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Hot Pepper Operation Cash VS. Jacks #20DaysOfDallas

only one minute and I can’t stop lauging already

still looks extremely hot

Johnson be like “swallow it..did you swallow?? swallow it Gilinsky” lmao

⭐️Jack Johnson imagine⭐️

“Babe, baby wake up.” You felt yourself being shook. Your tired state took over and you dozed off again. You felt being moved, lifted and walked somewhere. You opened your eyes slowly and looked up. Jack was holding you bridal style, walking you into the bathroom. Your arms wrapped around his neck as your head fell onto his shoulder.

“Morning princess.” He smiled down at you. He sat you down on the cold counter. Shivers ran up your spine and goosebumps rose up your bare legs. He ran his warm hands up and down your legs to make them go away. You smiled down at him as he got on his knees a hugged your waist. Your arms wrapped around his head and shoulders as your fingers ran through his fluffy hair.

“I have a surprise for you today, but you have to get ready. We’re going to the studio for your surprise.” He smiled as he got up and handed you your brush. You smiled as excitement surged through your body. Johnson went to make breakfast as you got ready.
The drive there was so exciting. Johnson played Tyler the creator all the way there. You loved him and sang and rapped along with everything. He smiled at you as he drove faster.

You walked to the studio door and Johnson stopped you.

“What baby?” You smiled.

“Are you ready princess?” He asked

“Hell yeah, what’s my surprise?” You happily jumped and wrapped your arms around his neck. He just stared. “Babe, answer me!” He just giggled and kissed you. You deepened the kiss before pulling back and licking your lips.

“Come on princess, your surprise is inside.” You walked through the doors of the studio and the cold air hit your skin. It was always cold because the guys got so hype, and hot, when they were recording. “So, I know how much you love Tyler.” Johnson smiled. You were confused.

“And?” You giggled. Johnson laughed and let go of your hand. You whimpered from the loss of contact. You wanted to hold his hand, you always loved touching him. He pushed you into the recording area with his hand on your lower back. You were turning around to grab his hand again when you heard that infamous deep laugh. You stopped, wide eyed and looked at Jack. He smiled and walked past you.

“What’s up G? Tyler! What’s up man? This is my girlfriend. (Y/n).” You couldn’t move, but then you did. You turned around and gasped. You walked forward and looked at Johnson, Tyler, G, then back at Johnson. “Surprise!” He said with a wide grin.

“Oh my god, Jack!” You jumped into his arms and he spun you around, he set you back down with a long, lingering kiss. “H-Hi, I’m (y/n). I am such a big fan.” You held out a hand as the other held onto Jack. Tyler shook your hand and stared. Well this was awkward.

“Dude, say something. You’re being creepy.” Gilinsky nudged his shoulder as you took your hand away and leaned into Jack’s chest. He wrapped his arms around your waist and laid his chin on your shoulder. All of you were looking at Tyler… And he was looking at you.

“S-sorry. Hi. You’re beautiful.” He spoke quickly, his voice was so deep, shivers ran up your spine as you blushed and looked away. You felt Johnson’s grip tighten as you thanked Tyler.

“Yeah…” Johnson spoke, “Let’s start recording.” He grabbed you and walked towards the booth.

“Babe, you’re recording with him? That’s awesome!” You smiled at him and the tension in his shoulders relaxed. You calmed him. He walked up to you and wrapped his arms around you. His hands resting on the curve of your ass. “What?” You smiled and kissed his nose.

“I just love you and don’t like when other people compliment you. That’s my job… You’re beautiful by the way.” He smirked. He was jealous. He looked over as G and Tyler walked into the booth. He smirked at you and before you could ask why, he kissed you roughly. Sweetly, but roughly. He slipped his tongue in your mouth and quickly took control. You pulled away out of breath.

“Jack!” You whisper yelled, feeling embarrassed. “Don’t do that in front of people.” You scolded.

“Why (y/n)? We all hear you guys when we come over.” He turned to Tyler who looked crushed, “We come over for one weekend and they can’t keep their hands off each other. One fucking weekend is all we ask!” Gilinsky said before he walked over and grabbed headphones off the rack. “Ready guys?” He asked. Johnson kissed you again and smirked to Tyler.

You walked out of the booth and over to the couch so you could hear the boys record. Johnson winked as the beat started. His jealous little ass was in love with you, and you it.
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