jack guthrie


i’ll never forget this stunning journey. this show made me realise a lot of things and most of all - there’s always a story behind every person. black sails make you feel pity for even the most terrible people. and that’s amazing.


A story is true. A story is untrue. As time extends, it matters less and less. The stories we want to believe those are the ones that survive, despite upheaval and transition and progress. Those are the stories that shape history.


I beg your pardon, ma'am. There are entries for your wage laborers here, but I see no accounting for the others.

Guys I’m like not even being funny when I say I want to send a 10 page long letter to the show writers as well as a freaking bouquet. Black Sails is one of the most extraordinary pieces of storytelling this century and it hasn’t received nearly the amount of attention or accolades it deserves. I’m genuinely so appreciative of this one in a million show. Hoes (including me lmao) be out here throwing money at bore fests like the walking dead and hit and misses like game of thrones when black sails is essentially flawless. Like it should be shown in film and creative writing classes.

One thing I want to hammer home is that this show didn’t go the tragedy porn route like the aforementioned programmes and other wannabe hits. The characters got closure, realistic endings that were also profoundly satisfactory, dare I say happy?? Characters dying in a world as unforgivable as black sails and other period shows is expected and more than plausible, but it’s not mandatory. Anne could have died for Jack and his crew, and it would’ve made sense. But she got to LIVE, the story continued, she made up with Max and got better. Flint could have been killed by Silver and never learned of Thomas - BUT HE DIDN’T. THEY LET HIM HAVE AN ENDING. Nowadays there’s such a trend of killing and tormenting characters to be “edgy” or to elicit a reaction from audiences. It is so much more difficult to not kill your darlings, but to let them play out their mistakes and claw their way back to redemption. It’s also more satisfying for those watching, or so I think. When I think of characters like Ned Stark or Glenn Rhee, I do get sad and reflective, and the spectacles surrounding their demises were controversial enough to make friggin headlines. Black Sails, with its queer male lead, who is also a pirate king; its POC female former slave and leader of a rebellion; the rest of its legion of female powerhouses like max, eleanor, anne, miranda, madame guthrie; the glorious, often heinous shades of grey in charles vane, woodes rogers and john silver; that show won’t make headlines, but hopefully in time people will realise how rare and amazing it was.

Now we wait 20 years for the cast to age, so they can make a treasure island miniseries sequel….

  • black sails: one episode left (:
  • me: ah, the finale will be so intense. flint and silver will get married, then they'll start a poly relationship with madi and thomas who just returned from wherever the writers were hiding him. slavery will be abolished. max will become queen of the americas and she will still see her wife anne and anne's husband jack from time to time, when they're not sailing the seas. eleanor will come back from the dead to kill woodes rogers and billy bones, and she will rule beside max. the memory of charles vane will not be forgotten. everyone will reunite once a year to honor their dead companions who unfortunately could not all come back from the dead.
  • black sails: um, actually-
  • me: and it will win all the emmys!

Beware the women, Mr. Featherstone. They bite.