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“The Man From The Past” - Derek Luh Fanfic (PART 9)

Derek’s POV

‘Are we there yeeet?’ Y/n whined for what seemed like the thousandth time in the last 30 minutes. 

‘Y/n, for God’s sake’ I said tightening my grip on the steering wheel. ‘Stop whining already’ I chuckled making her laugh a little and throw her head back. 

‘I’m just so excited, I can’t wait to see the apartment and San Francisco after all.’ She said smiling. 

I could see in her eyes how happy and excited she was about this. This means a lot to her and I’m glad that I’m here with her now. Watching her smiling and laughing and just being happy in general, makes me happy. This girl has done a change in my life and made me fall for her and I just love her so much. 

After about 10 minutes later, we were finally there, in San Francisco. Y/n was screaming and clapping her hands unable to control her excitement. 

‘Finally! I’ve been waiting for this-’ She was saying when she got cut off by her phone ringing. ‘Hello? … Yeah, it’s me. …What..? Why?’ Suddenly, her smiled dropped and she sounded so disappointed. ‘Well, we’re already here, we can’t come back tomorrow again. … But we don’t have that much money to afford a hotel room now, I mean, we didn’t count that we’re gonna have to stay here for the night. … Really? Oh God, that would be amazing. … In 4 hours? … Okay, that sounds perfect. Thank you, see you, goodbye!’ 

‘What happened? Is everything alright?’ I asked taking my eyes off the road for a second to look at her. 

She leaned back, exhaled a deep breath, closed her yes and calmly said ‘So, the guy who is selling the apartment canceled our meeting because something came up and now he can’t make it today’ 

‘What? Is he serious? We came all the way to San-’ 

‘BUT, he said if don’t have enough money for a hotel room, since we didn’t think that we’re gonna have to stay the night here you know what I’m saying, that we can stay the night in the apartment.’ She said. 

‘Whaat? Well..that’s great?’ I said. ‘When do we have to be there?’

‘Yeah, that’s actually great because I’ll be able to see how would it be to live there at least for a day.’ She said. ‘He said we need to be there in 4 hours which means around 8 p.m.’ 

‘That’s awesome, babygirl’ I said giving her a smile and she returned it blushing a little. She always blushes when I call her ‘babygirl’, always. ‘What are we gonna do until 8?’ 

‘I’d like to walk around the city and look around.’ 

‘If you want we can go get some food and then go to the beach and then go for a walk or a ride around the city?’ I suggested and the sparkle in her eyes which she had before the phone call appeared again. 

‘Yes! That would be amazing!’ She said.

‘Let’s go.’ 

We stopped at the nearest Burger King and bought our late lunch or dinner, however you wanna call it, and then we ate it in the car on our way  to the beach. She spilled her Mocha Frappe, which she took as a desert (it’s her favorite), all over the seat in the car and then she was apologizing all the way to the beach. Even though there will probably say stain on the seat, I got a kiss on the cheek so I didn’t really mind about the stain. 

‘Oh my God, this place..’ She said looking through the window when I parked the car. ‘It’s so beautiful’ 

‘Yeah, it really is.’ I said. ‘C’mon, let’s go down to the coast’ 

‘Okay, let’s go.’ She smiled as she got out of the car. She went first and I followed her behind.

‘I’m so happy that we came right at the sunset’ She said as he hurried down. 

We started messing around with each other, laughing and talking and looking at the sun and just having a great time. I was enjoying every second of the time spent with her here and I believe she did to. 

She looked so beautiful while she was spinning around in the wet sand with a huge smile plastered  on her face. God, I can’t explain how much that moment I wished she was mine.

‘San Franciscoo!’ She screamed as she ran toward me in my arms. 

‘Watch out’ I chuckled along with her.

We spent about an hour and a half on the beach and then we decided to go. 

‘Wanna take short walk before we go?’ I asked her. 

‘Yeah, sure.’ She said. We started walking and then she said ‘Derek?’ 


‘Can I hold you hand?’ I swear my heart almost stopped when she asked that. I said nothing but tightly took her hand and continued walking.

We stopped and took one more look into the distance across the sea. 

‘I’ll never forget this.’ She said. 

‘Me neither’ 

She then turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck and I wrapped mine around her. 

‘I love you’ She whispered. 

‘I love you too, babygirl’


Jack J Imagine


So Jack and I hadn’t officially broken up yet, let’s just say we were on a “break” for the time being. I really do love him to the moon and back, probably more, but sometimes he’s so disrespectful towards me that I wonder what is even going through that head of his or if he even loves me. Yeah he’s demonstrated it in so many ways but I’ve pretty much had enough of his disrespect towards me. It’s time he learns that I’m not going to keep letting him make fun of me when his friends are around. Well he technically doesn’t make fun of me but the guys do because according to them I’m a “prude” or “frigid” which I am none of those. So what if I don’t wanna have sex until I’m married? It’s none of their business. The problem is, when they start insulting me with words such as stated, Jack only laughs with them and I feel utterly insulted. It makes me feel like he agrees with them and it makes me insecure. That’s why I finally snapped the last time he did it and we haven’t spoken in two weeks. It seems like a little but when you’re in love it feels like an eternity.

I had received quite a few texts from Jack since then but I refused to reply. But I really couldn’t deal with the separation anymore. I had to see him. I missed him so much and how sweet he can be when we’re alone. Just the two of us. That’s why I agreed to be at his house and let him apologize for the incidents. I quickly put on a hoodie and some leggings then drove off to my boyfriend’s house. I went to knock on the door and it opened up more quickly than I had anticipated. He pulled me in and held onto me so tightly that I was hardly able to breathe.

“Jack… I… Can’t… Breath…” I gasped out and he immediately let me go.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I’m just so glad to see you again… It’s felt like an eternity…”

His hand caressed my cheek as he spoke softly to me, then he placed a gentle kiss to my lips which I wanted to return however I didn’t because I had too much pride to just come crawling back. I had to at least feign tranquility. I knew that I was dying on the inside but he didn’t have to know.

“Come here,” he said and pulled me in, shutting the door behind him. We sat on his sofa and faced each other. He held my hands in his and kissed them so delicately. As if he was afraid to hurt them or something. I stared at him intently waiting for him to speak up.

“I’m sorry…” He started. “I really am. You didn’t deserve any of the shit talking from the guys and especially from me. I should have respected you and your choices more. But you know… I can be a dumbass sometimes.”

I chuckled and nodded in agreement earning a small shy smile from him.

“Look I really wanna make this up to you and all but these past few days I’ve had time to think and I wanna ask you something,” he continued. I nodded for him to go on which he did.

“I love you y/n… So so much. You’re all I ever need and think about. I miss you even when I just saw you like five seconds ago and being apart from you is hell for me. I want you by my side all the time… I need you with me because life without you would be absolutely miserable. I guess what I’m trying to say is…”

He stopped talking and got on one knee right in front of me, pulling out a small box from his jeans. My jaw dropped at the sight. Was he serious?!

“Y/N Y/L/N will you marry me?” He asked. My hands went up to my mouth as tears started forming in my eyes. This was real. I didn’t say anything but urgently wrapped my arms around him before anything else. He picked me up and we held onto each other.

“Yes! Yes Jack! I will!” I squealed into his chest. He let out a laugh of relief and set me down. I stared as he slipped the diamond ring on my finger with a large grin plastered on my face.

“I love you,” he said and kissed me with more love and passion than he had ever done before.


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AU: You’ve been in a playful relationship with Jack Gilinsky for awhile and instead of taking a down turn, like most relationships, you continue to stay close. 

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Omaha AU:

You’re dating Nate.

This is for all the Nate girls haha. I definitely enjoyed making this <3

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Does anyone even know what happened with the car situation is what i question every day


AU: Jack has been traveling with the boys a lot lately, going to events and working on his music with JJ. Since he’s been gone, he’s grown to miss you a ton; therefore he talks about you constantly.

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Omaha AU: You’re dating Gilinsky

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AU: Johnson and Gilinsky are doing a YouNow and they decide to do an #AskJackandJack live. The fans have constantly been asking Gilinsky if he had feelings for him. Finally Johnson gets him to admit it and he finds out you were watching the YouNow the whole time.


i know that this au isn’t that great but;

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An au meme where you catch Jack G cheating on you & you break up with him but later on he wins you back.

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Omaha AU: You’re dating Jack Johnson.

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Omaha AU: You and Jack G have a two year old son

‘Y/S/N’ = Your sons name

This was requested by Anon: Can u do a jack G au when you guys have a two year old son? And are seniors in high school?

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