jack howard


hlp plz 

need blpgs to follwq

dqsh is empty

reblg if u lke stuf like:

  • panic! at the disco 
  • my lovey sunshine beebo 
  • youtubers (dan & phil, dodie, pewdiepie, crabstickz, jack & dean [together & individually], etc [you know, all the cool youtubers]) 
  • stupidly funny memes (ex. pepe, dat boi, any spongebob memes, hs musical, etc.) 
  • other musicians such as:
    • melanie martinez 
    • tøp 
    • troye sivan 
    • styx
    • the 1975
    • relient k
    • irontom
    • david bowie 

 p.s. if u knw/lke any f thse, messge me, lets b frens 

 p.s.s. if u don’t knw sum f thse, look em up, they’re all prtty dopeee, if u need suggestions hmu