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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales; my opinion

**Contains some spoilers**

First I have to say i had very high expectations going into this one, and they may have been too high sadly. I marathoned 1,2 and 3 again (skipped 4 because its not my favourite) to get into the world of pirates again and watching the first three just made my excitement 10x stronger. Pirates was always one of my favourite franchises growing up, I loved Jack and Will so I was beyond excited to see them again. Dead Men Tell No Tales was okay, it hurts me to say that but i expected way more. I wanted the epic ship battle scenes and the epic sword fighting scenes and I just didn’t get it. The action wasn’t that good and even the black pearl should’ve gotten more screen time… but the big reasons as to why this movie just didn’t do much for me was because how Jack was written. Captain Jack Sparrow is such a badass, hilarious character and watching the first three again just made me so excited to see him again and dodge his way out of trouble but honestly they made him seem so weak and scared, it pisses me off so much, he would scream at everything and run. I get Jack runs but he always comes back to fight and has these beautiful battle scenes but he just didn’t have that here which broke my heart. My favourite scene in this franchise is the big battle at the end of At Worlds End and i just wanted something as epic. A major spoiler and something that pissed me off to no measure was killing Barbossa which I thought was one of the worst things they could’ve done. He is a beloved character and killing him was wrong even though he died a hero it still sucked but I am so happy Jack is now once again Captain of the black pearl.

I was beyond ready and excited to see Will return because it wasn’t the same without him and Elizabeth. Another reason why i was let down from my high expectations was because they literally had no screen time. The fans wanted to see Jack, Will and Elizabeth together again and that was the scene i was waiting for and I never got it…Jack never spoke one word to them but saw them from afar and they never saw him which infuriated me beyond words, this was the moment I’ve been waiting for since they announced 5 and it sucks i never got to see them together again. Will was another character i fell in love with growing up besides Jack and he had very little screen time and deserved way more, oh and where the fuck was bootstrap…he wasn’t even in it :/ For Elizabeth I am even more heartbroken, she never had ONE line not one… I had huge expectations for when her and Will reunited, this was my most highly anticipated moment of this movie and it was beautiful and I cried so hard I couldn’t see through my IMAX glasses but I wanted a conversation between her and Will or at least some words exchanged to one another.

As for the story line it was also okay, I’m not big on so much magic in these movies when its overly done and this one was just resolved so fast. Having the curses of the seas now broken gives them a lot of room for more movies though. 

The after credit scene was really good and dragged me back in, with Will and Elizabeth sleeping in bed together and you hear/see Davy Jones’ shadow walking into their room, standing above them and showing his claw (hand)  then disappearing and Will waking up and pulling Elizabeth back in his arms (which was beyond cute i have no words, my shipper heart couldn’t take it) was just such a good hook for another movie if they decide to make another one. 

My final say is that I just expected a bit more from this movie, I wanted the darker tone of the old ones back, epic ending battle scenes on the ships, I wanted Captain Jack being more like he used to and lastly i just wanted more Will and Elizabeth. A scene between them all would’ve been amazing and worth the wait. I don’t mean to sound so negative this movie did have its good parts, it really was a funny movie that had me laughing throughout it all. So if they ever did decide to make another one i would want the tone to go back to how 1-3 was and Jack being the badass we know he is. 

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I drew @therealjacksepticeye as Gregg because they really are the same person hehe, I am still at the beginning of pixelart (that’s why it isn’t soo good) but drawing Jack is always my favourite thing. I really enjoy the series and am so looking forward to the next episode because it calms me down and bc I enjoy those types of games with Jack so much!
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