jack is the bad influence parent

I’m having emotions about the “Jack and Maddie are with Danny instead” alteration.
Like during “Million Dollar Ghost”, Jack and Maddie have to hunt Phantom to keep Danny’s cover. Maybe Jazz refuses to let Danny “hang” with their parents, believing that it’s a bad influence, until the Spectra incident.
The Ultimate Enemy is painful bc not only would Danny have lost a lot of people he loves, but the two people who love him unconditionally, even after watching him become Phantom - gone.
After “Bitter Reunions”, Danny tells his parents about Vlad, and Jack and Maddie attempt to help Vlad, saying that he’s still their friend. (This ultimately just pisses him off, but they’re still there for him)
I love it so much. More Jack and Maddie being awesome parents and friends and it would give them more character development.
Pls I need it

Will and Hannibal as written - romantic tropes in no particular order Part 1 

  • pining/stood up date - when Will forgets about his appointment with Hannibal (cause encephalitis) and Hannibal goes into full on ‘woe is me I must end this horrible sadness mozart Lacrimosa’ mode, he literally stood up Hannibal for their ‘date’. This is immediately after Hannibal discusses loneliness and unhealthy obsession / sexual attraction with Franklin. He then goes on to drive for hours in the snow ( I think??) to find Will - something that wouldn’t be out of place in a Tom Hanks rom com. 
  • jealous rage - when Hannibal thinks that Will was killed by Budge so he basically goes on a rampage ‘I was worried you were dead’ - Will and Hannibal killing the Red Dragon because neither can stand the idea of anyone but one of them killing the other 
  • jilted/betrayed lover - s2 finale is the epitome of this, and unfortunately it’s a common theme in real life as well - spouse feels betrayed by significant other so she/him is punished via killing their child / them. Hannibal is the betrayed spouse who punishes Will for his betrayal by killing their daughter and then attempting to kill Will - classic double homicide which is almost always perpetrated by the husband 
  • Making breakfast - Hannibal hand makes Will breakfast and brings it to him in his hotel room where they eat together - the symbolism of making food for someone is - thought and concern and selflessness / consideration - almost always considered a romantic thing re a guy makes a girl breakfast ( cue nawwws )
  • Cooking for someone when sick - I still cannot fuckin believe that Hannibal brings Will chicken soup when he’s sick in hospital. Takes time out of his busy schedule to worry about Will’s wellbeing - classic caretaking behaviour that belays a large amount of familiarity and care and a sense of home
  • Having children as partners - they literally adopt Abigail as their surrogate daughter. Pretty sure I don’t need to extrapolate on that one 
  • Love letters - Hannibal basically spends the majority of his time as the Chesapeake ripper serenading Will through his victims - ‘I have a date with the Chesapeake Ripper’ ‘Will you let this killer’s love go to waste ? ‘ Hannibal also writes Will multiple letters when he’s incarcerated in s3 ( which Will melodramatically burns jilted/bitter ex lover style) 
  • This Person Looks Like My Ex And I’m Gonna Fuck Them’ - Hot Scarf Dad in a nutshell - soooOooO many rom coms use the ‘this girl/guy  looks like my main love interest that I’ve had a falling out with I’m gonna bang them but wait the chemistry isn’t the same and now I miss them :(’ 
  • Protective parental figure - Jack is basically a stand in for Will’s dad - overbearingly protective and doesn’t necessarily have Will’s best interests at heart ( he literally warns Will off Hannibal multiple times like the whole ‘he’s a bad influence on u etc) Alana in a lot of ways is a stand in for a maternal figure ( a bit fucked if u think about how she and Hannibal were a thing but there ya go) as she ‘worries’ about Will and reprimands Hannibal often 
  • Jealously - idk it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that Hannibal slept with Alana after Will kissed her………..also 99% of Will’s interactions with Bedelia - two people discussing their mutual ex ( so much bitterness in all their exchanges jfc). Hannibal fucking up Margot’s child with Will was also just straight up petty jealousy - character A destroying Character B’s relationship / chances with Character C. Hannibal sending the Red Dragon after Will’s new family