Captain America 76th Anniversary Celebration Post

The very first Captain America comic has a release date of March 1941, so in order to celebrate the 76th Anniversary of our beloved Steven Grant Rogers, I have asked Tumblr users to submit their favorite Cap comic panels, art, quotes, pictures, meta, gifs, and/or write-ups on what Captain America means to them. And here is what Cap’s fans have to say… (please feel free to reblog and add your own favorite Steve Rogers moments, etc. to this post).

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Comic book legend Jack Kirby’s concept art for an unmade film version of my favorite science fiction novel of all time, Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light

The twist is that the Lord of Light movie this art was created for was all a cover story, a fake movie production to allow US agents into Iran in order to rescue the hostages at the embassy. Kirby’s art was a part of this cover story. The movie Argo was based on this particularly insane chapter in CIA history. 

Shame it was just a cover story. Lord of Light is maybe the most influential novel in Jack Kirby’s post-Marvel comics output, and while Kirby may have created some memorable concepts, all of his “space god” comics lacked the creative power and humor of the Zelazny novel that inspired them.