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I suspect I’ll be leaving shortly. Don’t despair, some other poor bastard will take my place soon enough. I wish I could assure you that he will be as generous as I with his scraps.
Either way, you mustn’t settle for whatever refuse finds its way into this cell. There’s a whole world out there that every so often rewards ambition. Mark my words. Today the crumbs, tomorrow the loaf. Perhaps some day the whole damn boulangerie.

You’re welcome.

Emperor Sons AU brief description:

Having absorbed a poisoned arrow, tar swamp reveals to emperor’s sight not yet a pissy demonic tree, but an actual ‘human’ infant. Deciding to kill a child at first yet at the end not daring to do it, emperor decides to raise him along with his own baby his wife should give birth soon.

The boys grow up together like brothers and very close friends. Due his quick temper, Aku (not his actual name at first of course) growing up as a rather trouble kid and often gets involved in a fights, occasionally defending not only himself but also his little ani. Plus, some evil tongues of the empire spread the rumor that ‘emperor’s older son is a demon in disguise of a human, who’ll bring sorrow and suffering to our land’, although the emperor himself is trying to stop these rumors in the bud.

The matter is complicated by the fact that Aku almost always feels himself as an unwelcome stranger, not only in his family, but on Earth generally. Jack is the only one person who actually can ease up the feeling of Aku being unwanted, сomforting him and giving some kind of emotional support.

This occurs until the dormant in young Aku demonic essence awakes due new traumatic experience he goes through, most likely witnessing incredible human cruelty, aimed on him Elfen Lied shit is real, ya got me m8 and lately fully transforms into a demon we all love.

In a nutshell, Jack now fights not just a ‘pure evil’, but a being to whom he once related as brother. The emotional struggle is real, bros 

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Who else is as excited as we are for the new Samurai Jack Series?

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Samurai Jack vol. 1-4: Cover art by Andy Suriano 

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