jack mills

Just sitting here…
Doing my art for Inktober…

Definitely not thinking about Jack meeting Jody Mills and how he‘s gonna feel mothered for the first time…
Or how Missouri may instantly recognize that he’s actually a baby with no emotional maturity or experience and threaten them all with a wooden spoon if they don’t start taking better care of him…
And both women wrap him in blankets, ply him with a homecooked meal, and watch cartoons with him…

Just sketches and ink for me…

If you hate Severus Snape then you must also hate Regina Mills, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Bucky Barnes, Black Widow, Albus Dumbledore, Jack Thompson, Captain Killian Jones and a million other characters.Because they all did terrible things in their pasts, and they all do things to try and make up for it. Albus Dumbledore had Grindlewald, the Hallows, his sister; and then he basically manipulated and lied to a child for six years so that child would do what Albus wanted him to do. Regina Mills killed, tortured, used and tormented thousands of innocent people for so many years. Jack Thompson killed soldiers trying to come in peace, soldiers who were waving the white flag, and then lied about it. And he continued lying, and cheating and being a misogynistic sexist pig, to further his career. Tony Stark invented hundreds of weapons of mass destruction, and sold them to companies that used them for terrible things. Bucky Barnes assassinated people - he murdered Tony’s parents for goodness sake. Killian Jones, or ‘Captain Hook’ murdered, stole, lied, cheated, and betrayed people for years, searching for his ultimate revenge and taking his anger out on innocents. Bruce Banner hurts and destroys so many things and so many people when he turns into the Hulk. Innocent people. Black Widow was literally an assassin - she killed people, tortured them, for a living. 

All these people have done absolutely horrendous things - but hey all have one thing in common. They all look for redemption, they all try to make up for what they have done. And they are all products of their own unique situations. Severus Snape is no different from any of these other characters. So if you don’t hate those other characters, you shouldn’t be able to tell yourself it’s okay to hate Severus Snape.  

13 Wishes for Season 13

So, I did this last year when I made a wishlist for Mary’s character in season 12 (find it here), and I thought it’d be fun to do the same for this season and see what I come up with!

P.S. There aren’t really any spoilers, so I didn’t tag it, but if you want to wait and read this after you’ve gotten the chance to watch 13x01, you can do so!

1. Jody to finally see the bunker and finally meet Castiel. 

Y’all, I have been waiting so long for this to happen, you don’t realize. From the chatter I’ve been hearing, the Wayward Daughters backdoor pilot is coming after Castiel returns from The Empty. I figured that the backdoor pilot would focus mainly on the ladies with Sam and Dean there mostly as background pieces to sort of pass the torch. But since Castiel is apparently counted as a lead character now, maybe he could be there too? How awesome would it be for Cas to meet Jody and the rest of that cast, huh? They already have a connection through Claire, so why not?   

2. A season-long arc between Sam and Jack

It’s about damn time we got a new dynamic on the show. I’m confident that this will come to pass, but I really would like to see Sam acting as a sort of mentor and friend to Jack. After all, both of these two were/are object of Lucifer’s desire, they both have powers they can’t always control, and they seem to be innately good. Sam could definitely offer advice or even comfort to Jack since he can easily empathize with his situation.

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Like Peter Pan

Jack: “Turning to break and enter, are we, Miss Fisher?”
Phryne: “Hello, Jack”

Phryne: “Actually, I don’t think I’ve broke anything.  The window was already open”

Jack: “And like Peter Pan …

… you just flew in”

Phryne: “Actually, Bobby came in first and I just followed him”

Phryne: “Bobby Sullivan meet Inspector Robinson”

Phryne: “Bobby was at the Green Mill last night …

…. and he’s a very good friend of Charles Freeman’s”

Jack: “What’s your story?”

Jack: “Hand it over”

Hugh: “Is that   … oh dear God”

Matchmaker, Matchmaker Find Me a Match

Or, Phrack Ships Hottie…

The Green Mill Murder

Jack:  Has he asked Miss Williams to the Fireman’s and Policeman’s Ball yet?

Phryne:  Not that I’m aware of.  Dottie wouldn’t keep that to herself.

Jack:  Hm.  He tells me he’s working on it.

Phryne:  And I must tell you, Dot.  Mr. Collins wants to invite you to the Fireman’s and Policeman’s Ball.

Dottie:  Well, he’s leaving it running a bit late.  It’s this Saturday.

Phryne:  Yes, well he might need some encouragement.

Jack:  Why don’t you show Miss Williams out?

Phryne winks at Hugh…

Jack:  So, Collins.  Did you ask Miss Williams to the Ball?

Hugh:  I uh, I’m not sure about her, Sir.

Jack:  Good God, man.  It’s just a dance, not a proposal of marriage.

Hugh:  I think she might be a Catholic.

Jack:  Oh for God’s sake.  It’s not as if she were born with two heads.

Phryne:  Oh and Dot, Constable Collins will come to collect these photographs.  Would you mind dealing with him?

Dottie:  I’ll try my best, Miss.

Phryne:  Not bad for a Catholic…

SPN13 “Lucky Number” 

I’m so fucking excited for this Season, it’s gonna be crazy! we have only a week now. I’m nervous and excited. I have fucking chills. this small trailer scared me little bit. 

- Source: https://vimeo.com/236970857