Request: Can you do a cute Blake Gray imagine please?xx

Hey guys!! I’m finally back!! My laptop is semi fixed, so I can start writing again, but there is still some minor complications with the way it is working, so please excuse any grammar or punctuation errors, I tried really hard to make sure everything was correct but there might be a few here and there. But anyway, this is a super cute one so be ready to smile!!

You wake up to the crisp morning air, you take a deep breath, the air filling your lungs.The bright sunlight shines through the half open curtains hanging from the top of the window. You smile, as the memories from the previous night fill your mind, making your heart swell with happiness.


You sit quietly and nervously on the leather seats in the back of a white limo. You are wearing a tight-fitted black dress and black, red bottomed spiked high heels. What you are feeling is more than confusion. Who had sent you this out fit, who had gotten this limo to pick you up at your hotel and take you to where ever you were going? You have no clue.Your thoughts were interrupted when the limo came to a halt and the door to your left is whipped open. You step out,onto the pavement, your heels clicking in the process. The crisp night air of down town Los Angeles hits your skin, causing goosebumps to arise on your arms.You take deep breath, air fills your lungs as you take in your surroundings.

“right this way miss,” the driver takes your hand, leading you into California Dreaming. The most expensive and sophisticated of all the restaurants down town. You feel flattered as you walk through the revolving door and your heels sink into the bright red mushy carpet of the dining room. The limo driver steps away from you when the both of you reach the hostess desk, and whispers something to the man behind the desk. The hostess nods, a smile appears on his face as the limo driver continues to whisper to him. 

“ah, right this way Miss (y/n), your date, at a table for two awaits you in the garden.” You smile, as a thousands names run through your head. Who could this be you think. Who would do all of this for me? You trail close behind the hostess, he stops in front of a set of double doors. He looks back at you for a moment as he grabs the handles. 

“Miss (y/n), I introduce to you, your date.” the doors swing open and you cannot believe the sight in front of you. It is absolutely beautiful, almost over whelming. You look around, a romantic dinner, set at a table for two, in a garden filled with beautiful flowers and fountains, accompanied by warm lighted icicle lights and the twinkle of the stars in the night sky. But to top it off, there sat, in a black suit and tie, a smirk playing on his lips, your best friend, the one and the only, Blake Gray.


You roll over expecting to find a shirtless, sleeping Blake, but only find the empty sheets that he used to fill. You sit up in confusion, using the perfectly white sheets to cover your fragile, and petite half nude body. You move to the side of the bed, your bare feet touch the cool wooden floor as you stand up. You grab one of Blake’s t-shirts laying on his dresser and make your way to the door way, to find Blake. 

You step into the hall way of the hotel room; the presidential suite. You hear music booming from the kitchen. You make your way down the hall, the music getting louder with every step. You peek around the corner, into the kitchen. There in front of the stove you find a sleepy, shirtless, messy haired Blake trying his hardest to flip a pancake. You smile to yourself as you admire him. 

Not only are you admiring him because he is shirtless but you like to watch the way he moves. Especially when he doesn’t know your watching. You’ve always enjoyed doing this from the moment you met him, all 10 years of your friendship. You love the way he stands when he’s washing the dishes, or the way he scans over his closet a thousand times before he picks a shirt to wear. You love the way he looks in the mirror every chance he gets, or how cute he looks when he is asleep. You love the way he answers the phone with a “hello beautiful” and the way he scrunches his nose when you tell him you love him. You love watching him drive, because he always only uses one hand when your in the car because the other is on your thigh. You love the way you never have a conversation when you’re in the car together because you sing to each other, and you even love when you wrestle and he beats you, because you know that after he gets his victory, he showers you with cheek kisses.

Your thoughts are interrupted when Blake turns around and sees you standing in the door way. He smirks and walks your way.

“Good morning, gorgeous” he cooes as he kisses your forehead. You smile, closing your eyes, loving the way his lips feel against your skin. You hug him around his waist.

“Good morning, handsome. I see you attempted to make me pancakes” you giggle as you let go of him and make your way to the stove to see how he was doing. You look around at the mess in front of you, even though you know you cannot eat the food because it is probably disgusting and you know you will have to clean this tremendous mess, you smile because you really couldn’t be happier. You turn around to face Blake,

“well these pancakes do not look very edible, but you looked cute when you were making them.” he furrows his eyebrows in confusion.

“how long were you watching me?” he asks 

“Hmm just a few minutes. I like watching you do stuff.” you explain.

“I catch you watching me all the time. Like when we had sleep over back at home, I’d wake up and you’d be staring at me.. I always thought it was weird” he giggles nervously. You look at him with a fake hurt expression on your face.

“It is not weird!” you defend yourself, smacking his toned chest.

“It really is. well wait, maybe not weird… I’d call it strange.” he corrects himself. You think a minute, and shake your head in a left to right motion.

“no no no, I wouldn’t call it weird, or strange.” 

“well then what would you call it?” he asks, pushing your back against the counter, resting his hands on your waist. You blush at his actions. You then smirk, knowing what you were about to say would change everything between the two of you.

“hmm, I’d call it… love.” he looks into your eyes blankly, and for a minute you think you’ve made a mistake, but then, he grabs your face and your lips connect. That was the first and very long over due kiss between the two of you, and it surely was not the last.


I am so excited to be back! I have about 9 requests right now, so just bare with me and let me catch up on my writing and then requests will be open again. I am sorry this one is kinda short, but it was super cute, I thought. You all should really let me know what you think, because although most of my posts get likes, i never really get any like written feed back. SO PLEASE BE UP IN MY ASK BOX N SHIT. Hope you guys enjoyed reading :)