jack lad

feelin rly mmmMMBAD, gotta toss messy vent art into the void because apparently launching myself into the void is ‘‘‘‘physically impossible’’ and ‘‘‘‘‘maladaptive behavior’’’ whatever that means (as a fellow Certified Mess I feel like morrison knows the feeling)

Sorry for the terrible quality! I really want to get good at ms paint (unironically) and exported it in a hurry. Here’s some of the AH boys. :333 I love them all! Lowkey mavin as well. :3

(jack is suspish)

Edit: I seem to have amassed a lot of notes in a short amount of time. (A lot for me anyway). What the hell even happened here these are my shitty ms paint doodles like what

Also can we just acknowledge the fact that Aaron knew he had made Robert think they were over? Robert thought his life was over. That he lost the only person he ever truly loved. He was hurt, he was drunk, he was angry, he was bitter, he was stupid.

He was not grasping at straws to sleep with her. He and Aaron were both in the same understanding, only he couldn’t get hold of Aaron to confirm. He just had his own head and a bottle of Jack.

Give the lad a break. He screwed up. He’s human.