jack mary poppins

dating Jack the Lamplighter would include:

- He seems to show up when you need him most, which is how you met

- You were lost in a park in London and he slid down a lamppost right in front of you with a cheery, “Good evening, miss!”

- He helped you with directions and bid you goodnight with a cheeky wink that left you thinking about him for days

- After a few more helpful run-ins, he finally accompanied you on a walk and blushed as he told you that he’d thought you were pretty from the moment he set eyes on you

- You were delighted when he asked to court you and thus began the romance of the century

- He’s always outgoing and witty but around you he melts

- i.e. losing his train of thought when he’s gazing at you

- or struggling to find words if you flirt with him a lot

- He even fell off his bike once when you gave a twirl in a new dress

- Speaking of his bicycle, he makes it so easy to balance with him that it’s your new favorite mode of transportation

- On your first official date, he brought you to his favorite lamppost in London - one on a side street that gave a picturesque view of St. Paul’s

- But soon he found a new favorite in the one right outside your flat

- It’s the first one he lights at night and the last one he puts out in the morning, accompanied by a kiss for you both times

- He loves to make you blush or grin by turning up the charm

- When you let slip that you really like his red waistcoat, he wears it as often as possible

- Flowers. He’s always bringing you flowers

- He’s a sucker for sweet kisses on your forehead, cheek, and hand

- But you made the first move to kiss him on the lips that left him starry-eyed for the whole day

- Jack is always humming or singing to himself and you find it very endearing

- He’ll sing you to sleep if you ask

- And if you’re taking a stroll together, he loves to pull you close and start softly humming so you can sway together

- All the other leeries absolutely adore you

- Jack never really stops talking about you so they have plenty of things to tease him about

- They’ll always greet you when you’re walking down the street or pass along messages from your dear Jack

- “Good to see you, Miss Y\N!”

- “Jack told us you look pretty today, Miss Y\N!”

- “Jack wanted to let you know that he’s missin’ you!”

- You weren’t opposed to dancing before you met Jack, but now you found yourself dancing all the time with him and the other leeries

- In the street, on rooftops, in alleys, wherever they went you and Jack followed

- Whenever Mary Poppins visits, Jack always brings you on the adventures because he loves to see your eyes wide with wonder

- And Mary herself only refers to you “Darling,” because that’s what Jack calls you so often

- Eventually you and Jack move into a tiny flat together and you couldn’t love it more

- Most of the time he comes home covered in dirt and lamp oil and tries to clean up before greeting you, but you’re having none of it and always kiss him immediately

- Any time he tries to apologize for not being able to buy you the whole world, you assure him that a life at his side provides every bit of adventure and love that you could ever want

- Besides, the two of you feel most at home when his calloused hand is clasped with yours

Bert: “Good job, Jack!”

Jack: “Great! Thanks Dad.”

Everyone: “…”

Jack: “Why is everyone staring at me?”

Mary Poppins: “You just refereed to Bert as Dad. You said ‘Thanks Dad’.”

Jack: “What? No I didn’t! I said ‘thanks man’!”

Bert: “Do you see me as a father figure, Jack?”

Jack: “No! If anything I see you as a bother figure because you’re always bothering me!”

Jane: “Hey! Show your father some respect!”