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Happy Birthday, Jack.

Sorry it took so long, but the above requests (from 2 anons and @super-magical-wizard, @boopymooplier and @antiisepticeye) all seemed like a good plot for a short comic, so I thought why not. Sorry this is late, but happy birthday @therealjacksepticeye :) I hope you and @wiishu had a great time <3


And what a team it is.

"Forgotten or too afraid to remember?"

here’s a theory!


lmao jk, its an antiseptic theory!

now, let’s start from the beginning.

you know how whenever anti glitched into jack’s videos, the setting and everything would usually look a bit different in glitch than it did in the actual video?

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however; in detention, you didn’t see that. there was no change, just the static flashing and anti coming right into say whatever was on the mirror.

yet, we see two quick images of a familiar someone looking and pointing at the camera, which is most likely the audience, right before it cuts out to jack’s regular gameplay for the rest of the video.

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notice how there’s no blood on jack and how curious he’s acting on those two gifs, compared to the ones on top where he looks tortured/crazy or has a ton of blood on his face.

much like in sister location, where anti finally takes over. the two beings merged together as anti became much stronger than before.

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Also, in the “SAY GOODBYE” video, right before anti comes in, you hear a faint “Ḣͦ͒̇͢͏̬͉̺͖E̵̷͖̰͉̖̣̯̻̔ͬ̆́ͪͪ͛ͦͩL̡̰͙̙ͭP̵͖̪̦̭ͯͦ̅ͣ ̵̛͚̰̞̙͛̍ͥ̚M̻͕̣͆́͡ͅȨ̶̦̘͖̻͖̽̊͌͗ͣ̔ͅ!”, right before anti comes in and makes his little speech.

I don’t know if this has any correlation to the point I’m trying to make, but i feel as if this means that jack was trapped wherever anti was before. anti just learned “how to pretend” as time went on, much like he tried to show in that exact same episode.

Now, onto the quote: “forgotten? or just to afraid to remember?”

Anyone remember that there was no real conclusion to the “Say Goodbye” video? Jack never came back and tried to take over his body at the end. It was simply anti saying “S̨̼̦̖̊̊ͮa̴̟̥͑͋̆̅͑͐͝y̨͚̞͙̠̝̠̗̹̤̌̀ͯ ̸͉͚͕̉ͭ̾̒̾̈́͑ͤ̒G̨̬̮̺̐́͐̄͐ͣ̈͘ŏ̬̼̙̪̀ͩ̉͠o͔̺̝̦͙̣͚ͬ̚͢͞d̸̛̰͕̺̜̞ͮ̏ͬbͤ͛ͭ͏͔̲̰y̸͎͋͊͑ͥͣ͒̔̾͝͝e͙ͯ̂̐ͦ.̷̧̞̣̩͖̝̗̜̙͈́̍ͦ͗̓ͮ̀̿̕.͒ͯ͢͏̪̪̹̪.̶̧͍̘̼̬̹́͌̎͢” as the screen faded to black.

Remember the things that glitch bitch said?

“You! This is all YOUR fault.” 

“You could’ve stopped me!” 

“But you just watched; as all this happened!

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“Now, he’s gone forever.”

And again, in the sister location video, lest we not forget that he “learned how to pretend”. And we simply went off like it almost never happened as the videos still went up. However; we still mentioned anti, but not as much as we did before. It was around the “Oxenfree” playthroughs where the Anti hype kinda started to spark up again, which helps Jack wherever he is now. After the “Say Goodbye” video, we were all reassured that Anti was done and over with, without getting a full closure on how Jack got his body back. 

 After that, we just continued with our regularly scheduled program, most likely “forgetting” that fact that this: 

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 Actually happened. 

 Now, look back at the two parts from Detention when Anti shows up. 

“hello?” (he’s looking into the camera, seeing if anyone’s there. he’s seeing if he can glitch through the system.)

“You!” (breaking the fourth wall once more, as he knows you’re watching. hoping that you can see him glitching through as you’re watching as all of this is happening again.)

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I don’t think Anti’s the one hidden behind the glitches this time. I think the person pointing is Jack. 

I feel like this could mean two things. 

“Did you forget that I was trapped here?“ 


“Are you too afraid to remember that you watched me get trapped here?”

  • Ryan: Hey, there's a road. We could follow the road in.
  • Michael: Is it a lonely road?
  • Jeremy: No, it's a long and winding road.
  • Michael: It's the only one that I've ever known.
  • Jack: Do you know where it goes?
  • Jeremy: I'll I know is that it's only him.
  • Michael: And I walk alone.
  • All: [start intoning the melody of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"]

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Zimbits coffee shop au please!

Jack pulled his hoodie down lower over his forehead and glanced around nervously. He hoped no one recognized him. He better not recognize anyone here either, he silently added.

A new bakery-slash-coffee-shop had opened in the neighbourhood, just a block from Jack’s own bakery shop, and while he wasn’t concerned about losing any loyal customers, the competitive side of him got curious.

So, wearing what was probably the worst attempt ever at obscuring his identity, Jack had gone to the new coffee shop to see what they had to offer. He busy was glaring at the attractive display of lemon bars and danishes  when his attention was suddenly caught by the small, blond guy at the front counter.

He wasn’t sure how long he was openly staring, but the gorgeous specimen of a human being had to ask him twice if he was okay. Jack flushed; he could feel his face turning pink.

“Sorry,” Jack apologized. “I was trying to decide. Um, so many choices.”

The guy gave a small smile and beckoned for Jack to come closer. Jack was like a moth to a flame. “I recommend the maple praline squares,” he said with a charming, southern drawl.


“And,” the guy whispered conspiratorially, as if he was sharing an important secret with Jack, “I’ll even let you have a sample, on the house today.”

Jack swallowed. “You really don’t have to,” he started.

“My treat,” he said, already wrapping up the largest piece of the dessert in wax paper and sliding it across the counter to Jack. “Just don’t tell my boss,” he added with a wink.

Jack was back the next day. He really shouldn’t be here, but now, he was even more curious than before. The maple praline square yesterday had been pure deliciousness and he’d even gone so far as to lick the wrapper for the last, sweet crumbs. He’d crumpled up the wax paper and hidden it deep in the garbage can so that no one would find out where he’d gone.

He justified the next visit as a reconnaissance mission. The more he knew about this bakery with the cute cashier, the better Jack could formulate a plan on how to manage his own business.

The guy recognized him and gave him a wide grin when Jack went in. Just like the day before, he gave a recommendation (apple pie with maple sugar crust), except Jack insisted on paying this time. When he refused to take the money, Jack dropped a twenty in tip jar. On his way out, he heard the guy call out, “See you tomorrow!”

Jack was so gone for this guy, it stopped being funny.

He eventually learned his name (”It’s Eric. Or my friends call me Bitty too.”) and he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about Bitty all the time He went every afternoon to the competitor to buy their baked goods just for a chance to see the human embodiment of sunshine.

Jack wondered if he could persuade Bitty to quit and then come work for him. He’d be willing to pay a much higher wage if it meant he could see Bitty at his bakery everyday. Anything to have to Bitty close.

It got harder and harder to hide this from his coworkers. Shitty, who’d started the bakery with Jack and co-owned it, had started giving him shifty looks every time he came back from seeing Bitty. Lardo, on the other hand, gave him knowing looks, and Jack supposed she already knew. Lardo knew everything.

He needed to consider what he was doing. Jack stopped going to the other bakery for a couple of days. He felt miserable, but he realized that he needed to stop fixating on the other business so much. He had his own bakery to manage, and it was probably better for him the long run anyways.

On the fourth day, Jack was working the late morning shift. The bakery had quieted down after the initial early morning rush. The door opened, and to Jack’s utter surprise, Bitty walked in.

“There you are! I thought you were sick or dead,” Bitty said.

“I–” Jack’s heart started beating like it wanted to escape his chest. Bitty was here. Bitty realized he was the rival bakery.

“Well, what do you have to say for yourself?” Bitty casually hopped on one of the counter stools and looked expectantly at Jack.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” Jack managed to choke out.

“I took the morning off. I can do that.”

“But why are you here?”

Bitty raised an eyebrow. “I am here because the guy I have been outrageously flirting with suddenly disappeared so I decided to track you down myself.”

Jack actually spluttered, but after he regained control of his breathing, he said, “You aren’t mad?”

“Why would I be mad?”

“I own this place, Bitty. I’m your bakery’s competition and I never said anything. You probably shouldn’t even be here. Your boss could fire you or–”

“Jack,” Bitty said sweetly. “I know.”

“Oh.” Jack wasn’t sure how Bitty knew, but he wasn’t mad and that was all that really mattered.

“And, Jack?”


“I’m the boss.” At Jack’s confused expression, Bitty clarified,  “Of the bakery. I own it. I bake.”

Jack took a moment to process the information. “So, did you know who I was the entire time? That I’m your rival?”

Bitty laughed. “I knew the first day you walked in.”

Jack felt out of his depth. He wasn’t sure if this was some kind of cruel joke and now Bitty had come to gloat.

Bitty, sensing the shift in his mood, softened his expression. He slid off the stool and walked around the counter until he stood in front of Jack. “I came to ask you out,” he said. “I was thinking lunch at that really nice bistro on the east side of the river.”

“Really? You want me?”

Bitty was inching ever closer. “You think I’m going to let go of the guy who can make a pecan pie to rival mine?”

The answer was pretty self-explanatory after Bitty pulled Jack down to kiss him.

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Rhys and Timmy dating but rhys doesnt know tim is tim he thinks hes jack and tim cant say anything bc handsome jack clones are sorta, you know, Top Secret, and if he told anyone he would 100% probably die but it kills him inside that hes duping rhys and what if rhys only likes him bc he thinks hes jack

Tim constantly goes to jack and nisha abt it, and they enjoy watching timmy Suffer, and all they do is give him shit relationship advice and make bets on how long it’ll take for tim to realize that his face wont actually explode if he outs himself as a double.

But like. One day rhys is like “im gonna drop by jacks office as a surprise cause i like seeing him and hes actually a really sweet guy.” He has every intention of gettin dirty. So he buys two coffees and heads over to the actual jacks office bc like its jack everyone knows where his office is, and rhys thinks its silly how jack(tim) wont let him drop by at all. He may or may mot be wearing something scandalous under his clothes

Rhys waltzes in and the Real Jack is like “fuck fuck fuck fuck this is the little twink tims been going crazy over” and he does a three star try at trying to act like tim until rhys starts getting saucy, then he just buzzes timothy right then and there, slams his fist on the intercom button on his desk and “Timothy Fucking Lawrence” needs to report to handsome jacks office immediately. Rhys is confused. Jacks counting out $100s because he lost the bet with nisha. Tim walks in and he mightve felt his heart drop straight past his stomach and out his ass.

“Hey there timtam, introduce yourself to this young man before he tries to stick his hand down my pants again”

  • dan: i can’t do this jack
  • jack: why
  • dan: we can’t carry the show where are dean and phil
  • jack: i don’t know ok
  • dan: its been like 20 min we’ve been waiting for them
  • jack: I’m trying to just do the link without them
  • dan: for me its not a new thing i look away for one second and where did phil go
  • jack: theres a big awkward gap next to you i see what you mean

What if Jack and/or Finn have a fan account for themselves just to interact with us? So, we could literally be talking Jack or Finn right now and we’ll never know.