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Alternate Christmas Movies: Bell, Book, and Candle (1958)

Kim Novak and James Stewart lead in this witchy romantic comedy about a free spirited witch with a practical outlook on life. Bored and lonely one Christmas Gillian Holroyd asks her familiar, cat Pyewacket, to give her the man upstairs (Stewart). Convinced witches can’t fall in love her plan seems quite safe, but as their relationship progresses she starts to wonder if it truly matters that he’s been spelled into falling in love with her. 

With a delightful supporting cast; including Jack Lemmon as Gillian’s brother Nicky, Elsa Lanchester as their aunt Queenie, Ernie Kovacs as a drunken writer, and Hermione Gingold as powerful witch Bianca de Pass, it’s a delightful, slightly Christmassy, tale of magic, book publishing, and love. 

Well here we are again, as the season of summer slowly winds its way to an end, with a tribute to my favorite time of the year. Song Of The Summer is Jack Kovacs’ nostalgia waxing debut single. The Chicago born, Los Angeles based singer songwriter sure comes off sounding like he’s from the Northwest with the melting gem that reminds me of music by the likes of Death Cab For Cutie and (now defunct) The Lonely Forest, but with a splash of Midwest charm and a touch of a couple of his big influences, Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon. The song also features some harmonious guest vocals from Los Angeles singer songwriter Huxlee.

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