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Don’t worry. No one’s going under the ship today. Though, the thought had crossed my mind. No, I’m quite certain I can do better than that.


Finally finished some older doodles I had made of these guys! So here ya go, more doodles of the Hyperion dorks! (Many of these were inspired by this song)

Childhood - ||Jack Maynard Imagine||

Requested? Yes – ‘can you do a really sad imagine with jack where like youre like hanging with his entire family or something and like this sort of makes you sad because you were never like close with family or something like that’

[[this was lowkey triggering lol but I really hope u enjoy thiss and to the anon who requested, I hope everything is okay at home and you can always drop by if you wanna talk, id be more than willing to listen to ANYONES problems bc ily <3]]

It was Christmas Eve. You were with Jack and his entire family- Conor, Anna and their mum and dad. The house was decorated with little trinkets, glittering ornaments and glowing Christmas lights. Everything was so lit up and beautiful, just as was the family. As you all sat at the dining table eating dinner, Jack and Conor laughed as their father made yet another ‘dad joke’, Anna giggling as well as shaking her head.

“Are you enjoying yourself, sweet heart?” Mrs. Maynard asked a genuine smile on her face.

You nodded enthusiastically. “Very much so. Thank you for letting me spend Christmas with y—”

“I think we should be thanking you!” The Maynard father said loudly. “I would much rather 2 daughters.” He laughed. You blushed at this, feeling grateful to be included in such a family. They were always so kind and welcoming to you, since day one.

Everyone continued on with their banter, laughing and joking around with one another. After a while, they all began cleaning up the table, washing dishes and wiping down benches. As soon as dinner was finished, Jack led you to the living room where the whole family sat.

“When we were younger, we all came to the living room after Christmas Eve dinner and tried to stay up to catch a glimpse of ‘Santa’, of course we were all passed out by the time 10pm hit, but it sort of became this weird ritual we do every Christmas Eve.” Jack smiled, reminiscing on his tender childhood memories.

You smiled as well, but couldn’t help feel a little sad, envious even, for the lack of a good childhood you had. Jack noticed you slowly zone out as he gently called your name, snapping you out of your wondering state.

“Everything alright, Y/N?” Jack asked; his eyebrows stitching together as he seemed concerned. You nodded back, giving him a small smile as you sat down on the couch in-between Conor and Jack.

Jack’s mother looked especially excited and ecstatic. “Y/n”, she said in a chirpy voice, you looked up at her as she smiled towards you, “guess what I have for you?” She didn’t give you much time to guess as she moved to the side and showed you a stocking with your name on it hanging from the fireplace. “Your own stocking!”

Your smile grew larger as you teared up slightly; you held it in as you didn’t want to look like a crazy lady for crying over a stocking. But it meant more to you than anyone realised, Christmas was never celebrated in your household, nothing was ever celebrated, not your birthday or Easter or any occasion. So this meant more than anyone knew.

“Thank you so much. I’m honestly really gr—”

“Oh hush, Y/N. You’re a part of this family now. Speaking of family, I have some old videos of the kids including Jack, how about we watch them?”

Jack groaned jokingly as Conor nodded with enthusiasm. “Watch Y/N, you’ll see how I was a natural born star and how Jack was a natural born lard.” You giggled as old family films were turned on.

Films after films of Jack and his siblings at a very young age opening up Christmas gifts, going to beaches, visiting other people and just being a loving and close family in general.

You laughed from time to time, a smile of your face caused by the silly things they all did as a family. They all seemed like such precious and amazing memories to have, and with every laugh that was brought out from you, another thought of your missing childhood was brought up.

You were on the verge of tears, it seemed pathetic but you couldn’t help it. Lifting yourself up, you excused yourself. “I have to use the bathroom, I’ll be back.” You said in a soft voice, Jack watched you with fretful eyes as you walked away, holding in sobs.

As you reached the bedroom you and Jack were staying in, you finally let the tears fall. Keeping your weeps as quiet as possible, you grabbed a few tissues as you wiped the ever-running tears. You kept telling yourself it was stupid, it was pitiful to be crying over such matters. But a broken family was something that affected you since day one and you couldn’t just forget about it.

As your tears continued to run down your cheeks, the door opened and in walked in Jack. “Y/N?” He said, his voice as soft as a bird’s feather as you kept your back facing him.

You tried to clear your voice and answer him; “yes?” however the cries were still evident in your voice.

He walked over, sitting down beside you and he made sure you were facing him. “Tell me what’s wrong. Is it something I said? Something Conor said? I mean Conor does talk an awful lot without thinking.”

You giggled through your sniffles at Jack’s little mockery. “It’s no one’s fault. It’s just watching all those family clips and your parents treating me like their own brought back some memories.”

“Well they can’t be good memories if you’re sat here crying on your own, Y/N. So speak up, let it all out baby.” Jack spoke in a reassuring tone, holding your hand and rubbing circles for comfort.

“I’ve never really told you…but growing up my family weren’t much of a family. It was always dull, always dark and sad. My parents weren’t very good ones, they neglected us all. Every day, upon leaving the house for school they’d be yelling, and when I’d come back, they were still yelling. We were never close. I hated Christmas breaks or Easter breaks because I’d hear people talk about how their mum and aunty argued over a piece of chocolate or how their uncle got so drunk that he fell on a cake. They’d complain about these things, complain that they never got to taste the cake, but I could only wish I had a funny, drunk uncle or that my aunty and mum would argue over something as silly as food. On these breaks where family would get together and laugh over anything and everything; my family would be in the house, ignoring each other or yelling at one another. It was never sweet, never comforting. It was never a family. I missed out on a happy childhood or a happy family.” Your face was a mess by this point, tears rolling down your cheeks continuously and your makeup now a running mess.

Jack stared at you with wide eyes as he teared up. He grabbed you and pulled you into a tight hug, holding you for as long as he could. “Y/N, I’m so sorry baby. I’m so sorry for the shit you’ve been put through. I’m sorry your family never gave you the childhood you deserved. But fuck them; you have a new family now. A better family. My mum and dad always tell me they’d rather you be their daughter than I be their son.” Jack chuckled as you gave a small smile, “you’re a part of my family now, so we can start making sweet family memories from now on.”

You smiled largely at Jack, nodding in treaty as you hugged him tighter. “Thank you so much Jack.”

“I love you, Y/N. Don’t you dare forget that. Now how about we get back to our family, yeah?” You agreed as you both made your way back to the living, being greeted with laughter and cheering.

Lets talk about Keemstar’s shit of a video against Jacksepticeye.

Let me break down every point this in that video and explain to you why Keemstar is so terribly wrong. 

1. Jack starting the video to defend himself instead of Felix? Bruh. Jack was only defending himself at first because the over dramatic people called him a Nazi sympathizer when taking sides with Felix. He’s plainly explaining that he isn’t a Nazi, and he doesn’t agree with the “jokes” Felix had said in his videos. Hes very entitled to come out and defend himself for false claims cause people are too narrow minded to think as to why Felix’s friends would support him. 

2. Jack says Felix’s Nazi jokes are bad, but Keemstar wants to pull up ONE tweet Jack said about Nazi’s. Ok, look here Keemshit, it was 1 tweet, and it was no where near the severity of Felix’s jokes. I mean, IMO, Felix’s first tweet was stupid and not funny anyways, but it made sense how Jack replied to it. Is it a Nazi joke? Kinda, but it wasn’t anti-Semitic in any way and it didn’t offend anyone. Plus Jack never makes anti-Semitic jokes(or any jokes against a group of people), and for this to be the BIGGEST evidence to make your claim, then you truly lost that point. NEXT. 

3. Keemstar repeating how much Felix paved the way to Jack’s Youtube success. Yes Felix gave Jack a shout out, yes it helped his channel grow, but in no means should Jack worship and kiss the feet of Felix if and when Felix does something wrong. Jack’s channel is mainly successful because of the work and effort Jack put into it. His personality attracted people and his involvement and love with his fans made them stay. Just because a few people gave his channel some light does not mean if those people fucked up in any way that Jack has to have their back 100%. Jack has his own opinions and his own views, he has a right to disagree with a friend of his for fucks sake. 

4. Keemstar losing his shit because Jack sided with Maker and Disney. …Did you not listen to what Jack said in the video? Any company has a RIGHT to drop whoever they want. They are legal to do that. Felix made some very very bad jokes and they didn’t want to support that type of humor. I mean, fuck dude, Pewdiepie is no where Disney/Maker friendly in the first place. Whoop de doo. Now Felix can sign with another company or create his own. Jack was only stating that Maker/Disney are not technically wrong for dropping Felix. What they should of done was talk it out, and the point Jack was making is that yes they are not wrong for dropping Felix, but they are wrong in HOW they dropped him. Big difference. The only reason why Felix was dropped from Maker was because WSJ went to them first and instilled fear of bad image onto them. If you actually thought about what Jack was saying, you’d know he doesn’t agree with how Maker dropped Felix. Do you even think critically Keemstar?

5. Keemstar calling Jack selfish for being upset that Scare Pewdiepie was canceled. oooooooh man you’re just piling on more shit dude. How in the world is that being selfish? He and Felix put in so much work into that season, and it is NOT selfish that hes upset about all of it being wasted time on his end. I mean, fuckin hell dude, don’t you know on Jack’s end of it? He had to record multiple videos in advance and travel over to the site of the recording, and make sure videos went up on time. I don’t see how him expressing his disappointment is selfish when he was a big part in that season. He took a lot a time and effort on it, and for it to do to waste must suck. (I mean, who knows what other opportunities he could of done in that time frame?)

6. Jack a backstabber? Now, here’s how I view the video Jack made. To me, it was well thought out and made. What he said made sense and still showed support to Felix even though he doesn’t agree on Felix’s comedy. I have no idea why Jack would feel how hes naive and or how he sees it differently because people said some things. I just really don’t understand why it is so important to people why Jack has to kiss Felix’s ass and give him a band-aid every time theres a controversy. Just like Jack explained in his video, it is still okay to disagree with a friend and still support them so long as they know their faults. I honestly don’t see where Jack went wrong in his video. People who can’t critically think about the situation just want to jump on and defend whomever without knowing whats truly going on. 

There are consequences in your actions, and what Felix did got him what he deserved. Should it have been handled differently? Yes. But he still doesn’t need to be praised and rewarded when he does something wrong. This is Felix’s punishment, and he  learned from it. Its a real eye opener for him. Jack doesn’t need to do anything but be a friend, and a true friend tells you when you are wrong. From how I see it, the way Jack thinks is that he sees the problem from all sides, and explaining Maker was thinking from a business point. Jack is a critical thinker who points out things that needed to be understood in the situation.  Does he think Maker is right for dropping them? Ethically, no, business wise, yes. It doesn’t mean hes out there taking the side of the money giver to keep him in the safe zone. 

People really need to think, and i mean really think about all sides of this situation. To point fingers and blatantly take sides doesn’t make you a better fan. 

7. Final thoughts from Keemstar (finally I’m done watching this shit of a video) Clearly dude, nothing you said in this video had any meaning to it. You’re making false claims without any critical thought behind them. You watched the video and made no effort to think how it is on Jack’s end. Making this video was disrespectful and selfish. You say its not for attention or views, but it truly is. If you really wanted to “shine light on the issue media has over Youtube” you’d make a video about WSJ, not Jacksepticeye. You are creating more drama and misconceptions so young naive Pewdiepie fans can go out and attack Jack. You did no good making this video. You have no part between Jack and Felix. This isn’t news, this is your biased opinion to kiss Felix’s ass in hopes for him to buddy you. (which is hilarious cause theres no way you’d make friends with any of them) Seriously, you should be the one deleting this video, not Jack. 

I honestly can’t stand how people can just mindlessly go after Jack over this. His video made perfect sense. He doesn’t need to go into full detail when the main view everyone has on this situation has been made in multiple videos already. The only reason why he made that video is because some dumbasses started labeling him as a Nazi sympathizer, and he had to clear that up. 

Even though I don’t like being a active part of the fandom, I really wanted to write this up because I care and it royally pisses me off how people dealt with this. It pisses me off even more that the waste of time Keemshit had to make that video that helped NOTHING at all. I couldn’t stand seeing it, because Jack is a good hearted person and a good friend. The public view from his video twisted his words and made him seem like the bad guy. 

I mean, at the end of the day, Jack and Felix’s friendship is none of our business and we don’t need to be in the middle of it. Felix knows where Jack stands in all of this and Jack doesn’t need to prove his friendship to anyone except Felix. And like I said, the only reason why the video was made was to  clear the false accusations that Jack’s a Nazi sympathizer and put his thought on the issue because it effected him too.