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Home Alone

Orphan Brigade [Baby Years]: The story of how an infamous crime lord became the guardian of three children and a teenager. 

Trigger Warning: Violence and guns 

The penthouse was utter chaos. No-one was packed despite the fact that Geoff had warned them of the trip weeks ago, the boys were hyper (Gavin and Michael were running around duelling with plastic swords) and worst of all, there was a police officer stood in the doorway.

Geoff let Jack deal with the officer while he rushed around throwing things into the boys backpacks. He overheard little snippets of the conversation. Luckily the cop wasn’t after them; he was there to warn them about a string of burglaries in the area. Geoff struggled not to laugh at the idea of the infamous Fake AH Crew being burgled.

Regardless of the non-existent threat, Geoff was still in a hurry to leave. The less time spent near a police officer, the better. He scooped up all the bags and hurried the boys towards the door.

“Sorry officer. Love to chat but we’re on vacation. See you around!” He grinned fakely as they hurried out.

Jack chuckled, locking the door behind them.

“Don’t worry!” The officer smiled, waving as he watched the family leave. “Your home is in good hands.”

Hours later, Ray had finally beaten his DS game and emerged from the bed room, hunting for a snack.


The penthouse was bizarrely quiet.


He searched the entirety of the penthouse, becoming more and more panicked as each room was revealed to be unoccupied.

“Gav?? Michael?!”

Ray stared at the empty living room, tears pricking his eyes. His worst nightmare had become a reality. Ray had been left all alone.

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My Top 15 Male Movie Character Crushes

Kevin McCallister, Home Alone (1990)

Sam, Benny & Joon (1993)

Romeo Capulet, Romeo + Juliet (1996)

Jack Dawson, Titanic (1997)

Peter Pan, Peter Pan (2003)

Noah Calhoun, The Notebook (2003)

Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader Star Wars: Episode III- Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Jay Adams, Lords of Dogtown (2005)

Duke Orsino, She’s the Man (2006)

Graham, The Holiday (2006)

Evan, Superbad (2007)

Wood Chuck Todd/ Todd, Easy A (2010)

Flynn Rider/ Eugene Fitzherbert, Tangled (2010)

Captain America and Thor, The Avengers (2012)

Alien, Spring Breakers (2012)

The Tickle Monster

Hi there. I’m just your average fangirl. Please don’t completely judge me based to what I write. I write these fics for fun and to entertain anyone who reads them. And remember, they are called fanFICTION for a reason. Don’t take them too seriously. Enjoy.

Fanfic: Septiplier, tickle

Summary: Jack is left home alone… with a monster.


Jack ran. Ran down the halls and into his and Mark’s bedroom to hide from what was after him. He quickly scanned to room for a place to hide.

“Oh Jack~” He heard from the out in the hallway. He quickly dove behind the bed and out of sight. Footsteps were heard entering the room.

“I know you’re in here~” The voice sang. Everything became silent.

“Gotcha!” Mark yelled immediately picked Jack up bridal-style to keep him from escaping and dropping him on their bed.

“Nohoho.” Jack chuckled playfully. “There is no escaping now Jacky boy. Not when you’re with… the tickle monster!” Mark announced attacking Jack’s tummy. Jack instantly broke into giggles.

“Mahahahark nohohoho!” Jack pleaded. “Mark’s not here right now. Only the vicious tickle monster. And the tickle monster is hungry for ticklish little irishman like you.” Mark teased starting scribble along Jack’s sides. Jack’s laughter quickly escalated and tried his hardest to block the attack.

It was always fun when Mark got like this. Playful, slightly childish, and in a ler mood. He would usually just tickle the snot out of Jack just for the pleasure of doing it. But, there were special occasions where the tickle monster would visit instead of Jack’s boyfriend. And it made Jack absolutely ecstatic.

“FAHAHAHACK! NOHOHOHO!” Jack laughed. Mark smiled at how he had made such a cackling mess of his boyfriend. Mark suddenly paused is assault.

“Hey Jack, do you know what a tickle monster’s favorite food is?” It was a minute before he got a response as the green-haired lad was still collecting his composure. “I don’t know. What?”

“Raspberries!” Mark swiftly lifted up Jack’s shirt to expose his stomach and blew a big raspberry right over his belly button. Jack busted out in hysterical laughter at the tingling sensations.

“MAHAHAHARK!” Jack screamed. “I’m not Mark, I’m the tickle monster.” He said blowing another raspberry on Jack’s ticklish tummy. Mark then sat up and straddled Jack’s hip, turning to face his legs. He placed his hands on Jack’s feet and began scratching at Jack’s soles, keeping the irishman to laughing his heart out. “NOHOHO! THAHAHAT TIHIHIHICKLES SOHOHO BAHAHAD!”

“Tickle tickle Jackaboy~” Mark teased pulling back Jack’s toes and scribbling there. Jack was going completely insane, and the teasing only making it all worse. His melodious laughter filling the room.

Mark then moved his hands to squeeze and scribble at his boyfriend’s thighs. But he noticed that the closer he got Jack’s knees the louder is laughter got. He decided to test a theory. He stopped his attack on Jack’s thighs and placed his hands behind his knees.

Jack froze.

“Ooo. Did I find a good spot?” Mark asked turning toward Jack with an evil grin. “M-Mark please, not there. Anywhere but there.” Jack exclaimed with a slightly nervous look on his face.

“I told you already. My name is not Mark, it’s the tickle monster!” With that Mark began ruthlessly scratching at the space behind Jack’s knees. Jack went absolutely berserk, making his laughter reach new heights. He was immediately kicking and bucking his hips trying to throw Mark off. Jack knew he was ticklish but never this ticklish. He couldn’t stop laughing if his life depending on it.

“MAHAHAHA- STAHAHA- PLEHEHEHE-” Was all he could get out past his laughter. He couldn’t form proper sentences at how much the sensations drove him up the wall.

“Looks like I found a new tickle spot. Cootchie cootchie coo Jacky~” Mark’s teasing only seemed to worsen the sensations causing Jack’s laughter to start to grow hoarse and silent.


Mark halted his fingers as soon he noticed and got off his boyfriend. Jack swiftly curled into a ball and rubbed the back of knees, proceeding to get rid the ghost tickles stilling lingering on his skin that kept him giggling his heart out.

“Hey, are you okay?” Mark said dropped his act, now concerned. It was a good two minutes before he got a clear response.


Magcon Imagines

Key:   *= smut      Bold=Fan favorite or personal favorite 

Nash Grier 

Dating NashNew Years / Roller Coaster / Pregnant / Anti Valentines Day / Needy / Down The Drain / Studying / Moody / What im thankful for* 

Hayes Grier

Dating HayesIm sorry pt.1 / pt.2 / High School / Caught*

Cameron Dallas

Dating Cameron / Good morning / Aftermath / Breakfast / Are You Ready*

Matthew Espinosa

Badass / Cuddle 

Taylor Caniff

Sick / Creep

Shawn Mendes

Dating Shawn / 21st birthday / Date night / Protective / Photograph / Home Alone*

Jack Johnson

Dating Jack Johnson / Surprise / Prom / Cheer you up / Back home

Jack Gilinsky

Dating Jack Gilinsky / Tour / Long Distance / Drunk In Love / Punched / Protective / Labor / I’ve got to go / You can’t always get what you want / Lazy Self / Did You? / Sorry / Call me daddy / Back Together / One Hell Of A Night* / Shopping* / Sammy’s sister*

Sammy Wilk 

Dating SammyPositive / Sick / Drunk / Cheater pt.1 / pt.2 / pt.3 / High Times / Confessions / Don’t Trip / Birthday Surprise / Flirt / First Date / I’ll Miss You / Too Much / Vanilla Ice Cream / Aye Ma / They Mean Nothing* / Caught* / Truth Or Dare* / Man Of The Year* / In School Suspension

Nate Maloley

Dating Nate / Cute Things Nate Does / Movie Night / Hate it or love it pt.1 / pt.2 / Don’t be mad / Lil ma / I can’t say it / Ship / Same Shit / Wasted / I like You / Sick / Just trust me / Thick / After the fight / Feeling myself / Our Baby / Tumblr girls / What they want* / Lets ditch* / Hot in here* / Teasing*

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Day 26: Favorite song of All Time Low’s?

Probably Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal :3 It’s just such a fun song, with a great tune and beat, awesome guitar riff and bass lines… plus it has a Home Alone reference and Alex wanted to make Jack happy ok



Fucking Christ..

Imagine you and Jack are home alone for the day and you’re making out on his couch. You decide to get a little adventurous and start sucking, biting, and attacking the sensitive flesh all over his neck, getting wetter with each whimper and moan that escaper his mouth.

“Y-y/n, babe, baby,” he manages to huff out. “Fuck. Oh god. S-stop teasing.” You hum against the skin of his collarbone before licking over a small spot on it. His eyes flutter closed and he just lets you abuse that spot. You bite down harshly on that same spot, causing Jack to cry out and arch his back slightly off of the couch. You straddle his waist and whisper in his ear:

“What’s the fun in no teasing, Jack?” Jack whines as you nip his earlobe and begin to teasingly palm him through his dark gray sweatpants. Jack whimpers and bites his lip, staring at you with dark, hooded eyes. He bucks his hips slightly into your small hand and you giggle innocently before attacking his collarbone again. You continue to rub him through his pants, gradually getting faster with each passing second, and soon enough, he is coming undone underneath you, thrashing his body around as much as he can with you still on top of him, screaming your name after every shudder from the strength of his orgasm. When he finally comes down from his high, he smiles sleepily up at you and he mumbles:

“As amazing as that was, I need to change pants.” You laugh and step off of the couch, letting him stand up and discretely wobble up the stairs to y’all’s room. You smile and sit on the couch in satisfaction until you hear, “WHAT THE HELL Y/N?! HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO HIDE THESE?! THESE ARE WORSE THAN THE ONES YOU GAVE ME LAST TIME!” You smirk to yourself.

Victory is sweet.

Magcon Masterlist


Bold= smut   

Nash Grier 

New Years / Roller Coaster / Pregnant / Anti Valentines Day / Needy / Dating Nash Grier / Down the Drain / What im Thankful for / Studying / Moody

Hayes Grier 

Im Sorry / Im Sorry pt.2 / Highschool / Caught / Dating Hayes Grier 

Cameron Dallas

Good Morning / Aftermath / Dating Cameron Dallas / You Ready / Breakfast

Matthew Espinosa 

Badass / Cuddle

Taylor Caniff 

Sick / Creep 

Shawn Mendes 

Date Night / 21st birthday / Dating Shawn Mendes / Protective / Photograph / Home Alone /

Jack Gilinsky 

One Hell of a Night / Tour / Long Distance / Drunk in Love / Shopping / Punched / Protective / Labor / Ive Got to go / You cant always get what you want / Lazy Self / Did You? / Dating Jack Gilinsky / Sorry / Call me Daddy / Sammy’s sister / Back Together

Jack Johnson

Surprise / Dating Jack Johnson / Prom / Cheer you up / Back Home

Sammy Wilk

Sick / Drunk /  Cheater / Cheater pt.2 / Cheater pt.3High Times / Confessions / They Mean Nothing / Dont Trip / Birthday Surprise / Flirt / First Date / Ill Miss You / Dating Sammy Wilk / Caught / Truth or Dare / Man of the Year / Too much / Vanilla Ice Cream / Aye Ma / In School Suspension /

Nate Maloley 

Movie Night / Hate it or Love it / Hate it or Love it pt.2 / Dont be Mad / Lil Ma / I Cant Say it / What They Want / Lets Ditch / Ship / Same Shit / Wasted / I like you / Hot in Here / Dating Nate Maloley / Cute Things Nate Does / Sick/ Just Trust me / Thick / After the Fight / Feeling myself / Our Baby / Tumblr Girl / Teasing /

Picture Preferences 

What engagement ring he gets / What nails you get / Your hair on a date / Valentines day gifts / What you wear to the club / What you wear on a date / The lingerie he buys you / The eyeshadow you wear / You and your kid / Your wedding / Your wedding dress / Valentines day outfit / Hugging /  Your wedding kiss /

Written Preferences 

How he proposes / What he says when hes drunk / Your kids names / First I love you / His Vows / When he is in the mood /

Text Au (Most of these are pretty smutty)

Sext with Matt / Sext with Shawn / Shopping with Nate / Sext with Gilinsky / Wrong person with Gilinsky / Wrong person with Nate / Nash’s sister with Nate / Horny with Nash / Will you go out with me wit Johnson / Sad with Nate