I miss when Taylor wore a new bandana everyday.

I miss when shawn was our secret little muffin.

I miss when Carter wasn’t such an asshole.

I miss when Hayes was just a fetus.

I miss when Cash was on my phone screen and not on a movie screen.

I miss when the Jacks would drop a new vine everyday instead of a new single.

I miss when no one knew that the Omaha lane consisted of more then just Jack and Jack.

I miss Jox.

I miss Aaron’s old haircut.

I miss when I called Bart dad instead of hating him.

I miss group videos.

I miss magcon.


I love how far the boys have gotten but I just want things to go back to the way they were sometimes.

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1 year. 1. Whole. Year. 1 year ago, this ended.

I can’t believe this. Literally in November of 2013 I found out about Magcon and I remember falling in love with every single one of these boys and their passion, talent, charisma, and love for all of us. They’ve cared about us since day one and I am great full for that. We have been through some ups and downs, but being in this fandom has created something amazing. We are family and we support each other, no matter what. When Nash, Cam, Hayes, and Carter left, and when the whole tour ended. I will never regret joining this fandom, even with all the drama that is happening/has happened. I met some of my best friends, thanks to them. All of us kind of bonded over them and now they’re like my sisters. I will always remember Shawn and the Jacks performing, Nash and Cam doing little skits on stage, Carter, Matt, and Taylor goofing off on stage, and Aaron and Hayes always messing with each other.

As much as I wish I could go back to this, I can’t. None of us can. But we’re okay now. Them breaking up has made us stronger and we will never forget how much they made us smile and how much they continue to make us smile.

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Magcon throwback / Part 1 / (by liiloxprincess)


No matter what we’ll all still remember the memories. Magcon ending may have a year ago today seemed like a bad thing at the time but look at where they all are now. Living happy lives and achieving their dreams while making us, themselves, and their family both proud and happy. Magcon was just a name. Just another event. But these people who we look up to… they are so much more than some guests at an event, they are a family. They got screwed over on the business side of things. Would you really want them to stay for that? Now look… Shawn just came out with his first debut album. Jack and Jack went on their own tour with lots of music they made. Nash and Cameron are in a movie. Taylor made up his own tour and is buying cars out the ass. Some have been nominated for awards. Some have made TV appearances. Some have met so many new people like fans, famous people, idols. They are all achieving their dreams, but no matter what all of them will always know Magcon is where they started. Where they met. Where they started becoming friends. Started a family. And started meeting us. We made them happy. They made us happy. And they still are. And we still are. So here’s to the memories. Both past and future. I can’t wait for more. I can’t wait to see what all of these boys and Mahogany are going to experience and achieve. And I’m very happy to sat that I’ve been around since the beginning. To Magcon and it’s last final day! 4/17/15 <3    —-These are my edits btw 


Vine :
History Class

Overdue PART 10 -Jack Gilinsky Imagine-

“How are they here?” I whispered to myself.

“What was that?” Justin said while trying to turn around, but I hugged him tighter and said,“I can’t believe I’m here! Thank you so much Justin!”

“No problem baby, now let’s work some magic.”

We both sat down at the sound board and seconds later three producers came in and did a weird handshake thingy with Justin and introduced themselves to me.

“Justin says you’re really talented.”

“Well I’m not that talented…”

“Then why are you here? First lesson of stardom and self-confidence is you are the shit. If you’re not confident in yourself then your fans and the world isn’t going to be confident in you, so I’ll say it again Justin says you’re really talented?”

“Hell yeah I am!”

Justin and the producers all clapped and cheered while I blushed a bit hiding my face in my hair. We all got to work writing and testing out different tracks that would compliment the song and my voice. The room had a nice vibe until my phone started vibrating in my boot.


“Y/N I NEED to talk to you…please”

“I don’t even know who you are…?


I rolled my eyes and thought about literally turning off my phone but surprisingly I didn’t.

“What do you want Gilinsky I’m working!”

“Where are you? Can you come to the studio? Not the one at our house though lol believe it or not we are getting a chance to record at Columbia Records 😊”

“Umm funny you should mention that because I’m already there! And it’s now about to be hilarious because I’m right across the hall from you with Justin and some producers.”

I looked at the window across the hall to see Jack looking down at his phone to him slowly looking up and across the hall at me. We both looked at each other for three seconds and snapped our heads back down to our phones.

“Fucking him Y/N?! YOU’RE STILL WITH HIM!”

“What’s your problem Gilinsky?! Why do you care so much! You wanted to talk then fine lets talk but I’m not going to have you talk shit about Justin when you don’t even know him!” 😒✋

“I don’t want to talk to you over text…”

“Oh well Jack I’m working on my first single! All of you already have songs out and I have nothing! If you really care and you want to fix everything that YOU ruined then start with letting me have my moment…”

“Either you meet me on the fifth floor in Room 108A or I’ll come over to you…your choice babygirl

I cringed at the name and honestly thought about the situation before me. Finally…finally I was getting one step closer to my dream and Jack comes to turn it into a nightmare! He won! He has his girlfriend and his friends so why is he still a constant parasite to my life. I’m trying to move on and he’s making it hard as hell. I don’t want Jack or any of them in my life anymore…it’s time to grow up.

“Uhh gentlemen I’ll be right back, I have to uhh…use the restroom,” I mumbled while getting up and smoothing down my skirt.

“You know where to find it?” Justin asked concerned while getting up as well. I nodded my head and gave him a smile and he kissed my cheek and I walked down the hall to the elevator hitting the fifth button.

Oh boy….

Jack POV

“You think she’s always been a bitch but we’ve never seen it for some reason?” Nate asked and all the guys thought about it before agreeing with him.

The boys were going through their stages of hate and right now none of them, well except for Matt but all of them were bashing Y/N. Sam said the most but I knew it was just because he was hurt and wanted his friend back. When Y/N accused Sam of hurting her it was like she took a knife and stabbed him right through his heart. I could see that he wanted to cry. Sam and Y/N were so much alike and that’s why they were such good friends. They were both stubborn and didn’t listen to anyone when they were upset. That’s why they always came to me.

Sam hated me for ruining their relationship, but he also hated her for not trying to listen. We all hated her for that reason. She just took us out of her life and she wasn’t listening to any outside force. She was so hurt and that asshole was taking advantage of that and filling her head with “love” and lies.

“She thinks she’s Hollywood now that she’s with Justin Bieber!”

“I kept telling you boys she was a slut! But no one listened to me,” Madison said while coming out the recording booth.

“I mean cmon now, Jack she got mad at you for seeing me and right after now she’s with Justin like wow such a hypocritical bitch.”

Madison sat on my lap and my phone beeped indicating that I had a text, it was from Y/N telling me that she was in the room and if I didn’t come in 30 seconds that she was leaving.

“Uhh guys I’m going to the bathroom. I’ll be right back baby.”

They all nodded and I jogged down the hallway into the elevator pressing the fifth button. I’ll admit I was nervous and my hands started to sweat. I hadn’t seen Y/N in 3 months and part of me was wishing that she would listen to me, forgive me, we hug it out and then she come back to the family but we all know that’s never going to happen. I just hope she reasons with me and we can talk like adults and not have a screaming match.

I walked down the hall until I got to room 108A and I looked inside to see Y/N sitting at the piano playing. I quietly opened the door and listened to her singing.

“I thought that things like this get better with time, but I still need you….why is that?”

“You’re the only image in my mind..so I still see you..around…”

“I miss you like everyday..wanna be with you but your away…”

“I said I miss you, missing you insane…but if I got with you would it feel the same?”


Y/N looked up slowly and connected eyes with me again. Her eyes held no emotion. Was that because she was hiding them behind a wall or she just didn’t care anymore?

“Thanks it’s going to be my first single…”

I nodded my head and it got quiet again.


“Let’s cut the virgin nervousness Jack, we both know why we are here so get to the point,” she said while getting up and leaning against the piano folding her arms across her chest. Her softness in her voice was gone. Her innocence was slowly fading and that glow that she had about her was dimmed. Where was my angel? What the fuck was he doing to her?

“Y/N I didn’t come here to fight”

“No one wants to fight Jack! I’m asking you for the fifth time in the last 30 minutes What. Do. You. Want?”

“I want you to stay away from him”

“He has a name! What is your problem with Justin! If you hated him so much why did you go to the Roast? Oh wait I know because we were supposed to make if official! Right babyboy?”

“You can have any guy in the world! Guys would kill for you and you chose him!?”

“I could say the same for you Jack! Ever girl wants your dick and you decide to give it to a Girl Scout!”

“I’m not going to have you disrespect my girlfriend!”

“And I’m not going to have you disrespect my boyfriend Justin!”

She almost said boyfriend. I let out a shaky breath. 

“You like him?”

“I-I don’t know what I feel for Justin…all I know is he’s been heaven compared to the hell I’m living in caused by you.”

“Y/N I-”

“You what Jack! You’re going to say sorry! You’re going to tell me how you hate yourself for doing everything you did but all you want is your best friend back! All I was doing was trying to protect you.”

“Y/N you were constantly stressing me about Madison! You couldn’t see that I was happy?!”

“Jack I was your best friend! I saw how she was changing you and not for the good!”


“Yes Jack was…I’d be stupid to forgive you for all the things you’ve done to me. You know if I were to make a list of all the impossible things that could ever happen to me. You lying to my face, sleeping with Madison in my bed, humiliating me in front of the entire world, and turning my friends against me…would be at the top of the list.”

“Y/N we miss you. I miss you I just want you back in my life!”

“You want a lot of things Jack. You wanted Madison and you got her and you didn’t care how you got it…never in a million years did I think you would ever even let the thought cross your mind of hurting me,” She whispered.

I had tears in my eyes and she didn’t. Wow she didn’t. She didn’t feel anything. Y/N walked towards the door and put her hand on the knob and I whispered,“So this is how it is huh? Just like that? You’re just going to walk out of our lives and never look back!”

“I’ve been doing it for two months now”

“Has it been easy?”

“Yes” Lie

“Really and that song your writing is just a thought that popped into your head huh?”

“What do you want me to say?”

“I want you to be honest with me. I don’t want anything else from you then to know that you’re like a sister to me and I want you back. I want you with me! Not him! I said while grabbing her arm. I still felt that spark.

“Let go of me! I don’t belong to you Jack!”

“I’m just trying to protect you Y/N! He doesn’t deserve you!”


“Yes! You’re mine Y/N you’ve always been why do you think the guys never made a move on you! You belong with me! You’re my constant!”

“Ok your delusional Jack!” She said while trying to pry herbarm from my tightening grasp.

“I love you Y/N!”

She stumbled into the hallway leaving me in the doorway and she fixed her shirt. She shook her head and ran down the hallway entering the elevator and I started yelling and punched the nearest wall.


Justin drove us back to his house and I just stared out the window looking at the street lights pass. I can’t believe Jack tried! I kept getting texts from him since I left the room. They ranged from “I’m sorry” to “I need you” to “Please don’t leave me” Pathetic…

I got out the car and walked straight up to the guest room and plopped onto the bed.

“Baby can you come here for a moment?” Justin called from his room.

I walked in seeing him try and undo his cuff links and giggled a bit at his struggling.

“Although your laugh is cute baby I do need your help please?” He smiled while holding out his arm.

I jogged over and gently started to untwist the diamond buttons. I could feel his breathing on my cheek and I started feeling hot. When I finished I held them out and he gently took my hand leading me over to his bed sitting me down while he kneeled in front of me.



“I want to ask you something really important…”


“Well it’s been three months and you haven’t been back to your loft, and the staff loves you, and it’s pretty lonely having 9,400 sq feet all to yourself an-”

“Justin are you asking me to move in with you?”

“Well…yeah…I know you are a hard worker and you don’t like things given to you but don’t think of this as charity or a Cinderella Story think of it as a blessing. You deserve the world Y/N and all I’m waiting for is the permission to give it to you…what do you say?”

“As a blessing? Are you my guardian angel?”

“I prayed to God about my future wife. For him to send me an angel or a vision and he sent me you…”

Oh my god…

✨hi babes! This week took forever!!! 😫😫😫 but it’s finally here! OMG! I can’t believe Jack! I can’t believe Justin! I can’t believe Sam! 💘 Y/N is finally getting what she wants but at what cost? Oh and to let you all know I have figured out all the plots. Everything is finalized and I can’t WAIT until the ending…we are all going to cry 😂 Hmm is Justin moving too fast? Here’s a line from next week’s chapter: “You got your boy and I got mine, why still hold the grudge sweetie?” 💗✨


*Jack G. Imagine*

AU:You and Jack are dating. No one knew untill he told an interviewer the news about you guys.But not everyone is happy for you guys. You get a lot of hate but you don’t care but Jack does.Jack is really sad because people are hating on his girlfriend that means everything to him so you comfort him and tell him you would never leave him because of all this drama.

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Their New Beginning

well today is the day….one year ago on this day April 17, 2014 Magcon broke up….

I’m seeing a lot of remember when posts and stuff like that and yes all of that is great but while I love a trip down memory lane every so often we have to remember that this was for the better. Look at them now! They are so happy and I am really happy that they achieved this. Sadly it did take the break up of Magcon but now we follow them as their careers continue to grow.

We get to say that we were here from the beginning. I love what they did with Magcon but it constantly reminds me of sadness because it is no longer a thing. So I have to look to the present and I see all that they have accomplished and I am so proud of each and every one of them (including the omaha squad).

So while yes today is a very special day remember that it was a life changing day for them that sent them off into the world to do the things they are doing now!

They have all come so far and I’m really proud of them