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Jack: Oh, a lot of stuff! These are my favorite out of them! 
(My Joker is only one out of about 5 versions I have of him though) 

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Everything felt wrong when Charlie went home, the house, his room, his old toys, clothes. His mother thought everything could be the same, after all those years he’s been away, held captive by the insane couple. He tried his best to be the nicely behaving normal eighteen year old boy his mother wanted, but he couldn’t, not even with the therapies he was visiting, or the pills. He had constant nightmares, and the darkness what was born inside him in the basement he was living in along with the other kidnapped kids just became bigger. It took a while for his mother to see that Charlie wasn’t the same boy, he wanted to leave, he was scared of himself, he was scared of his own thoughts so eventually with the help of his mother he moved into a flat to have his own apartment. He didn’t have a proper job yet, but the gardening job at the psychiatric institution paid enough money so he could pay for his rent and for food. Charlie was sitting in silence in the middle of his room with pile of boxes around him, he winced as he heard the voices again of the past, he covered his ears as if he could block them out that way, but eventually he got up from the floor, he was forced to do little walks everyday as his doctor said that’d help him get away from the stress and he could even meet people. Charlie always thought it was stupid, that he’d not go to anyone on the street to talk to and it wouldn’t happen the opposite way either. He pressed the elevator’s button but sighed as it wasn’t coming, he grew rather impatient during his time in captivity so he decided to go for the stairs but he gasped as he soon bumped into a boy. “…Sorry…” He mumbled quite ashamed for being so deep in his thoughts that he almost push someone off the stairs. 


Lockwood, inviting the newest member, Holly Munro, into 35 Portland Row: Portland Row is wonderful, I’m sure you’ll love the place– oh lord

Holly: What is it?

Lockwood: Pardon, don’t step there. It seems we missed some blood on the floor while we were clearing up Jack Carver’s dead body… Strange how we never cleaned it up. George, get a wet towel, would you?

Holly: Dead…Body? Excuse me?

Lockwood: Oh it’s nothing don’t worry, just the usual

Malcolm X makes a cameo appearance as Black Panther gives Luke Cage a little background history on his soon-to-be bride, Storm. 

Black Panther Vol. 4 #14

In the comic, one of Malcolm’s aides during his trip(s) around Africa is Miss Harriet Munroe, who has a son, David, Storm’s father. Malcolm even met with Black Panther’s father, who was at the time king of the fictional Wakanda.


Outlander from last night/text posts: 99/???

Yeah, you should never say no to cookies, Jack…

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