jack lad

Imagine Ryan and Jack waking up at almost two am to the sounds of half-stifled laughter and the microwave beep echoing through the penthouse. They’re used to hearing the lads fucking around so they just roll their eyes and go about their morning.

Of course, an hour later Jeremy comes running in with his hands full of some gooey liquid, giggling like a madman. But, to their surprise, Geoff comes in right after him, arms full of the same liquid and laughing just as hard. 

Ryan and Jack are torn between laughing at the pair, and being vaguely concerned about what exactly the liquid is.

Anyway, Geoff is a cool gang dad and is an actual fifteen year old occasionally and I love him.

anonymous asked:

Little lads first heists. Michael's is at a few months old, Geoff takes him along as a prop. Gavin age four first heist, stealing the tip jar from a store that was mean to his mama and micoo. Jeremy is seven and attempts get away driver. Badly.




Hee hee, Jack would be pisssssssed.

As for Gavin, I just see him in his room with a bunch of stuffed animals on his bed, and him calling them ‘his crew.’ And Jeremy is at the foot of the bed, excited because Gavin is actually including him, and Gavin is like “The traget” and he points to a scribbled drawing on a giant pad of paper. “He’s a meanie man who was mean to my Jack and my Micoo. We are going to make him pay.”

And this tiny voice asks, “How?”

And Gavin says, “Easy, by making him pay.” And Jeremy doesn’t get it, but he’s 2 and really Gavin didn’t really understand what he meant either until he saw the tip jar the next time they went into the store.

And Jeremy has a wagon on the back of his bike that Michael and Gavin are supposed to get in after they steal Anthony and his brother’s pocket money. And here come 10 year old Michael and 9 year old Gavin running around the corner and Michael is screaming, “GO GO GO!” And Jeremy, not even waiting for them to get into the wagon, just starts peddling. And Michael yells, “Not without us!”

Jeremy doesn’t get too far, he hits a pole and falls off the bike. He doesn’t hurt himself badly, just a few scrapes, but Michael never lets him be the getaway driver again.