jack o lanturns

Meanwhile, on Paradis...

These facts are absolutely, 100% accurate. I swear on my life becausethatclearlymeansalotinsnkuniverse lol wut?

Here’s what the dearly beloved Survey Corps (or what’s left of it) has been up to these past 4 long years

  • Commander Hange one day decided that the stone integrity of the walls, now that they knew the truth, was too depressing. Thus they were all painted green.
  • Commander Hange also went on to accidentally invent hair dye in her lab as a result of some rare free time from paperwork and a little too much coffee. It took over a month for poor Jean’s hair to go back to normal…
  • After an explosion of flour in the kitchens and already being in a particularly black mood, Levi managed to invent the vacuum after a little tinkering with his 3DMG rig. That poor sod of a broom was never given a second look.
  • As a result of his training, Eren screamed so much that he required his tonsils be removed. Armin took care to ensure that Mikasa has a significant BAC during the procedure.
  • Due to his new responsibilities to the corps, Jean worried about his mother being lonely and one day surprised her with a cat. That feline eats exclusively omu-rice with ketchup whiskers and has a special basket with a blanket by the hearth. That cat has got it made for its nine lives.
  • In the months following the missing to reclaim Shiganshina, Sasha grew especially concerned about food shortages after a particularly shitty winter. In response, our Private Braus goes on to establish the Wall Rose Potato Society where the blessings and graces of the magnificent spuds are sung every other Tuesday night. Connie is the poster child of the organization.
  • Despite being the Queen, Historia quickly discovered her title did not absolve her orphanage of  all financial burden. When she sought advice, Connie’s answer to the problem was to sneak into the Orphanage and close-cut shave all the orphans in order to cut down on shampoo prices. I hear he might be allowed to return from his banishment up north in the coming months.
  • In order to earn some extra funds for the building and installation of more Titan Guillotines at all of the districts, the Survey Corps establishes the first beach resort with the aid of the Garrison. Rico Brzenska holds training classes for wannabe lifeguards every week.
  • After leaving the Survey Corps after his disastrous social outburst, Flocke comes to the conclusion that military life is not for him. Last I heard, he’d opened and was running a very successful ice cream stand in Mitras district and is looking to expand if you’re looking for employment.
  • Armin unwittingly makes a jack-o-lanturn from a fossilized squash he found in Shiganshina. Eren thought it looked a little like Mikasa waking up on the wrong side of the bed. It took a lot of coaxing to get Armin to make another.
  • On a particularly muggy day, Jean decided he was fed up with Levi’s nagging and decided to hide his clippers. He still has remnants of shoe polish in the vicinity of his nether regions and rectal sphincter.
  • In his ripening age, Keith Shadis decided to retire from military life. In response to his sudden abundance of leisure time, he started a rather-successful tabernacle choir. Coming to a tavern near you!

I know everyone wants this game to stay fairly grounded to “historical accuracy” (I put that in quotes cuz there’s a few discrepancies already) but I think it would be kinda neat if the FH team did some seasonal stuff. Like Halloween color schemes or Jack O’ Lanturn effects or December holiday stuff or whatever.

Or put a big cooked turkey on all the heroes’ faces for Thanksgiving.

tiger-warrior  asked:

Gee, I wonder what inspired you to have that name?

It wasn’t Jack Harkness I swear XD

It was actually from a 20s gangster character of mine that turned in to my persona once I created this account, back when I was still struggling with my gender identity and wanted to just see what it would feel like to be treated 100% as a guy without anyone knowing my biological sex or who I was.

It really REALLY helped me come out of my shell and accept who I am

Also the name Jack simply means ‘man’, and another form of the name Jack is ‘John’ which was a name my mom was considering to name me if I was a boy. It was that or Paul. (named after the Beetles)

Jack also works as a unisex name, which has helped my mom when talking about me to her more judgemental christian friends. She’ll call me ‘Jackie’ in that case. I don’t mind it, she’s doing her best to accept and understand me but I also don’t want her getting all stressed out over how her church would treat her since they’re a fairly judgemental church (anti-gay, anti-trans… anti-pokemon once upon a time… yeah they’re THAT kind of church) so that’s why I gave her an option to use the neutral name ‘Jackie’.

Which adds another point to the name. My given name was also based on the Beetles, just a female version. My mom also wrote a story about me once in the past where she gave us fake names, and she gave me the name ‘Jackie’ because it was gender nuetral and she was basing it off the fact that my given name was similar in idea in that she’d either use the male or female version of the name depending on how I was born.

The name Jack in general is a name I like a lot for various reason, such as Jack-o-Lanturn because my favorite holiday is Halloween, I have Jack Skelington clothes, I loved the song ‘Hit the road, Jack’, and I was fascinated with Jack the Ripper

So yes, name trivia, yay!

Eyyyyy here’s another Batim OC! His name is Spoopy and he’s a cat who has a jack'o'lanturn for a head ._. Halloween is already affecting my arts.

Spoopy’ catch phrase is something like this:

XD I’m so proud of this character the drawing turned out looking better than expected!
Anyways, Spoopy is like the wing man/best friend/side kick for my other Batim OC, Arty!
Unlike Arty, Spoopy is actually very friendly to Bendy and everyone he happens to meet.

Spoopy’ backstory was that he was created originally for a Halloween special cartoon before Arty’s character was created. People loved his character so much that he was a permanent addition to the show and got his own Halloween special for every October, which was a series of episodes aired the week leading up to Halloween night and with 5 special episodes shown on Halloween night itself.

I just made Spoopy not to long ago so I still gotta add more backstory and personality to him.

teddysphotographs  asked:

autumn, fuzzy socks, halloween, leaves, pumpkin ☺️

Autumn: What’s your favorite thing about autumn?~ Um, everything??? It’s not disgustingly hot anymore, I get to look forward to my bday, Halloween and Thanksgiving, everything is pretty colors. It’s the best season :)

Fuzzy Socks: How do you spend a night in the fall?~ I like to wrap up in a fuzzy blanket, get some popcorn and watch scary movies.

Halloween: Do you plan on going out this year for Halloween? And as what?~ I’m probably gonna be taking my little three year old brother trick or treating. He’s gonna be a little pumpkin, so I’m gonna (sorta) match and be a scarecrow!

Leaves: What’s your favorite color the leaves turn?~ The bright red!!!!

Pumpkin: Do you carve a pumpkin for Halloween?~ Every year! My jack o lanturns are pretty good, tbh ;P

Inktober Day 31

Happy Halloween! I missed the past two days of inktober since I have been quite unwell fighting something I caught at the con, so I figured I would fully marker colour my final piece for inktober.

Returning with the costumed Rhys and Handsome Jack O’ Lanturn and now popping a Witch Fiona in there too. :)