jack halloway

The Elusive Battery Of Love

Tagging mmebookworm who prompted: Molly and Arthur when they were young. I see Molly as much like Ginny, and she interests me. Especially as I see Arthur as much like he was when he was older. Thank you so much, I hope you enjoy :) [ffnet]

“Dear oh dear oh dear.”

“Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear.”

“Oh dear oh d—”

“I am trying,” Molly said, laying down her quill pointedly and glaring at her brothers, “to write an essay. I have NEWTs next month!”

“NEWTs next month! Did you hear that, Fab?” asked Gideon.

“I did indeed!” replied Fabian. “The lady has NEWTs next month. And you know what I heard she’s been spending her nights doing?”

“Or should that be who?”

Molly’s face flushed deep red, but she ignored her brothers, picking up her quill again and writing neat notes on the parchment before her.

“Or is it whom?” Fabian asked. “I never can remember which way round it goes. But fear not! I have a solution. We should refer to him by name.”

“An excellent plan,” Gideon agreed. “But you must remind me: what, exactly, is the name of the bloke who has been taking our sister out at all hours, besmirching her otherwise unsmirchable reputation?”

“Do you think we should have words with the chap?” Fabian asked. Molly underlined a sentence in her textbook with such force that her quill split, and she cursed, reaching for another whilst trying to contain the ink spillage on the page.

“I’m not sure,” Gideon replied seriously. “Perhaps if you could be so kind as to inform me of his name, we could decide if he is worth speaking to. I should hate to think of our Mol being taken advantage of…”

“I believe his name is A—”

“Will you two be quiet?” Molly bellowed with such volume that several onlookers in the Common Room turned around and stared, and a fellow seventh year, battling the same tough essay, glared pointedly.

“Sorry, sorry,” Molly said, flustered, and Fabian and Gideon began to laugh. “For Goodness’ sake, what do you want?!” she asked. “Can’t you see I’m trying to work? My first exam is in nineteen days, and if I don’t sort this Transfiguration mess out tonight I’m going to—”

“Not that we are perhaps the best people to be giving this sort of advice, but—don’t you think that, if your exams are bothering you that much, you should perhaps do some revision instead of…ooh…I don’t know—”

“Spending your all night in the grounds with your paramour?” finished Fabian, as his brother tsked.

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