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Final scene ... The Green Mill Murder

Phryne: “You summoned me, Inspector Robinson.”

Jack: “Yes”

Jack: “Found these plates underneath the floorboards of Leonard Stevens’s apartment.”

Phryne:  “ And what do you want me to do with them? “

Jack: “Have them incinerated”

Phryne: " I thought your hands were tied “

Jack: “ Yes, but yours are not.”

Jack’s jacket definitely moves at this point so he is pocketing the photo, as we all suspected!!

Re-worked my original post to add a couple of images at the end for @missingmissfisher @kanste @anne-louise-fortune and all at the re-watch tonight. Sorry it took so long, folks.


If you hate Severus Snape then you must also hate Regina Mills, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Bucky Barnes, Black Widow, Albus Dumbledore, Jack Thompson, Captain Killian Jones and a million other characters.Because they all did terrible things in their pasts, and they all do things to try and make up for it. Albus Dumbledore had Grindlewald, the Hallows, his sister; and then he basically manipulated and lied to a child for six years so that child would do what Albus wanted him to do. Regina Mills killed, tortured, used and tormented thousands of innocent people for so many years. Jack Thompson killed soldiers trying to come in peace, soldiers who were waving the white flag, and then lied about it. And he continued lying, and cheating and being a misogynistic sexist pig, to further his career. Tony Stark invented hundreds of weapons of mass destruction, and sold them to companies that used them for terrible things. Bucky Barnes assassinated people - he murdered Tony’s parents for goodness sake. Killian Jones, or ‘Captain Hook’ murdered, stole, lied, cheated, and betrayed people for years, searching for his ultimate revenge and taking his anger out on innocents. Bruce Banner hurts and destroys so many things and so many people when he turns into the Hulk. Innocent people. Black Widow was literally an assassin - she killed people, tortured them, for a living. 

All these people have done absolutely horrendous things - but hey all have one thing in common. They all look for redemption, they all try to make up for what they have done. And they are all products of their own unique situations. Severus Snape is no different from any of these other characters. So if you don’t hate those other characters, you shouldn’t be able to tell yourself it’s okay to hate Severus Snape.  


The Sociopaths of Storybrook

Someone finally gave me an excuse to make a sociopath list for Once Upon a Time (2011-present[1]). And here is the official gallery. I found most of them when I was looking up female sociopaths and five of them can be found on the other list.

In case you’re wondering, the ones that come from other Disney properties will not be joined with the Disney list since there’s no common ground for the two lists. But the profiles for all of them can be found here (profiles may not all be completed at the moment). If you want to share it, you can either reblog this gallery or the master list.

Pictured above:

  1. Albert Spencer, aka King George (played by Alan Dale)
  2. Malcolm (played by Stephen Lord), aka Peter Pan (pictured above; played by Robbie Kay)
  3. Princess Cora Mills, aka the Queen of Hearts (played by Barbara Hershey (pictured) and Rose McGowan (young))
  4. King Xavier (played by Joaquim De Almeida)
  5. Left: Martin (played by Harry Groener)
    Right: Myrna (played by Carolyn Hennesy)
  6. Jacquline, aka Jack the Giant Slayer (played by Cassidy Freeman)
  7. Cruella De Vil (played by Victoria Smurfit (pictured) and Milli Wilkinson (young))
  8. Jafar (played by Naveen Andrews in OUaT in Wonderland and Oded Fehr in the main series (pictured))
  9. Prince Hans Westergard of the Southern Isles (played by Tyler Jacob Moore)
  10. Lady Tremaine[2] (played by Lisa Banes)

[1] Valid as of late March 2017.
[2] I won’t be featuring this version of Tremaine on a gallery post on the Female Sociopath list since the animated version was featured in the first ever post made for that list.


In honor of Jack hitting 1 mill, I’m working on some special gif sets. One series of sets is going to be called the throwback series. Which I’m splitting into a couple parts because there are quite a few videos to go through. The other gif set will be my favorite collabs. I hope you guys like it because I’m working very hard on them! 

Also I may be being a bit extra lol, but he’s my fave and hitting 1 mill is a big deal ok!?

Just watched Kong: Skull Island yesterday with my bestfriend. It’s on Tuesday so there are only about 37 person in the studio. It’s also obviously incredibly amazing I won’t be a spoiler and I am not going to tell you shits but let me tell you Tom’s first appearance made us squealed.
Wait, the second’s too.
The third’s too.
Fourth too.
Ah, don’t get me start with the saving Slivko from the green gas scene.. but actually how many Tom’s scenes for sure?