jack gwen

Jack shook his head; the light behind him magnifying the gesture into a dramatic shadow-play. ‘They spend time indoors, and Toshiko can’t track them there. And besides, I need to know how they move, how they live, how they breed, in order to determine their social structure.’
‘And what good is that going to do?’
Toshiko looked from Gwen to Jack. ‘Excuse me, but—’
‘That way,’ Jack continued, ‘I can work out a way of getting rid of all of them for good. It’s like snails. You can step on individuals from now until doomsday, but if you know they don’t like moving across sharp objects then you can scatter crushed eggshells around the edges of your garden and they’ll never come in again. I need to find the Weevil equivalent of crushed eggshells.’

Slow Decay by Andy Lane (Torchwood Novels #3)

Jack knows a bit about gardening. Interesting…


Just a short powerpoint on some of the reasons why you should try watching torchwood.

‘Blue lights or red?’

‘I think we need a Torchwood day out to Glasgow. Take Archie out for a drink.’

‘I’ll hire a minibus,’ Ianto said. ‘Probably get it painted matt black quite easily.’

‘Can we go without the blue lights this time. Sometimes, in the SUV, I feel like I’m in Santa’s Grotto.’ Owen headed back to work.

‘I like the blue lights, me,’ Gwen said. ‘What’s wrong with blue lights?’

Ianto shrugged. ‘I think they look sophisticated. Perhaps Owen’s only happy if they’re red lights.’

Gwen laughed.

Jack came out of the office.

‘Blue lights, Jack?’ Gwen asked. ‘Or red?’

Jack stared at the two of them. ‘Sometimes, I’m not sure that office doesn’t lead to a parallel dimension and each Hub I go into is slightly different from the one I left.’

The Twilight Streets by Gary Russell