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I just spent two hours, with the help of my father, cleaning our filthy kitchen. Why? FOR Y’ALL!
*Will be making a Boss related video on Saturday through Monday*

Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 12) Frog Year: Ransom

His first practice of the pre-season, and Adam Birkholz has a hangover. Like, the worst hangover of all time.

There are so many mixers at this college, they’ve already started to run into each other. Though last night was… yeah. Memorable.

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Though it is not as big as some others, the Make Way For Ducklings statue is precious to Boston, Massachusetts. The statue was created by talented sculptor Nancy Schön in 1987. The statue is based off the famous children’s book Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey. The book was originally published in 1941 and won the Caldecott Medal.

The children’s book tells of Mr. and Mrs. Mallard searching for a place to start their family. They fly over various areas in the city of Boston but every time Mr. Mallard finds a place, Mrs. Mallard finds something wrong with it. After a long day of flying, the couple settle down by the lagoon in the Boston Public Gardens. Every day, the Mallards are fed peanuts by a kind policeman named Michael. After some events, Mrs. Mallard hatches eight ducklings named Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, and Quack. Mr. Mallard decides to go see what the river is like and the parents agree to meet at the Public Garden in one week’s time. In the mean time, Mrs. Mallard teaches her ducklings all about being ducks.

In one week, Mrs. Mallard readies to take her children to see Mr. Mallard. But she had trouble crossing the highway, as the cars would not yield to let her pass. Thankfully for the family, Michael the policeman is there and he is able to halt the traffic to let the family cross. As they ducks make their way down many streets in Boston, Michael calls his fellow policemen to ask them to halt traffic to make way for the ducklings. The family eventually makes it to the Public Gardens where they live happily ever after.


SG1 Meme: Relationships (6/6) | Samantha Carter and Jack O’Neill


rhysiana replied to your post “What about an AU where Kent and Jack stayed functional exes and best…”

Yes, please! The current state of canon Jack/Kent (lack of) friendship makes me sad.

Like, imagine the friendship foursome of Kent-Jack-Shitty-Lardo talking about a sexist billboard that Kent saw driving to Samwell (Kent has listened to Shitty on these things) so Kent and Shitty get the bright idea that they should sneak Lardo up with a can of spray paint to vandalize it (maybe just draw moustaches on people, who knows) and Jack is scandalized but can’t bring himself to wash his hands of the affair, so he’s the one who actually organizes logistics and stands watch at the base of the pole.

@wildeforjudy mentioned maybe drawing a scene where Nick was low key jealous when Judy was around Jack (mega paraphrasing but here is the post).

Needless to say… I’d accept this as 1. she really likes Jack or 2. she’s teasing Nick. 

idk ?? this is my first computer drawing (i used the mac mousepad okayokayokay, i know it’s crap)