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1000 Followers Smut Part 2

It was Saturday night and I was sat in the lounge with all of the guys having a movie night. It had been a week since they had played their little game with me and the whole week I had not teased them once. Now I had just about recovered but during the week the boys found it highly amusing to watch me struggle to get about due to the slight pain they had caused from their intense night of fucking. They believed that I had learnt my lesson and that the pain would remind me not to tease them because of the consequences therefore I hadn’t teased them since. Though they couldn’t have been more wrong. I had been saving all my teasing for one night and that was tonight. I tried to focus my attention on the movie though all I could think about was what I had planned for tonight and as the boys went to bed one by one I just got more and more exited. Eventually, after a long time of waiting, I was the last one up and headed upstairs. First I checked that each boy was fast asleep before running into my room and grabbing my stuff. Slowly and steadily I attached each boy to their bed posts blind folding them and removing them of their clothing though that wasn’t hard as the guys only slept in boxers. I couldn’t help but smirk at them all lying there naked and helpless just like I had been knowing that this time I was the one in control. I waited for them to wake up and though I wanted to fuck all of them right now I wasn’t going to let temptation get the better of me. Not long after I began to hear groans and talking from a few of the rooms. Smiling to myself I peered round the doors as everyone awakened. I bit my lip at the sight of the 10 guys that were teasing me just a week ago now lying there already beginning to get hard. I waited a couple of minutes to make sure everyone was awake before getting ready to start off my night of teasing, torture and pleasure. “Y/N is that you what the fuck are you doing?” Gilinsky finally shouted and I smiled to myself.
“I don’t know if you remember the events of last week where you all tied me up and fucked me senseless but I most certainly do and tonight I’m going to get my own back and play my own game. The rules of my game are as follows if you behave and follow my instructions you will get what you want.” I said and paused listening to their breathing begin to get heavy making me giggle.
“What if we break the rules?” Sammy asked and I smirked.
“Then I get what I want.” I hear all of them groan and bite my lip walking into the first room to my right ready to begin my teasing. I walked in and in front of me laid Taylor naked frustrated and tied up. I took in a deep breath trying to contain my excitement before climbing on the bed.
“Y/N?” He questioned and I leaned towards his ear.
“Hey baby.” I said before slowly taking off his blindfold. I stepped back from the bed and watched Taylor bite his lip knowing what was coming. “Are you going to behave?” I asked stepping back a little further and he nodded his head still biting his lip. I smiled turning around slowly pulling off my top and tossing it to the floor. Next I unbuttoned my shorts throwing them down too before reaching behind me to unclasp my bra. I heard Taylor start to move becoming impatient as my bra hit the floor. Turning back around I smiled watching his eyes focus on my exposed chest before climbing back onto the bed. His lustful eyes looked up at me as I placed my lips onto his. The kiss was slow and passionate as our tongues intertwined. “You’ve been good so far,” I said reached towards his hands “I’m going to release your hands but you’re going to have to continue to listen to me and keep them to yourself to get your real release.” He nodded as I took off the cuffs and I smiled at his obedience. I trailed my hands down his sweaty toned body making goosebumps form all over his skin. He sat up and I attached my lips back to his slowly grinding my dampening core onto his hard length. He moaned against me making me smile into the kiss grinding down harder. I trailed my hand down his abs once again this time stopping when I got to his length. I sat back a little as I started to palm him, his length getting harder with my touch. My pace got quicker and I started to occasionally flick my thumb over his tip sending him closer to the edge. I smiled against his lips before quickening my pace yet again making him moan. I pulled back now focusing entirely on giving him his release. He looked at me before closing his eyes not being able to take anymore and releasing into my hand. I smiled as he laid there panting trying to catch back his breath. He opened his eyes and smiled back as I cleaned myself up before walking into the next room.

As I opened the door Aarons head faced towards me and I smiled walking towards him to take off his blindfold. His jaw dropped as his eyes focused on my boobs making me giggle. “Eyes up here!” I said laughing and he looked up blushing. I crawled onto the bed straddling Aaron slowly leaning down towards his ear. “If you can keep your hands to yourself you’ll get what you want.” I whispered starting to grind on his hard length before undoing the cuffs. I attached my lips to his mouth continuing to grind my dampening heat onto Aaron making him moan into the kiss. I quickened my pace when I felt his hands trail down by back and onto my boobs. I smiled against him but he knew what he’d done. I moved back placing one last kiss on his soft lips before leaving him to himself.

The next room was the Jacks and I smiled to myself seeing them both tied up next to each other. Trying to ignore the pool between my legs I walked over to the bed and laid down in between them. They turned to me and I couldn’t help but smirk. Slowly I trailed my hands down both of their toned chests before crawling over to Gilinsky straddling his waist. He leant forward eagerly kissing me tugging against the chains wanting to have his hands on my waist. I took off his blindfold before kissing him back as he grinded upwards not being able to deny myself the pleasure of a little friction that I so desperately needed. I moved down attaching my lips to his neck making my way to where he needed me. I watched his eyes close as I got closer to his length kissing his tip making him moan. “How about you keep your pretty mouth closed and I will give you what you want?” I asked and Jack nodded his head. Slowly I pressed my lips to his cock licking around his tip. I smiled watching him struggle to keep quiet as I slowly licked a line up his length making him throw back his head. I looked up at him staring deeply into his eyes as I put all of him in my mouth gagging as he rubbed the back of my throat.
“Fuck.” He moaned before biting his lip and throwing his head back in frustration as took him out of my mouth. I left a kiss on the tip of his throbbing member before moving over to Johnson.
“Hey baby.” I said straddling Johnson’s waist taking off his blindfold “Are you going to be a good boy?” I asked and he looked over at Gilinsky before nodding. I attached my lips to his and he gently kissed back trying to behave making me smirk into the kiss. I leant forward and undid the handcuffs letting Johnson’s hands drop by his side. I picked them up placing them on my hips before leaning close to his ear. “You’re allowed to be a little bit naughty.” I whispered smirking before re-attaching my lips to Johnson’s. He slowly trailed his hands down my back and just when I wasn’t expecting it he squeezed my ass making me squeal. I moved back giggling at the massive smirk on his face before moving down to his hard length. I looked up at him while I licked lines up his length making him close his eyes. Then I looked over at Gilinsky before putting as much of Johnson in my mouth as I could gagging as he hit the back of my throat. “This could have been you but you can’t keep your mouth shut.” I said smirking at Gilinsky wiping my mouth before turning back to Johnson. I put him back in my mouth and began to bob my head getting quicker and quicker as he threw his head back in pleasure. “Are you going to keep quiet and get your release baby?” I asked and he nodded. I slowed down my pace making sure to fit as much of him in my mouth as I could again and again until I saw him biting his lip gripping onto the sheets and I knew he was close. I quickened up a little using my hands for the parts I could reach when I felt Johnson twitch before releasing into my mouth. I bobbed my head a couple more times before moving back and swallowing his load. They both lay there breathless but for different reasons. I smirked at Gilinsky before looking at Johnson. “Untie loud mouth over there so he can help himself.” I said before leaving the room. At this point I was as horny as ever and desperately needed my own release but I took a deep breath knowing I would have to hold it for a little longer as I walked into Shawn’s room with the biggest smirk on my face.

“Y/N? Is that you?” Shawn asked as I walked over to his bed quickly removing my panties so I was now fully naked.
“It sure is baby.” I said smiling before pulling off his blindfold. I brushed my fingers through his hair before slowly pressing my lips against his. I closed my eyes getting lost in the kiss when I realised what I was doing. I pulled back and Shawn smirked. Slowly I moved back so my face was level with his length and I rapped my lips around his tip whilst swirling my tongue making him moan before I started to bob my head. I raised my head slowly making a pop sound as I took him out of my mouth. I moved forward straddling his waist making sure to place my dripping core over his aching member before grinding down. Shawn clenched his fists and squeezed his eyes shut.
“Shit.” He breathed making me smirk. I ran my hands over his abs before placing them on his length. I lined him up at my entrance slowly lowering myself onto him making us both moan. My eyes shut as I moved my hips in a slow circle clenching tightly around him. I had been waiting to pleasure myself for so long but I knew now wasn’t the right time I took a deep breath knowing that I couldn’t carry on for much longer. I started to move again watching Shawn tense underneath me. I I began rolling my hips grinding down on Shawn’s length making him bite his lip. “Y/N.” Shawn moaned and I knew he was getting close. I quickened up my pace watching Shawn’s mouth slowly open and his hands pull against the chains overwhelmed by pleasure. After a few more seconds I lifted myself away from Shawn and watched him as his eyes flew open and he let out a deep sexy groan. I took a deep breath though resisting the urge to continue passionately fucking Shawn was so hard the look on his face was worth it.
“I’m sorry baby you broke the rules.” I said trying to contain my smirk. He turned and looked at me his eyes full of anger and lust which was not a good mix. I walked over to the door leaning against it but just before I left I turned to face Shawn. He stared at me and I bit my lip to stop myself from giggling. “Problem?” I asked knowing he had figured it out.
“You didn’t tell me any rules.” He said and I winked before walking away the sound of the chains as he tried to get loose ringing in my ears. The smug feeling soon went and was replaced by the aching feeling between my legs. I clenched my fists as well as my legs before looking around the house and heading into Cameron’s room.

“Y/N.” He said as I crawled onto the bed and straddled his waist.
“Yes baby.” I replied as I removed his blindfold my lips almost touching his. He leant forward kissing me and I couldn’t not kiss back. Our tongues intertwined and I ran my hands down his hot sweaty body whilst getting lost in the kiss. A minute or two later I pulled back making Cameron moan. “You know you’re all having trouble with staying quiet but I might have a way we can fix that.” I said smirking. I kissed Cameron one more time before undoing his handcuffs and turning around.
“Is that right?” Cameron asked trailing his hands down my back giving me goosebumps
“How about you keep quiet and give me what I want so I can give you what you want?” I said leaning close to his member. His hands grabbed my ass pulling me close to his face.
“Ok baby.” He breathed over my aching core making me clench my fists. I leant forward and placed a kiss on the end of Cameron’s throbbing length before starting to take it in my mouth when I felt his tongue lick a line up my slit making me moan. I shook my head realising that Cameron was taking control and lowered myself onto his face making his tongue go deeper inside me.
“Cameron.” I moaned onto his length making him shudder beneath me. His hands gripped tightly onto my ass as his tongue did circles around my dripping centre making me moan more and more vibrating his cock. I started to bob my head getting quicker and quicker and I could tell Cameron was getting close as well as getting close to moaning. I closed my eyes getting close to my own orgasm while trying to focus on getting Cameron his release. I took him out of my mouth making him gasp but he did not moan. “Are you close baby?” I asked expecting an answer.
“Mm Hmm.” He moaned and my eyes rolled to the back of my head.
“Are you? He asked quietly questioning whether he was allowed to speak. I leaned forward and put as much of him in my mouth as I could moaning loudly giving him his answer. This sent him over the edge and he became a mess beneath me. “Fuck.” He moaned just before releasing into my mouth. I swallowed his load before throwing my head back his moans and screams sending vibrations through me getting me closer and closer to the edge. He quickened the pace of his tongue whilst still moaning onto my dripping heat and I couldn’t take anymore.
“Cameron.” I moaned coming undone all over his tongue. I grabbed the sheets and squeezed my eyes shut riding out my orgasm. After a couple more seconds I rolled over and lay beside him while we both caught back our breaths. I placed a kiss on his lips allowing us to taste each other before getting up and walking to Matt and Nash’s room.
I walked in and Nash’s head swiftly turned to face the door.

“Y/N?” He whispered.
“Yes baby.” I said walking over to his bed straddling his waist. I trailed my hands down his body before grinding down on his throbbing length which desperately needed to be touched. Though my orgasm had satisfied me for a short while I still craved more. I took in a deep breath and braced myself knowing that I would get what I wanted soon enough and took off Nash’s blindfold focusing my attention on him. He lifted his head up until our eyes met and I smirked licking my lips at the thought of what I could do to him. This made him groan and throw back his head in frustration. “What’s wrong baby?” I asked “Do you want my tongue?” I said licking my lips once more.
“Fuck.” He moaned pulling against the chains giving me the answer.“ I leaned forward and undid his cuffs making sure to put my boobs close to his face as I did so giggling to myself until he tangled his hands in my hair and pulled me into a kiss. I felt him smirk against my lips thinking that now I had let him go he was the one in control but he couldn’t have been more wrong. I kissed him back for just a few seconds before pulling away and smirking at him. I moved my way down his body until my face was aligned with his hard length and I looked up at him watching him bite his lip.
"If you can keep your hands to yourself I’ll let you have your release.” I said and Nash nodded placing his hands by his side making me giggle. Slowly I swirled my tongue around his tip making him moan and grip onto the bed sheets. I smirked before taking as much of him in my mouth as I could letting him feel his dick rub the back of my throat as I gagged. I moved my head back a little and began to move my mouth up and down on his cock as strings of profanities left his mouth. I slowed down my pace smirking as I did so when I felt his hand on the back of my head. He pushed my head down until I gagged before moving it back up again until my eyes met his and he looked away knowing what he’d done. I bobbed my head once more before taking him out of my mouth and wiping my lips. I leaned down to place a kiss on the tip of his member when I heard a groan from the other side of the room. I turned around noticing Matt was fast asleep totally oblivious to what was going on. I swear everyone was awake I thought as I looked back at Nash.
“He’s a deep sleeper.” He said and I smirked my head filling with ideas. I walked over to Matts bed crawling on top of him giggling at his snoring. Slowly I began placing kisses on his chest working my way down to his length which was already slightly hard. I put the tip in my mouth sucking it licking it kissing it but still he didn’t wake. I turned around looking at Nash as he sat stroking himself while I tried to put as much of Matt in my mouth as possible. Slowly I moved back my saliva stringing from his cock as I smirked at how hard he had gotten. He started to move and groan slowly waking up as I moved myself forward lining up my entrance with his cock. His cock twitched as I teased myself with it making me moan and that’s when he awoke. I sat up taking off his blindfold as he looked at me with his sleepy eyes,
“Y/N.” He tried to shout but it came out as a deep husky groan as I grinded my dripping pussy along his cock aching for it to be inside me. He looked around the room pulling against the handcuffs realising what was going on.
“I decided to pay you back for all the teasing you did last week,” I said biting my lip but somebody couldn’t stay awake. I’m not sure if you should be allowed to try and get your release.“
"Please baby.” He begged and I felt him twitch beneath me.
“Well seeing as you asked so nicely.” I giggled before slowly lowering myself onto his hard length. We both let out a gasp and I waited a second to adjust to his size before moving my hips up and down. I kept at a steady pace thrusting my hips making us both moan. It felt so good but I knew I couldn’t cum yet. I sped up a little watching Matt close his eyes. Realising I’d got carried away and forgotten to take off his handcuffs I slowed down the movement of my hips until I stopped and Matts eyes flew open. I sat still feeling his cock throbbing inside of me smirking to myself. “I’m going to untie you now but you’re going to have to keep your hands to yourself if you want me to carry on. Unless you want to end up like that.” I said pointing at Nash and Matt nodded. I leant forward so just his tip was inside me while I took off his handcuffs and his arms fell by his side. Just when he wasn’t expecting it I sunk down onto his hard length and he let out a hot throaty groan.
“Fuck.” He moaned as I sat back and bounced on his cock. I could feel he was getting close so I quickened my pace watching him grasp onto the sheets his eyes closing. I trailed my hands down his body placing them on his hips moaning as he hit the right spot. I got quicker and quicker until I could feel his dick twitching inside me watching him as he turned into a moaning mess as he came. After a couple more thrusts of my hips I lifted off him kissing him on the lips before I slowly walked away my legs shaking as I so desperately craved an orgasm but I knew I couldn’t not just yet.

Blow jobs and hand jobs were starting to bore me so before I want into the next room I went into my own to fetch something. With only two more rooms to go I walked into Nate’s climbing on his bed as he turned to face me.
“‘Bout time Lil mama thought you were never getting here.” He said with a cocky smile which soon fell off his face as I took off his blindfold and he saw what was in my hand.
“The other boys were told not to touch but I’m quite in need for someone’s hands right now.” I said undoing his cuffs and placing his hands on my ass as I straddled his waist. “They were also told to keep quiet though with the amount of pleasure you will be in I don’t think that will be possible. And besides, I think hearing your deep desperate moans would be so so sexy.” I whispered placing a kiss on his lips.
“So what are my rules then.” He asked and I smirked moving down the bed so I was able to see his big hard length. I turned on the vibrator on its lowest setting and held it just above his cock looking at his lustful eyes.
“No cumming until I say. Ok?” His mouth almost fell open not being able to give me an answer though he soon made some noise as I gently pressed it against the tip of his dick. His moans were quiet but got louder and louder as the vibrator was turned up higher and higher. I started at the bottom slowly moving it all the way up to his sensitive tip making it leak with pre cum. I could see he was getting close but I wanted to tease him some more. I put my mouth around the tip of his dick swirling my tongue around making him moan as the vibrator and my mouth pleasured his hard length.
“I’m close baby.” He moaned and I smirked moving back turning the vibrator up as high as it would go. Nate almost screamed his legs were shaking and I knew he couldn’t take much more.
“Are you ready on the count of three. One” I said moving the vibrator up and down his throbbing cock. “Two.” I leaned forward sucking on his tip feeling him twitch in my mouth. I pressed the vibrator against his sensitive tip and whispered three. His hips shot up from the bed and he made the loudest noise I had ever heard. Cum exploded from his cock as he swore and moaned riding out his orgasm and it was by far the hottest one I had ever seen. It had made me as horny as ever and I graved an orgasm. He lay there a sticky sweaty mess panting on the bed. He looked at me and I looked back at him though nothing was said. It didn’t need to be. I placed a kiss on his forehead before walking into the last room.

“Save the best ‘till last aye princess.” Sammy smirking and I just smiled. I knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands to himself. He’d have to touch squeeze and kiss every inch of my body and that’s why I’d saved Sammy until last. I needed him. I looked at him tied to the bed as I untied his blindfold his helplessness did not make him any less cocky. “So what are we doing baby?” He asked I smiled. My pussy was already dripping all over his dick and I couldn’t help but grind on him a little. “Looks like someone’s a little horny.” He said smirking and I knew I had to take control. I leaned forward and kissed him the handcuffs prevented him from holding my head and I used this to my advantage. Every time he tried to take control of the kiss I pulled away making him more and more frustrated. I decided to leave him tied up for a while longer to tease him all the more. Slowly I rubbed his hard length against my soaked pussy before lowering myself onto it making me and Sammy both moan. “Stop teasing you know you want it.” Sammy said and it was true but I was in control not him.
“You want it just as bad as I do,” I said “and if you make one more noise I’m going to stop. Understand?” I couldn’t help but smirk as he nodded. His dick felt so good inside me and I needed to cum. I started to move up and down. Slowly at first but getting faster and faster. He was hitting just the right spot and I couldn’t help but moan.
“You like that baby?” Sammy said and as much as I didn’t want to I stopped. His eyes shot to me and he groaned in frustration. “What was that for?” He moaned.
“You broke the rules.” I replied smirking.
“Sorry baby but I don’t follow rules.” He said and before I knew it his hands were on my waist and his lips on mine. He flipped us over and pinned my arms above my head. I looked at his wrists the hand cuffs were attached to his wrists but not the bed. I don’t know he did it but he did. I was so annoying he had ruined my teasing but his dick felt so good. He fucked me so hard I couldn’t help but enjoy it. I grasped my firsts together and curled my toes as he his dick thrusted in and out of me. I was so close and Sammy was getting quicker and quicker. I felt my orgasm coming when Sammy twitched and came. The moans and groans that were coming out of him were so hot but he was slowing down. After a few more thrusts he pulled out leaving me aching on the bed. My legs were shaking as I watched him walk to the door in shock of what had just happened when I saw Shawn and everything made sense. Sammy walked away as Shawn walked towards me. I went to sit up but Shawn pushed me back against the bed pinning me down with his muscular arms. He didn’t need hand cuffs.
“Sha-” He crashed his lips against mine cutting off my words making me moan in his mouth.
“You think its funny leaving me there tied up like that.” I said looking at me his eyes full of lust.
“It was payback.” I said trying to explain my actions.
“Payback?” Shawn smirked. “I’ll show you payback.”
He slammed his dick into me making me scream. He had one hand cupping my face the other rubbing my clit as he leant down to kiss me again only pushing his cock in further. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I grabbed the sheets unable to control myself anymore. “You want to cum?” He asked.
“Yes. Please make me cum.” I moaned.
“Then you should have followed the rules.” He said and he had the biggest smirk across his sexy sweaty face. He pulled out rolled me over so my ass was in the air and slammed back into me.
“Shawn!” I screamed. He smacked my ass only making me scream even more. He pulled his dick all the way out before roughly thrusting back into me again every time hitting just the right spot. I was overwhelmed with pleasure. “Please Shawn. I need to cum.” I begged and he pulled my hair lifting my head up and smacked my ass again.
“What was that? Say it louder!”
“Make me cum!” I screamed with every last ounce of energy I had.
“Fuck.” He moaned under his breath. “Cum for me.” Those were the only words I wanted to here my fists were clenched my legs were shaking and my eyes shut. My orgasm hit me harder than it had ever done before. My vision went white as I felt it wash over my body like a tidal wave. Shawn continued to thrust into me until he could go no longer. He moaned my name as he released the biggest load inside of me thrusting just a couple more times before pulling out. We both lay there unable to talk for a moment our orgasms having left us speechless. I looked at him and he looked at me but we didn’t say anything we didn’t need to. There was a noise at the door and one by one all of the boys came in and joined us on the bed. Each one of us sweaty, sticky and utterly worn out.
“Wow.” Nate said and we all laughed as wow couldn’t come close to express what had just happened.
“At least we’re even now Y/N.” Sammy said and I smirked turning to Shawn.

When I hear someone say Jack Gilinsky

I love this😂😂

Can you do a imagine/smut where your dating like sammy but during truth or dare you have to make out with jack g and sammy gets mad and they get in a fight and sammy fucks you infront of jack

“Jack it’s either the dare or your ass is all over on twitter. Your choice. ” you said as you stared at the nervous Jack Gilinsky. You were hanging out with your boyfriend and both of your close friend, Jack Gilinsky. You all had decided to play a game of truth or dare, with a shot of alcohol each dare. For some reason you all decided to take a risky picture of yourself as a way to keep yourself into doing the dare. Sammy and Jack both took a picture of their ass in it with a caption saying they liked it anal. As for you, it was a picture of you in only your panties, covering your breast. None of you wanted to post those types of pictures, but you also were getting more and more risky with your dares, the alcohol getting to you. You had currently just dared Jack to knock on your next door neighbors door asking for whip cream in your sports bra and tight booty shorts. At first he wasn’t going to do it, but eventually gave into it when you threatened to post the picture. “Fine” he huffed before standing up, following you to the bedroom. You giggled quietly as you handed him the pink sports bra with padding, watching as he squeezed himself into it, the fabric stretching enough that you could hear it. “Here, this is the largest size I have ” you said holding your tipsy giggles in. He shook his head before spending the next five minutes, struggling to fit himself in the shorts. By the he got the shorts fully on, you were on your knees from laughing so hard, his face cherry red. You could tell the shorts was making him very uncomfortable considering his boxers were hanging out, sticking out with how tight the shorts were on him. “Shut the fuck y/n ” he mumbled before quickly walking out of the room. You laughed even harder as you heard Sammy start laughing loudly from the living room, indicating that he saw Jack. “Let’s go Y/n I want to hurry up and get this over and done with. ” he yelled, obviously not happy with his dare. You and Sammy both watched from a distance as jack walked up to the front door of your next door neighbors, stepping back awkwardly as he waited for someone to answer. “Yes?” The man answered confused at Jack’s appearance. You and Sammy both covered your mouths to mumble your laughter as jack cleared his throat, quickly asking the question. The man gave jack a dirty look before spatting out a ‘no’ and slamming the door in his face, realizing it was a prank. Jack’s jaw dropped at his response before he quickly turned around, shaking his head in surprise. You and Sammy quickly ran inside, knowing jack wasn’t going to be happy. “Hey did you get any cream?” You asked through giggles but jack just brushed past you, immediately taking the clothing off. “It took him nearly another five minutes to come back in fully dressed but he immediately took two shots, sighing with relief as he sat down. “Alright Y/N your turn. Truth or dare?” He asked with a smirk on his face. You sighed before taking another shot, knowing you were going to regret your decision. “Dare” you said quickly. “I dare you to kiss me for a whole 60 seconds.” He replied. You felt Sammy tense up next to you. “What” Sammy replied, not even letting you decide if you were going to do it or not. “Dares a dare Sammy.” He replied with a smirk. Yup. He’s drunk now. “Sammy, you know I love you.” You said looking at him before scooting over towards Jack. “Start the counter sammy” jack said as he placed his hands on your hip. Sammy sighed heavily as he picked his phone up, starting the clock to one minute. “Go” Sammy said through gritted teeth. You attempted to slowly lean in to take away time but jack was in a hurry to place his lips against yours. He immediately smashed his face into yours, his grip on your hips tight enough to leave bruises. He quickly licked your bottom lip, you of course denying it so he squeezed your bottom making you moan long enough for him to slip his tongue in your mouth. Surprisingly, the kiss turned into a heated make out session but before it hit a minute Sammy was pulling Jack away from you. “What the fuck man!?” Sammy yelled, angry tension roaming in the room. “Like I said dude, a dare is a dare!” Jack slurred. “No fuck that shit she’s my girlfriend!” Sammy replied, his angry drunk side coming out. “Ah come on share a little” jack said, not realizing that he was just asking to get his ass kicked. “Seriously jack. Don’t fucking touch her again” Sammy said standing up. You saw jack smirk before he leaned over, placing his hand on your thigh. “Touch” he said with a cocky tone. Your jaw fell as you saw Sammy’s fist land on jacks face, jack falling backwards. “Fuck dude” jack spat out as he held his face in his hand. “Now I’m going to show you why I don’t fucking share and you can sit your dumb ass right there and watch. ” sammy said. You looked up at sammy with wide eyes, not sure if he was talking about what you were thinking. “Stand up baby. I’m about to fuck you senseless and jack can sit and watch. ” he commanded. “Or I’ll kick his fucking ass” he said looking over at his shoulder, looking at the pissed Jack. You stood up slowly, things just a bit blurry to you from you being tipsy. “Strip” sammy said sternly. You smirked slightly before lifting your shirt over your head, looking at the flustered boy on the couch. As you unbuttoned your shorts, you watched jack move uncomfortably in his spot as he struggled to keep his eyes off your figure. You grinned as you unhooked your bra from behind, letting it fall from your body before you pushed your underwear down your legs, stepping out of them towards sammy. Sammy shook his head as he looked at your body before unbuckling his belt. “Suck” was all he said has he pointed at his forming bulge in his boxers. You immediately stepped closer to him before getting down on your knees. You started pumping him slightly, glancing over at jack before placing his member in your mouth. You gagged slightly a sammy forcefully pushed your head down, making his tip hit the back of your throat. This lasted another few minutes before he pushed your head away, telling you to get on all fours. You quickly did as so, not speaking a word. In a matter of seconds, you felt Sammy’s large member filling you up from behind. “Fuck sammy” you moaned out as he didn’t hesitate to start moving swiftly, not giving you time to adjust. You could feel your breathing pace quicken as his grip on your hips got tighter, and him letting out throaty groans. With alcohol still lingering in both of your systems, it didn’t take you quick to get to your high point, quick to release. “I’m close baby” you moaned out, arching your back slightly. “Cum baby girl ” was all sammy said before you cried out, your legs shaking as you hit your orgasm. “Jesus Christ” sammy said under his breath as he came. He slowly rode out both of your highs before he pulled out, getting himself dressed. By the time you had gotten dressed, sammy was standing in front of the frustrated jack, who hadn’t moved an inch. “Now, if you got to fuck that on a daily base, would you share?” Sammy spat out, his overly protective side coming out. Jack just clenched his fist shaking his head slightly. Sammy chuckled before looking back at you. “Go ahead, give him a quick” sammy said. Yours and jack both widened your eyes in shock. “Go, he deserves it. He didn’t have to sit there and watch, I know that was torturing.” Sammy said crossing his arms. You slowly walked over to jack before sitting down on his lap, feeling his prominent boner poking at your inner thigh. You immediately started to grind down on him, him letting out a sigh of relief. The faster you went, the tighter his grip on your hips got. “Fuck” jack groaned out as he hit his high shortly after you had started. You moved off of him to see a darker tent in his black jeans where you sat. “Now. We can finish this game, but you can’t do anything sexual with my girlfriend anymore” sammy replied before taking another shot. This was going to be a long night.

One of my worst fears is meeting one of the boys and looking like complete shit

Temptation (Jack Gilinsky Imagine) WARNING: LOTS OF SMUT

“Jack…” I sang my boyfriends name who was currently making me breakfast.

He turned his head and his soft brown eyes met mine. God, how is he so perfect.

“Yes baby?” he smiled, then turning his attention back to the pan.
I walked over to him and wrapped my small arms around his toned torso.

“So yesterday, I was thinking that we should do something different in the bedroom.. Not that you’re doing a bad job or anything because trust and belive you’re amazing on your own,” He laughed

“I was just thinking that we should do something more exciting, you know?” I was trying to say this in the nicest way possible so that he didn’t think I wasn’t getting the pleasure that I sure as hell was getting.

“I totally understand baby, I actually was gonna come to you about this later but I’m glad you brought it up. I know somethings we could do.” He said a bit quieter as he put my pancakes on a plate and set them down.

“Well what exactly did you have in mind, Gilinsky.” I grinned, biting into the fluffy mixtutre of goodness.

“That, my dear,” he pecked my lips, licking his from the sweet syrup.

“Is a surprise. ”

“Well you’re just full of surprises so I’m sure it’s gonna be amazing.”

“Just prepare yourself for tonight baby, I swear i’ll make you come more times tonight then you ever have.” he whispered seductively in my ear, making my panties dampen.

“O-okay…” I stuttered, failing to regain my composure. God this boy is going to be the death of me.

{7:30 PM.}

Jack left earlier today, leaving me  to question his whereabouts.
I heard the lock turn and he walked in with a single black bag.  I tilted my head to the side just wondering what was in it. He noticed my actions and smirked then proceeded to our bedroom.

“Jack.?” I followed.

“Yes baby girl?”

“What’s in the bag babe?”

“Oh just a little something for later, baby.” he smirked.

Damn him and his beautifully curved smirk. All I wanted to do was smack it right off of his perfectly chiseled face.


“Ella, come in here baby.” Jack voice cooed.
My feet padded across the wood floor and up the stairs to our room.

When I walked in my eyes widened. Jack stood on one side of the room smirking at me once AGAIN. There were toys, sex toys and a lot of them, that lied on the bed. I looked up at him, my mouth in the ‘O’ shape.
“Go into the bathroom and get changed, darling." 

My stomach doing flips as I walked in there and closed the door.
A black corset lied on the counter with fishnet pantyhose and thick black heels.
Holy fuck, he was going all out tonight and I was so ready. I stripped from my basic clothes and put on the little outfit he bought me. I tightened the corset more, making my breast look incredible and on full display for his eyes only.
I slipped on the heels, opened the door, and walked out.
Jacks head snapped up and he immediately licked his lips. 

"Fuck, it looks even better on you then I imagined.”

The heels clicked on the floor with every step I took. Jack grabbed my arm pulling me on to the soft mattress while kissing me roughly. His tongue and mine both fought for dominance. He let out a low growl, letting me know he was getting impatient and more needy by the second.

He detached his lips from mine and reached over and grabbed a pair of handcuffs and locked them to both of my wrist. Jack then tied both of my feet to the end of the bed, making sure it was tight and that my legs were wide open. My core was throbbing and dripping already. A black blindfold was placed over my eyes. The anticipation was killing me, I just wanted him to take me now but I knew he was going to do a lot of foreplay.

 "We’re gonna go really slow tonight baby.“ He purred in my ear.

 "I really love looking at you in this, I really do but darling, it must come off if we’re gonna have fun.” his fingers played with the ribbon that was tightly tied, with no effort, he untied it, leaving my torso and breast on absolute full display. Jacks fingers circled my nipple before he pinched both of them lightly. His lips kissed both of my breast so lovingly and the feeling was amazing.

 "Mmm, Jack..“ I moaned quietly hoping for him to speed the process up.
  Ten minutes later I was fully naked and he just would not stop kissing my body, no matter how much I fidgeted and squirmed underneath him.

 "Time to play kitten. ” Finally. 

  I heard the sound of a machine being turned on and I knew just what it was. A vibrator. He lowered the object to my soaking core, running over my clit multiple times making me jump and gasp. He let it sit there for a few moments, letting the vibrations flow through my clit and through my body. I moaned loudly when he put another toy inside of me. He pushed in and out of me in a fast pace.  

 "Fuck.. Oh my god.“ I moaned loudly. 

 My walls clenched around the large dildo making him go even faster. The combination of the vibrator and the dildo were so delicious and pleasurable.
 My body jerked multiple times before the feeling of euphoria was washed over me as I made my first release. 

 "Fuck..” I breathed out. 

 "You did so well, darling.“  he cooed, deeply in my ear.

   Not even minutes later, Jacks hands were all over my body rubbing some type of substance over me and I felt like it was either lube or oil. I then felt the thick leathery material rubbing my core gently then coming down on me hard making me whimper.

The leather smacked my body and my heat multiple times making Jack laugh deeply and mischievously. He enjoyed seeing me like this, so vulnerable and so easy to torture. I twisted my wrist, groaning from the sharp pain from the metal.

 "Fuck Jack, enough foreplay, just take me please.” I begged, voice cracking showing him just how desperate I was. \

 "Ah ah ah. Only good girls get pleased, if you keep acting up then you’ll get punished.“ I could almost picture that fucking smirk plastered on his face. 

 The leather hit my body one last time before I felt him stick something inside of me, immediately making me cry out.
 A chain of small balls were inside of me, vibrating and shaking everything. It felt so fucking good and I knew exactly what they were and why he did this. The balls slowly stretched me open more so that I could take a bigger cock and clearly Jack had gotten bigger, someway, somehow and I was so ready to see if I could take him or not which I knew, from all of the toys, I would.

 He pushed the chain in deeper inside, awakening muscles I never knew I had before. My nerves were a bundles mess and my toes were curling every time they grazed my spot.

 "Fuck!” I yelled, making the leather, once again, come in contact with my flesh just harder.

 "No moaning, yelling, screaming, or groaning. I want to see how well  you can take it.“ He growled.

 A quiet whimper flew out of my mouth making him hit me again.

 "What did I say?”

 I only nodded, knowing that if I talked there’d be a punishment I wasn’t ready to face. The not was going to be blissful and painful but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

 "Fuck!!! Jack, faster!“ I screamed. 

 This was my 5th dildo and after all of the other ones I had an orgasm, each one bigger then the last.  His speed with the glass model increased drastically, making me arch my back. It was long, very long and never did it ever miss my spot.
 "Oh god, i’m gonna come..” I groaned.

 He squeezed my thigh, giving me permission to do so and within seconds my orgasm had taken over, letting my body tingle and shake from the non stop flows.

 I could hear the sound of his pants unzipping and his shoes and shirt thrown to a random area in the room.
 "God, I’ve been waiting since you walked out of the fucking bathroom.“ his pants dropped to the floor and his boxers were removed shortly after. 

 His body hovered over me, he was the alpha, the deliminator, the one who would be receiving but giving the most pleasure away tonight.  His soft lips kissed mine roughly and passionately before he thrusted in with no warning.
 "Shit.” he moaned in my ear so deep and sexy. 

 "Jack!!“ I spit. 

 I needed relief and these fucking handcuffs and my feet being tied up were not helping. 

 "Looks like my little toys worked.” he whispered, going faster and harder with each and every thrust.

 His large cock was hitting my G-spot multiple times, never failing to make me scream his name so loud the neighbors could hear what exactly he was doing. I wanted to tug on his roots and claw at his back but I couldn’t becuase of the fucking restraints.
 Damn him for tying me up and making me feel this good. The familiar fire in my stomach was begging to grow and grow. My body was on fire from the passion that radiated off of us. The room felt like a million degrees. We were both a sweaty mess. My orgasm once again over took me but Jack surprised me when he pulled out and came all over my face. It was a beautiful sensation that I hope I can go through again.