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Flights #6

Jack’s POV

Peyton, Grace, and I made our way through the airport. The masses of girls weren’t as bad due to the fact we had kept our flight on the down low. Only a few fans noticed me as we walked to the gate. I paused and took a few photos while Grace and Peyton waited off to the side. “Alright lovely ladies, let’s keep goin,” I said to them as I finished the pictures and picked up my backpack. They smiled and fell in step with me. We eventually found our gate and slouched into seats to wait for the plane. Grace put in her music while Peyton curled up in the chair next to me. She laid her on my shoulder and watched while I edited some videos on my laptop. “Are you excited?” She asked after a moments silence. “Absolutely,” I answered still focused on the screen. I felt her smile against me and then we resumed the silence. “Okay we will now begin boarding flight 9258, flight to Los Angeles.” The flight attendent came through the speakers. “That’s us!” Peyton said in a little squeal. I chuckled. “Let’s do this!”


The flight was smoothe, as usual Peyton slept the whole time and Grace joined her so I just listened to music and enjoyed the forced relaxation. Once the plane landed, we unloaded. To Peyton’s liking, we sat in the front so we didn’t have to wait to get off. As we made our way into LAX, girls began to swarm. I cringed internly. I loved my fans but I could sense Peyton felt overwhelmed. I couldn’t blame her, it was new and odd to see me with my fans. I tried my best to get Peyton, Grace, and i through the airport and to the luggage claim. As we waited for our luggage, Peyton hung on my arm. Eventually our luggage came onto the belt and we picked it up. We walked out of the airport into the California air. As soon as we walked out, I heard Sam. “Jack!” He called from the car. Johnson was driving and Sam was in the passenger seat. “Welcome to California,” Grace said under her breath, Peyton smirked at me. We always joked about Grace and Sam. “Dude we missed you guys!” Sam said while hopping out of the car. “P, how ya been?” He said while taking her bags and giving her a hug. “I’ve been real good but surprisingly I’ve missed your obnoxious ass,” she joked with Sam. He smirked. “That’s what I like to hear,” he said. I chuckled while beginning to load up the car. “And then you remember my best friend, Grace,” Peyton said to Sam, reintroducing Grace. He nodded and bit his lip. “How could I forget such a pretty face…” he said while staring at Grace. She blushed. “Nice to see you again, Samuel,” she said, extending her hand. Sam shook it and continued to hold her eye contact. “Alright you two, keep it in your pants, let’s go,” I said to them while opening the door to the backseat. We all piled in and caught up with Johnson and Sam. It was a typical summer day in LA. The sun was brilliantly shining and the skies were blue. The palm trees passed by the windows. It felt amazing. All of us teenagers, cruising in a Jeep, in the greatest city. I smiled and put my arm around Peyton. “We’re living the life,” I sighed.

Peyton’s POV

“Here we are Gracie! My new home,” I said while opening the door to the apartment. As we walked in, the familiar smell consumed me. It felt good to be back in LA. I hadn’t realized how much I missed it. Cali ran up and greeted us. “Hi baby!!” I said while crouching down to pet her even though she wasn’t very small anymore. “You’ve grown so much!” I said while she smothered me in kisses. Jack crouched down next to me. “Hi cutie, we’ve missed you,” he cooed at her, petting her face. Grace set her bags down and walked in. “Wow,” she said in awe. “This is incredible, I am so jealous P. Logan…” she trailed off as she looked out at the view. “Tell me about it,” I said while I went to join her. “Well soak it up today because come tomorrow, we’ll be hoppin a bus out of this town!” Johnson said as he helped carry bags up the stairs.


A few hours later, the boys had left the apartment to go rehearse for the show in LA tonight that kicked off the tour. Grace and I hung in the living room, eating pizza. “This is crazy, did you ever expect us to be going on a tour? And for you to be dating a celebrity?” Grace said as she reached for her fourth piece of pizza. I laughed. “What can I say? You and me are pretty fucking awesome.” She laughed. “Hell yes we are! Can we drink to that!?” She said, looking around for some alcohol. I chuckled. “Top, left cabinet by the fridge.” I told her. She hopped up and poured us a few shots. Grace carried them over and set them on the coffee table. “To a fucking awesome next few weeks,” she said while raising the shot glass in the air. “Cheers!” I said while clanking mine with hers and then we both tossed them back. We began laughing. “Let’s get some music!” I cheered while running over to the stereo. Music came through the speakers as Grace and I danced around and took a few more shots. “Alright alright, we can’t show up drunk to the first show,” I laughed. “We should go get dressed.” Gracie was all giggly, clearly tipsy. “Oh Pey, such a worrier. But okay, let’s go get sexaaaayyy,” she sang. We stumbled up the stairs to Jack’s and my bedroom. Grace and I continued to dance around as we did each other’s makeup and picked out clothes to wear. Eventually, we decided on dresses and hairstyles. “Ready?” I asked Grace. “Hell yes,” she said. With that, we walked downstairs and took the elevator down to the lobby. We walked out to find a driver waiting for us. “Ms. Logan and Ms. Butler, your car,” he said as he opened the back doors for us. Grace and I giggled like teenage girls and crawled in. “We’re living the high life now!” Grace squealed. The driver got in the front seat and pulled away, heading towards the arena.

Jack’s POV

Johnson, Sam and I hung backstage at the arena. The crowd was the biggest we had performed for yet. The nerves were pulsing through my body as I heard the screams and cheers. Just then, Peyton and Grace walked into the dressing room. “You look hot,” I said to Peyton in awe of her body in the little black dress that outlined her so well. She bit her lip and looked down. “Not too much?” She asked. “Not at all,” I said while pulling her into me. I kissed her lips. “You’re going to do amazing tonight, babe,” she said. “Okay, get a room,” Johnson said while rolling his eyes. Just then the manager came in. “Time to hit the stage boys,” I let go of Peyton. “Have fun, I’ll be cheering you on!” She said. Johnson, Sam and I made our way to the stage. Sam walked on first to open for us since he only stayed on for part of the show, he then would go join Peyton and Grace. Adrenaline built up as Sam introduced us.


Being back on stage felt incredible. As we ran off after our first show, I couldn’t wait to see Peyton. She was waiting right off the stage. I ran and picked her up. “You killed it!!!” She said, running her fingers through my hair, ignoring the fact I was dripping sweat. I kissed her hard. We were in our own little world when Johnson interrupted us. “Where’s Grace?” He asked. Peyton pulled away and looked around. She looked confused. “She was right next to me…” She said. Sam walked up then. He rubbed the back of his neck. “Uh yeah…Grace left.” He said. Peyton looked at him. “She went back to the apartment?” She questioned. Sam paused and looked down. “Uhm no…she went home. Like to Chicago.”



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