jack lame

*the losers walking through the sewers, weapons drawn, hears a strange noise in the distance*

pennywise : *showering underneath a sewer pipe, gushing out with water, scrubbing his back with a hand made loofah* GIRLS JU ST WANNA HAVE FU-UN OH GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE, THAT’S ALL THEY REALLY WANNNNT

i love seeing jack happy. i love how excited he gets when he does anti events. i just love seeing him smile. i’m so glad he gets as excited about these things as we do. i really love him.

he’s so kind and passionate gosh i’m??? i strayed from what i wanted to say at first but just GOD i really love seeing jack happy and excited about what he’s doing.

i’m so excited to see whatever he has planned, for anything. not just anti, or any ego stuff, but anything. anything he’s excited about. it makes me happy to see him happy.


Request from a nonny: Hello, Alice! Can you write something about Jack and reader, that is his girlfriend, based on these lines: “Jack, what’s your problem? I’ve done nothing for you to attack me this way. Tell me what is wrong because I don’t know what the fuck I did to piss you off”?

You rolled onto your side as the sun pulled you from your sleep. You groaned, your head heavy and mouth impossibly dry.

“What time is it?” you rasped. The air ripped through your throat, feeling like sandpaper chaffing against your oesophagus.

You got no response and saw the empty space beside you in the bed. You sat up, which was a mistake as the throbbing in your head was instantly amplified. Squinting around the room, you noticed a glass of water and a pack of paracetamol on your beside table. After taking two and gulping the water down thirstily, you threw a dressing gown on and headed into the kitchen where Jack was making coffee. You ran your hand through your hair as you thought back on last night’s activities. You had been to an old friend’s birthday party, and had taken Jack along to meet all your uni friends. It had been a while since you’d seen them, and it got pretty wild pretty quickly, especially since none of you could hold your drink as well as you could back then. You cringed as you vaguely remembered Jack putting you to bed, absolutely plastered. He had to undress you, and take your makeup off for you. You had been an embarrassment.

You saw Jack at the counter, his back to you. You quietly walked up behind him and wrapped your arms around his chest. Resting your cheek on his muscled back, you nuzzled into him and instantly felt your hangover subside a little.

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You know what else was cool about last night’s livestream?

We very rarely get to see how he reacts to us. He makes a video, we react, he sees it on social media, in private. Or we see him chuckle sometimes in RYC livestreams, but last night was different.  Last night we roasted him. F’n ROASTED him in chat, tumblr AND twitter.  And he f'n buzzed off it! He visibly lit up. He laughed at our douchebaggery. He loved it and it was great to see that we make him laugh too. How happy our interaction made him.

I dunno.  We never really see it unfiltered, on camera unless it’s on stage.  It was nice to see us make him happy in daily life, at home. It reminds me that we must make him laugh a lot when he’s on social media. We make him happy.

There’s a comfort in that. 

Bet you all think I’m pandering for notes now, huh? 2 nice posts in 1 day?

Silver nips are FAR too TWISTY FRESH for Jack!!

There! I lame-burned him good. He’s never gonna reblog me now :P