and adjustments, though probably not noticeable. Mostly I just wanted to finally have them all together as they were supposed to be seen.

[image: page from a comic called Ex Machina. Jack Pherson stands among a group of cats with a parrot on his shoulder and a cloak, holding out a hand. He says: “I’m Jack Pherson? I left a message on one of your drones.” and in weird purple text he says: “Calm down with the hissing, ladies, I can hardly hear myself think.” He’s facing Comissioner Angotti and her husband on the roof of their building, both of them in bedclothes. Angotti says: “Jason, get inside! Now!” Her husband says: “Are you nuts, man? This is private property!” Angotti: “Jace, don’t!” Pherson: “This is a peaceful visit, friend. Your wife and I should work TOGETHER. I’m the enemy of her enemy, that makes me your –” Before the Great Machine swoops in saying: “Holy crap, I am so sick of you!” ]



[images: drawings of characters in magical girl outfits: Jack Pherson, transformers prime Soundwave, James Jesse aka Trickster I, James Bond, Yuma Tsukumo, Severus Snape, April Ludgate, Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat, and Aquaman. ]

So yesterday when I compiled my list I realized that I had more saved on my computer that I just sort of. Never posted. Either because they were really rough even for me (I meant to redo Black Cat’s and Trickster’s and then never did), or I didn’t like how they turned out, or I drew them for a friend etc.

But in the interest of completeness and also a complete lack of shame, here they are.