jack is my favourite


thank you 3 for having us in for the early Q and A, you were hilarious as ever and you mean the world to us all ^~^

also I can’t believe I was sat right in front of Brandon Turner, holy crap that dude is awesome omg



Throwback Thursday - Jack’s tranquility experience at the Revelmode panel :P (September 2016)

These are some of my favourite bits of the panel! Jack being himself was very enjoyable haha
(from the Revelmode Panel, PAX West 2016)

I drew @therealjacksepticeye as Gregg because they really are the same person hehe, I am still at the beginning of pixelart (that’s why it isn’t soo good) but drawing Jack is always my favourite thing. I really enjoy the series and am so looking forward to the next episode because it calms me down and bc I enjoy those types of games with Jack so much!
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alright guys hear me out i am serious

- we hire todd mclellan to coach

- we definitely take matt murray as our starting goalie

- because young talent is always good, we also take connor mcdavid

- in fact lets make him captain now

- gotta take jack eichel to make connor happy

- people like auston matthews right? yea

- logo is a triangle

- get a lot more up-and-coming young players. for sustainability and all

- in fact dont take anybody whos over 23

- or whos not from the us or canada

- and there we go, perfect new nhl team. names are still being suggested but im liking team north america what do y’all think


original blingee caption: ThE bOiz iN aLL TiMe LoW r SoO kEwL n CuTe! <3333