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You Don't Know Me **Skate Imagine**

Being an independent woman in a world full of housewives and gold diggers, is pretty hard. You’ve devoted your entire life to making sure you would never need a man for help. This has lead to success and, of course, some difficulty. It has most definitely put a strain on your love life. Being in the music industry, you’ve seen guys treat woman like trash, which means you’ve picked up a lot about men and their ways.

You’re currently in the studio working on a collab with the Jacks, when you see a man step into the room. He had a lot of tattoos, a ton of swag, and a presence that any one would die for. You see him shake up the Jacks, wondering who the hell he is.

“Um excuse me this is a closed session.” I say with a bit of sass.

“Yo y/n it’s cool. He’s the dude we were talking about.”

Earlier in the day, the Jacks said they had a friend that could help with beats and a bit of writing. You walk out of the studio to meet this mystery man.

“Damn Ma, you lookin good.” He says eyeing you up and down.

“Excuse me..? Do I look like a piece of trailer park groupie?”

Nate sits back and looks stunned.

“I didn’t think so.” You say, not letting him reply.

After you told Nate off, it was a little bit awkward in the studio. You admit you felt bad for going off, but you can’t have any guy talking to you like that, no matter how good they look.

After you guys finish up in the studio, everyone decided to go and get drinks. When guys walk into the bar, you could feel Nate trailing slowly behind you. To get away from the awkwardness, you decided to get away from the guys and go get a drink.

“I’ll have a coke and rum please.” You say to the bartender.

You look around examining the crowd. It wasn’t very alive how it normally was, but nonetheless crazy.

“That’ll be $7.” The bartender says.

You being to reach for your wallet before you feel a hand on yours.

“I’ll get that for you.” Nate says, giving the bartender a $10 bill.

“No thanks. I got it.”

“Listen y/n just take the drink as an apology.”

You don’t protest any longer and you take a sip of the drink.

“Thanks.” You say to Nate before attempting to walk away. Nate grabs you by your wrist, before you could make it far.

“Aye y/n I’m sorry about earlier. I just don’t know how to control myself when I see someone as sexy as you are.”

“Typical male.” You says before downing the rest of your drink.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that all men are dogs that can’t control themselves.”

“See that’s why you’re single.” Nate says as you give him a death stare. You wish you had something in your cup so you could throw it in his face.

“Excuse me?!” You yell at him.

Nate chuckles a bit before explaining.

“I didn’t mean it like that Ma. I’m just saying that you have this assumption that all guys are the same, and they’re not. I mean you might have missed the love of your life because you’re so damn stubborn.”

It finally hit you that you were measuring up all guys the same.

“For once you’re making sense and not sounding like a douche. But I’m pretty sure I’m right about you.”

“How so?” Nate laughs a bit.

“You think that just because you’re a rapper that you can pull any woman you want. You have these tattoos to look hard and shit, and you smoke weed all the damn time. You’re just a…fuckboy.”

Nate looks taken back a bit.

“I guess there’s only one way to find out if you’re right.” He says stepping closer. “Lemme take you out tomorrow night.”

You step closer to Nate, and grab his chin.

“We’ll see.” You whisper close to his lips.

You walk away leaving Nate wondering and wanting so much more.

Taylor Caniff Imagine “We can’t be friends anymore”

Requested by @mydearjustyncase ❤︎
Hello Lovely! I was wondering (because mr taylor caniff feels are hype right now) would you do an imagine about being Taylor’s best friend and tweeting something like “I feel so cliche fallin for you.” and Taylor gets all jealous and wants to know who it is but y/n refuses until Tay says he doesnt want to be friends with someone who keeps secrets. So she tell him and then he says something like “We cant be friends anymore…we have to be more”. wow thats such a weird idea, huh?

Thank you so much for your request, really hope you like it even though it’s kinda short! :)
Requests are open!!

“I’m on my way. Better be home!” You read a text from your best friend Taylor. 
Only five minutes have passed and someone knocks on the door like crazy.

“Who is it?” You ask loudly as you make your way to the door.
“Your best friend” Taylor answers. 

As you open the door you can already see his annoyed stare at you. 
Taylor doesn’t even wait for you to step aside. He slams the door open and sits down on the sofa. 
“Come in, Taylor.” You say sarcastically. 

“I thought we were best friends.” Taylor shakes his head at you as you walk over to him. 
You sit next to him and stare at him with a questioning look. “We are, Tay. What are you talking about?”

He looked at his phone, scrolling like crazy. “Taylor? Hello?” You ask a little bit louder. As he found what he was looking for he threw his phone onto your lap.

Things were definitely clearing up for you.
“Finding out that my best friend is falling for someone via twitter. Isn’t that just great?” Taylor frowns at you, waiting for an explanation.

You get up, trying to avoid the situation. You really didn’t feel like telling him. 
“Do you want something to drink?” You fake a smile.

“Y/N, sit down. Please? I really want to know who this guy is you keep telling me about. I don’t know anything but aren’t we suppose to tell each other everything?” Taylor was slowly but surely calming down.

“You’ve had a crush on some girl for months now and never told me anything ether.” You complain. He had no clue what to reply because you were right. 
“I just.. I am not ready.” You continue to say. 

Taylor gets up to stand right in front of you, chest to chest.
“Don’t you trust me?” he seems disappointed.

As an attempt to fix the situation without telling him your secret you wrap your arms around him. “Don’t be mad. Pleas.” but he pushed you away.

“Taylor!” You shout, maybe a little bit too dramatic but he doesn’t care. 
He determinedly walked to the door and you paniced.

“I feel cliche because..” You pause and so does Taylor.
“Because I fell for my best friend.”

He turns around and glares into your eyes. 
“We can’t be friends anymore…” He says calmly and your jaw drops. 
“It’s because of that girl, isn’t it?” You shake your head.

A smile forms on Taylor’s face followed by a mocking giggle.
“Well, kind of.” He answers you cocky. 
“There’s no need to be ru..” You attempt to say but he interrupts your sentence by kissing you. 
“..We need to be more than just that.” 

His giggle, his laugh, his voice, the way he handles tiny Mia so delicately while gushing completely on the floor with that adorable smile of his about how cute she is, LIKE BRUH. 😍


Guys, my heart is seriously melting right now, holy fuck.



He’s a gem 💕


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