jack is judging you

“Jack? You’re a photographer.”

Jack looks at Bitty, who is standing nervous in his doorway.

“I take a photography class,” Jack corrects. “I wouldn’t call myself a photographer.”

“But you know about lighting and good camera angles and stuff,” Bitty encourages.

Jack nods. “I guess. But so do you. What about those vlogs, eh?”

Bitty shrugs and bites his lip. “I want your help with something.”

“Okay,” Jack agrees easily. He’s likes helping his teammates and he always feels good after doing something for Bitty. “So should I get my camera?”

“Please,” Bitty says, stepping properly into Jack’s room.

“So, what’s it about anyway?” Jack asks, lifting the camera out of its bag.

“Oh. Well. It’s ah… I was thinking. I want to set up a Grindr profile.”

Jack nearly drops the lens he’s fitting onto the camera. “Really?”

“Well, yeah,” Bitty says. “And I thought, you take nice photos, so…”

Jack keeps his turned while he tries to figure out the sudden queasiness in his stomach. He doesn’t know why it’s there. He doesn’t normally feel this way when helping Bitty.

“Ransom and Holster keep trying to set me up with people,” Bitty continues, “and I do want a relationship, but I want to do it on my own terms.”

“Grindr though?” Jack asks. “Is that the best place to be looking for a relationship?” He doesn’t know why he’s questioning Bitty’s decision. He’s not trying to be judgemental. He’s blames the feeling in his stomach for it coming across that way.

“Well, where else?” Bitty asks him.

“I don’t know. Your classes?” Jack suggests, wasting time fussing with his camera.

Bitty scoffs. “I’ve been in the same classes for months and nothing has happened. I want–I’m ready to be with someone. So, like I said, Grindr.”

Jack turns to Bitty finally. “What about parties or something. Student unions? You’re part of some, aren’t you?” Jack swears he’s trying to be supportive. 

“Yeah, but same problem.” Bitty’s got a shrewd look on his face, staring at Jack like he’s puzzling something out. “Jack, are you—I don’t get it. Why are you so against me doing this?”

“I’m not against it,” Jack refutes automatically.

“It sounds like you are,” Bitty points out, crossing his arms.

“I’m not,” Jack’s says again, though he knows–is shamefully aware–there’s some truth to the accusation.

“Then why are you being so judgemental?”

“I’m not. I’m not judging you for it.” Jack would never judge his friends like that. Their lives are their own and he respects that privacy.

“Then what are you doing,” Bitty throws his hands up. “Why are you pushing back on this?”

“I’m not,” Jack says defensively, reeling from the accusation, feeling guilty and confused.

“Something’s going on in your head. This isn’t…” Bitty shakes his head, then says with clear disappointment, “It’s not what I expected from you.”

It’s not his head, Jack thinks, it’s his stomach. Something strange is going on, he feels like he’s swallowed something sour. “I don’t know. I… really don’t,” he stammers.

Bitty narrows his eyes. “Sure you do, Jack.”

“I, I—"

“Just tell me. I want to know.”

Jack clutches the camera to his stomach. “I honestly don’t. You just—I just—I feel like—"

As his stomach clenches uncomfortably, Jack knows what the feeling is.

“I’m jealous.”

Whatever sentiment Bitty was about to express melts away. His expression goes from hurt to shock, surprise and then something softer. He folds his arms across his stomach again.

“Jealous?” Bitty asks.

Jack thinks it over. The unease in his gut, his strong reaction. He nods. “Yes. I’m jealous.”

“Why,” Bitty asks hesitantly, not like earlier.

“I don’t know,” Jack repeats, wondering that himself.

“Could you… try to figure it out? Please?”

Jack stares at Bitty. “I’m jealous because…” he starts, not knowing where the sentence will take him. “I want… I want to be that someone. Your someone.”

His gaze is so focused Jack can see Bitty swallow from across the room.

“Jack,” Bitty says, taking a step forwards.

Jack blinks. He feels shaky but doesn’t mind because Bitty’s not looking at him like he cares if Jack’s hands are trembling. Jack puts the camera down on his bed and makes his way over to Bitty.

“Don’t get Grindr,” he says, stopping an armlength away.

“Why not,” Bitty asks of him, arms dropping to his sides.

“You won’t find what you’re looking for on there.”

“Why not.”

“Because—” Jack takes a deep breath and another step toward Bitty. “Because it’s here.”


If someone ships Jashi they do not support pedophilia
If someone ships Jashi they do not support incest
If Jashi is canon, that does not make Samurai Jack a trash show
If Jashi is not canon, that does not make Samurai Jack a trash show
At THIS MOMENT (1:58 am on April 27) none of us know anything for sure. Whether she’s actually Jack’s daughter, whether she’s much younger than him or not really because he didn’t age, etc.
Damn people.

You Can’t Wear That, Jack Maynard Imagine

Highly requested for story #1 to be with Jack Maynard, so here it is! Hope you enjoy:)

-Cute Pic-

-Jack has a crush on Y/N-


You walk out into the living room where you find Conor, Josh and Jack all sitting together.

“Guys? Does this look ok?” you had plans with a guy that night and didn’t want to make a bad impression. You were wearing shorts and a plain shirt and even you thought that it was kind of boring. The three of them look at you, Josh rolling his eyes, Conor actually judging the outfit, and Jack just checking you out.

“Is this for that guy?” Conor asks, Jack’s eyes widen a little at Conor’s words but they quickly return to normal when he calms down.You know Jack has always had a crush on you but he’s never made any moves so you just don’t bother trying to take it anywhere.

You nod your head yes at Conor and he instantly laughs. “Are you trying to bore him before you even speak?” he says still laughing, you not finding it as humorous.

“I’m not boring” you defend yourself.

“Y/N please” Josh joins in, “you literally spent all of last night reading instead of coming out with all of us”

Conor laughs and you look to Jack to see if he was going to join in.

“I think her outfit looks fine” Jack smiles at you sweetly before he looks down to his hands.

“That’s just because you don’t want another guy to look at her like you do” Josh rolls his eyes at Jack and Jack’s face instantly went red.

“Seriously though, maybe wear like a dress or something” Conor gives your current outfit a disgusted look and then he looks away.

You sigh as you walk away to find another outfit. After frantically pulling clothes out of your wardrobe, you find a short black dress that showed off some cleavage.

‘This’ll get me some attention’ you think to yourself as you throw it on.

The dress sat perfectly on you and hugged your curves tightly, this guy was in for a real treat. You walk out of your room to go model the dress for the guys and are startled when you bump into Jack. He looks at your dress and his tongue swipes his upper lip, his eyes staring at you intensely.

“Is it bad?” you ask unsure about your choice now.

Jack looks up to your eyes and you could feel his stare in your stomach.

“You can’t wear that” Jack says bringing himself closer to you.

Was Jack Maynard about to make a move on you? Your heart raced as he got closer and closer,  you didn’t know if what was happening was true.

“Is something wrong with it?” you ask gulping as he nears your body. His chest was inches from your face and you could feel the warmth from his body.

Jack brings his head down to whisper, and what he says causes your heart to melt on spot, “If you wear that out, I wont be the guy who takes it off”.

He places his hand on your hip and brings his face down so his nose was centimetres away from yours. You wrap your arms around his neck and he lifts you up to wrap your legs around his body. He pushes you up against the wall and continues to kiss you sloppily.

His kiss was warm and wet, it was very sexual and it turned you on. His hands went around your waist as he rubbed up on you, creating friction. One of your straps fell from your shoulder and when Jack realizes, he takes his chance and begins to sloppily kiss your neck, leaving hickeys behind.

“AAAHHHH” Conor yells as he falls to the ground pretending to cry. He covered his eyes as you jump down from Jacks body. Both yours and Jacks faces were bright red.

“Don’t be so dramatic” Jack rolls his eyes trying to play it off cool.

“Yeah, at least i know i chose the right outfit” you laugh instantly getting a glare from Conor.

“This is disgusting” Conor whines as he stands back up shaking his head. He storms away angrily and you give Jack a cheeky grin.

Lover Boy (Davey Jacobs X Reader)

WC: 3088

Warnings: Sadness, childbirth, mentions of sex, pregnancy, war stuff

Summary: Davey goes to serve as a doctor during World War 1, but little does he know that his wife, Y/N, is at home pregnant.

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb @linslovelylocks @ahhhhamilton

A/N: I know my schedule says a fic on Sunday but psych bitch! @gninrud-anna gave me this plot (and a lot of the wording was from her messages) and honestly I adored it so I decided to make it a full fic. Enjoy!

“Y/N. I’m home!” I whirled around to face my husband, my skirts swishing as I did.

“How was work, darling?” I asked, pecking Davey’s lips as he shed his coat, hanging it up by the door.

“It was alright. We did get one guy in the office who had somehow managed to swallow a dollar’s worth of nickels. That was somethin’ else, I’m telling you, Y/N.” Davey said, chuckling as he opened the newspaper that sat on the kitchen table.

“That’s great. Is there anything in particular you want for dinner, Dave?” I said, and Davey paused, setting down the newspaper.

“Not really, but, uh, before you start dinner, there’s somethin’ I’ve been meaning to tell you.” Davey said, scratching the back of his head.

I furrowed my eyebrows and sat down next to Davey, placing a hand on his arm gently.

“What is it? You’re not dying, are you?” I said, and Davey let out a little chuckle, shaking his head.

“That’s good.” I muttered, kissing Davey’s cheek softly.

“Y/N, I enlisted. I wanna go overseas and do my part in this war. Ya know, help out the sick and wounded people.” Davey said, and the room fell silent.

There were quite a few moments before any words were uttered. “You what?” I said, and Davey let out a sigh.

“You heard what I said, Y/N. The army’s always lookin’ for more doctors, and they always say that a doctor is the safest profession in the military.” Davey said, standing up and running a hand through his dark hair.

“Davey, what if you don’t come back, huh? What if something goes wrong and I lose you?” I said, feeling tears prick at my eyes.

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not to be THAT person but i think it’s incredibly bullshit writing that dean, who spent at least one entire storyline hating himself for the danger he posed to others with the mark of cain (probably another one too but i cant remember), not empathizing with jack. sam ALWAYS has to pull the emotional weight, even though it would make more sense for DEAN, who always had a stronger connection to their mother, to want to use jack as a way back to her, LET ALONE how he should be able to see himself in jack.

He’s only just met Jack Morrison and he has a goal; make the damn stick in the mud calm down.

Gabriel Reyes tries not to get his feelings hurt that his assigned partner in the program seems to tiptoe around him. There’s a difference of rank and some weird gaps in their slang that seem to put them in an odd spot. But the last thing he plans to do is put up with this grouchy asshole not smiling for the next 6+ months. Still, he starts small.

“Hey, Morrison!”

Jack stops in the middle of the mess hall and blinks at him dumbly. Actually does a take over his shoulder, like he’s not sure Gabriel could be talking to another Morrison or not. When he looks back, Gabriel points at the empty spot next to him and looks impatient.

There’s a little pause, Jack inhaling and exhaling visibly, then he straightens his posture and sets off toward the table. Looks like he’s going in for a job interview, Gabriel thinks absently. When he gets there he sits down, almost mechanical in his movements, and looks down at his tray briefly before glancing at Gabriel.

Gabriel looks back, relaxed in his spot and leaning on his elbow, and raises a brow when Jack catches his eye. “You always like this?” he asks.

Jack makes a face and asks, “Like what?”

Gabriel gestures at him. There’s a pause, Jack looking down at himself, and then he looks back up. He’s clearly not getting the message.

“Do you ever, like, relax?” Gabriel asks. Jack wrinkles his nose and looks back at his tray. “Was that a no?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jack replies, less curt and more… detached. It’s an odd thing to try and process. “I’m relaxed.”

Gabriel scoffs. “Are not.”

“Am too.”

“I’ve never even seen you smile, Morrison. Or laugh.”

“I smile…”

Gabriel knows the ones he’s referring to; those fake-ass grins he puts on when someone important is talking to him. Looks like he belongs on a poster for Captain America. They’re awful. The eye roll that summons is enough to get Jack to furrow his brow at him.

“You forget how? Did the training fuck up your facial muscles or something?” Gabriel leans in and prods at Jack’s cheek, earning a half-hearted swat. “Is this the fate we’re all doomed to face eventually?”

“I doubt anything could get rid of your shit-eating grin, Reyes.”

Gabriel reels back a little, over-dramatic and grabbing his chest, and asks, “Are you sassing me, Morrison? Do my ears deceive me?”

And Jack, rapidly looking back down at his tray, shakes his head, “I wouldn’t dream of it. That would be insubordination, wouldn’t it?”

But there’s something else there. The barest hint of a grin, pulling at the corners of his lips. He bites his lip like he’s trying to get it to go away, like he can will off the impulse if he tries hard enough. But it’s clear enough to give Gabriel a proper opening after all.

“Careful,” he says, leaning just a hair closer and catching Jack’s attention, “if you go too fast, your face’ll crack.”

That gets a genuine one, though more out of confusion clearly as Jack follows with, “What in the Hell are you talkin’ about, Reyes?”

Gabriel’s laughing now and somehow it gets a faint one out of Jack. “Your face,” he says, “wouldn’t want to ruin your stoic stare, would you?”

“Shut up, man.” is what Jack says but, judging from the way he spends the rest of their meal biting down a grin, it’s not like he means it.

When I say that I’m Catholic, people think that I am homophobic and I hate gay people.

Well, this has to stop. Not all Catholics are homophobics and not all homophobics are Catholics! 

I’m not discriminating anyone, so why do people discriminate me?

So, all I want to say is that most of the Catholics I know are not homophobic at all, so please stop it.

I have a gay friend, I’m a geek and I ship destiel, malec, solangelo, mattxmello, lxlight, jack harkness and everyone. Do I seem homophobic to you?



  • Eyeless Jack: Nice hands, Helen.
  • Helen: Uh...thank you?
  • Eyeless Jack: I bet they'd look better wrapped around my-
Avengers preference: fall fun

Steve: You and Steve went apple picking. Because he grew up in the city, he didn’t get to see the countryside much. So going out to a quaint farm in the middle of nowhere was right up his alley! He insisted on taking you on the hayride and buying as many gourds and pumpkins as possible, and then when you get home you two try to make a pumpkin pie. Keyword: try. It came out so bad you ended up throwing it out.

Tony: Tony really, really, really likes to carve pumpkins. He has so many gadgets and tools that are perfect for creating a spooky design in the pumpkins and he’ll spend hours getting it just right. He tries to compete with you for most elaborate jack o lantern and even gets the other avengers to judge your pumpkins. You end up winning, because everyone could actually tell what yours was. Tony had done his so tiny no one could see what it was. (It was supposed to be Iron man, of course)

Bruce: You and Bruce spend Halloween night handing out candy to trick or treaters. He lets you borrow his life size fake skeleton from the lab to dress up. About an hour into the evening, you ran out of candy because you both kept sneaking some from the bowl. After calling it quits early, you two had a not-so-scary movie marathon. He admitted to you that his favorite part of the night was seeing kids dressed up like the Hulk.

Loki: Loki enjoyed putting together a costume. Unfortunately, he couldn’t decide what he wanted to be, so his costume was simply all three ideas put together; a clown, a hipster, and a cat. A hipster cat clown. He wanted to make you a matching one, and you really wanted to say no because his costume was so hideous, but at the same he was so enthusiastic that you agreed. You two were the most beautiful cat clown hipsters anyone had ever seen. But then again, you were the only cat clown hipsters anyone had ever seen.

Bucky: Bucky took you for a walk in Central Park. To your surprise, there was a small fair going on so you both went in to check it out. Bucky insisted on winning you a prize at one of the game booths, the one where you knock over bottles with a baseball. Thanks to his metal arm, he won immediately and got you a giant stuffed animal, which he then had to carry around the rest of the fair because it was too big for you to hold. Afterwards, you two went home and tried to make space in your room for the giant prize, and then just decided to leave it in the living room as a reminder of your fun day together.

Pietro: You planned out all of your Halloween decorations perfectly. So of course you were mad when you came home to see that pietro had haphazardly put up all the decorations in the wrong places. He had been trying to surprise you but since Halloween was not widely celebrated in Sokovia he didn’t know what to do. So you two ended up taking the decorations down, and you showed him how to properly make a spooktacular scene.

Natasha: You and Natasha went to a haunted corn maze. It freaked you out, but Natasha only laughed when a ghoul or goblin jumped out to scare you two. She ended up covering your eyes with her scarf and then leading you through the maze so you wouldn’t be so scared. At the end, Natasha took you to a small concession stand and bought you a candy apple as an apology for scaring you.

Injustice 2 Guest Character: Samurai Jack

Vs Batman

Jack: You use the shadows to fight for the light?”

Batman: It’s worked so far.

Jack: Indeed but can that tactic defeat me?

Jack: The line you walk is a perilous one. 

Batman: I’m afraid I might cross It every day.

Jack: Let us see if your conviction is steadfast. 

Batman: You don’t belong in this time.

Jack: I’m aware, that’s why I must have your aid.

Batman: Only if you deserve it.

Batman: That sword makes me uneasy.

Jack: It cannot harm the innocent.

Batman: If your lying you’ll regret it.

Vs Superman

Jack: Your pain does not excuse your actions.

Superman: How could you know?

Jack: More then you can imagine.

Jack: I’ve got to get back, back to the past.

Superman: I can’t help you there.

Jack: You must!

Superman: This isn’t your world.

Jack: Neither is it yours.

Superman: Touche.

Superman: You still haven’t defeated Aku.

Jack: I will in Time.

Superman: Time isn’t on your side right now.

Vs Aquaman

Jack: I am no enemy of yours your highness. 

Aquaman: I do not forgive so easily.

Jack: Very well.

Jack: You almost led your people to ruin.

Aquaman: Who are you to judge?!

Jack: One who would see them protected.

Aquaman: Samurai. What do you seek?

Jack: A means to return to my world.

Aquaman: Our relics belong only to Atlantis.

Aquaman: I would see if it is true.

Jack: What would you see.

Aquaman: If that sword harms only the guilty.

Vs Harley

Jack: You, are deeply troubled.

Harley: Says who?

Jack: Anyone with eyes.

Jack: Darkness hangs to you.

Harley: Must be my new shampoo.

Jack: Yes clearly.

Harley: What is this a pyjama party?

Jack: What on Earth gave you that idea?

Harley: Your Dressing gown duh!

Harley: Got any tips for looking after Haynes.

Jack: Yes. Refine from dyeing their hair.

Harley: Bah! Everyone’s a Critic. 

Vs Deadshot

Jack: Can I help you Marksmen?

Deadshot: Yeah. Please die quickly.

Jack: At very least you are polite.

Jack: Is your aim true Villain?

Deadshot: My reputation say otherwise?

Jack: Your reputation is what concerns me.

Deadshot: Poor little Samurai lost in time.

Jack: Your mockery will not affect me Marksmen.

Deadshot: You really sure about that?

Deadshot: Heard there bounty on you.

Jack: Greater then you have failed to claim it.

Deadshot: Then they weren’t greater then me.

Vs Bane

Jack: I would test your strength warrior.

Bane: I accept your challenge.

Jack: Not your body’s your souls. 

Jack: What could create such a man?

Bane: Penta Dura is what made me. 

Jack: Then it is a place of evil. 

Bane: Konichiwa.

Jack: You speak my home tongue.

Bane: Allow me to show you what else I know.

Bane: Have you ever killed? 

Jack: No. I will never allow it.

Bane: I once said that too.

Vs Doctor Fate

Jack: Please tell me? Do I succeed? 

Dr Fate: Your destiny is for you to learn. Only your choices can reveal it

Jack: Then I choose to learn it now!

Jack: You are familiar to me. 

Dr Fate: We have watched over you since you arrived.

Jack: Would you kindly stop!

Dr Fate: Aku’s shadow will take you to the brink.

Jack: I am ready for anything.

Dr Fate: We shall see.

Dr Fate: You could not defeat the Guardian what makes you think you can defeat me?

Jack: Only a fool gives up without trying.

Dr Fate: And you are no fool.

Vs Supergirl

Jack: Do you have to strength to take up your cousins mantel? 

Supergirl: Think I’m not up to it?

Jack: This battle will decide.

Jack: I have seen many strange things.

Supergirl: Like what, talking dogs?

Jack: That was the least strange of all.

Supergirl: You can fly?

Jack: No jump good.

Supergirl: Right…

Supergirl: Think that sword can harm me.

Jack: It’s magic.

Supergirl: Oh! Well… Crap.

Vs Brainiac

Jack: You claim to be a collector.

Brainiac: I archive worlds and discard the rest. 

Jack: Then you are a true fiend.

Jack: Just nuts and bolts.

Brainiac: My flesh is artificial yes. 

Jack: Then it will cut all the same.

Brainiac: I detect a temporal abnormality from you.

Jack: Aku’s time portal no doubt!

Brainiac: Then you are worthy of my Collection.

Brainiac: Why do you impede me?

Jack: All life is worth protecting devil.

Braniac: Another who falls to Human Error. 

Vs Joker

Jack: I will defeat you.

Joker: Oh how do you figure that?

Jack: Because I am very smart and you are pure evil. 

Jack: Your Jokes… Are not funny.

Joker: -Gasp- Philistine! 

Jack: Narcissist.

Joker: Let’s put a smile on that face.

Jack: You have no such a ability.

Joker: No but I do have a knife.

Joker: A samurai walks into a bar and says…?

Jack: Let me guess; Ouch!

Joker: Well yes, but you forgot the shrikes for mercy.

Vs Black Adam

Jack: A ruler must stand with their people not above them.

Black Adam: Then how can they see the path ahead?

Jack: By leading from the front.

Jack: I have stood before Ra himself.

Black Adam: What did he say to you?

Jack: Nothing. It was very disappointing 

Black Adam: Who dares walk in my path?

Jack: I meant no offence.

Black Adam: Ignorance will not save you. 

Black Adam: I desire that Blade.

Jack: I cannot allow that.

Black Adam: I was not asking. 

Cliff Fall

So @orphanbrigade‘s monthly challenge is beach trip. And I don’t write nice things apparently, so here we are. A nice drabble at the beach. Enjoy!

Jack’s feet sank in to the wet sand, and waves folded over his toes, leaving bubbles as it ebbed back to towards the ocean. The breeze was crisp and comforting.

‘A fucking seagull just stole my ice cream. Where do they nest? Where the fuck do they nest?’

Jack sighed. ‘What do you want?’

‘A seagull, Jack. A fucking seagull stole my goddamn ice cream. We’re going after him.’

‘It’s my day off, Geoff. I’m not chasing a bird.’

‘It’s mine, too! And a seagull ruined it for me. I’m going to shoot him and use his eggs for an omelette.’

Jack shook his head. ‘Males don’t have eggs.’

‘Like you get to judge what he does in his nest. … I bought you that skirt, didn’t I?’

‘You did.’

‘You look a million bucks.’

‘I do. Come on. I’ll buy you another cone.’

The pair sat at the end of the pier, ice creams in hand. The sun was far in the horizon, casting long shadows behind them.

‘Do you ever feel… small?’ Geoff asked.

‘I’m 6’2 and plump as pudding. I’ve never felt small in my life.’

‘Is that a saying?’

‘I don’t think so.’

Geoff laughed and took another scoop with his tongue. ‘I mean it though. The world is huge. Los Santos… God, it’s beautiful and broad. And what are we? We’re nothing. Grains of sand on a beach. Could be washed away whenever. We’d never be missed.’

Jack hummed. ‘One of those days?’

‘Guess so.’

‘… If that cliff crumbled, do you think people would notice?’

‘Well, yeah.’

‘You’re not sand. You’re too important for that. You don’t know how big you are. But I do. Geoff Ramsey, you are a big, beautiful cliff.’

‘Alright, let’s not get mushy.’ Geoff paused. ‘You’re the sun then.’

‘No. I’m the bottom of the cliff. I stop you crumbling.’

Geoff grinned. ‘You’re wasted here. You could have been the next Shakespeare.’

A seagull swooped down and white splattered on Geoff’s head.