jack o'lantern head


“Jack O'Lantern is a figure from early Irish folklore. Originally, Jack was a mean, drunken man who was forsaken by both heaven and hell and cursed to restlessly wander the earth for all of eternity. He was given a magical coal by the devil which he used to light his way through the night.” “In reality, this forlorn figure is one of the many masks of Nyarlathotep. He may appear either as the misshapen, bug-eyed, wide-mouthed man or as a man with a grinning jack o'lantern for a head. He sometimes is seen in rags and sometimes in elegant dress clothes complete with tuxedo with tails.” “He was known to and feared by Druids, witches and other pagan peoples, but not worshiped. In the modern world his carved pumpkin lantern has become a symbol of Halloween.” Scott David Aniolowski, Malleus Monstrorum