jack gilinsky au


Jack J AU: He talks about you while being on tour

a little something for you guys, especially for the Johnson girls, where y'all @? :) 

I hope you enjoyed! Let me know who you want an AU meme about next. I’ve been offline for quite a while and I just wanna be more informed about what you guys want to see in the future :) Something new? Something on my Masterlist that I still haven’t finished in ages (guilty)? Let me know :) 



Masterlist Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

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Imagine: Drunk Confessions

Text: You broke our promise (My personal fav)

Instagram/Twitter: Salty Derek (ft. Skate)

Text: I’m ready for you

Text: Bathing suit

Text: You’re worth it

Text: Wait til I get home

Text: Breaking up prank

Text: Fly out to Miami

Text: Wisdom Teeth

Twitter/Instagram: Appreciation

Text: Pick a place

Instagram: Interracial relationship

Instagram/Twitter: Flirting

Blurb: Skate argument

Text: Post it marriage broken

Text: Come Outside

Text: Hitting on my friends


Text: Advice to date you?

Imagine: Love at first sight

Text: Flirting through song lyrics

Text: Madison hooks you up Part 1 / Part 2

Text: Confessing Love (includes Gilinsky)

Text: Jealousy (Includes Gilinsky)


Text: Can’t go on tour

Text: Snapchat party argument

Text: Baby photos

Text: Webster Hall

Text: One Year


Text/Twitter/Instagram: Jack breaks up with Madison for you

Instagram: Traveling

Twitter/Instagram: Salty Gilinsky (ft Derek) / Part 2

Text: She’s mine (ft. Jack J)

Text: RWYA

Text: Cheats on Madison

Text: Cold

Twitter/Instagram/Text: Gang with Derek

Text: Where are you?

Text: Friend is jealous Part 1 / Part 2

Instagram: Break Up


Instagram/Twitter/Text: Salty Sammy

Text: Scaring Sammy with Skate

Text: Skiing trip

Instagram: Younger sister (ft Jack J)

Text: Chase the day video

Text: Instagram post

Text: Parent Fight

Twitter: Indirect

Text: Dad fight

Text: Slut shaming

Twitter: Fan’s ship you

Text: Derek flirting

Text: Guy keeps hitting on you Part 1 / Part 2

Text: Sammy gets into an accident

Text: You get into an accident

Text: Nudes

Text: More nudes

Text: Hate

Text: Bad weather in NC


Blurb: Movie Night

Instagram: I miss you

Text: World tour tickets

Text: Shawn Mendes are you jealous?

Text: I declare you

Text: Shawn gets jealous

Text: Will you be my girlfriend?

Instagram/Text: Camila

Instagram/Twitter: Flirting


Text: Front Row Fans

Text:Party mistakes

Instagram: Injury

Text: I want to change your mind

Text: Outfit

Text: He’s my cousin 

Text: Be Alright

Text: Car Accident

Instagram: Support from cheating boyfriend

Text: Vacation 

Text: Fan hate 

Text: Protective

Text: Cheesy pick up lines


Instagram: Mixed race hate

Instagram:Cheating boyfriend

Twitter: Roommate

Instagram: We miss you


Text: Hypocrite

Text: Party animals

Text: Girl from concert

Text: Still finna hit though

Text: Derek flirting with you


Text: Break up Part 1 / Part 2

Text: Scared to date 

Kenny Holland

Text: Pick out an outfit


Gilinsky picks rattison over beautiful y/n

Sorry about the watermark. I aint go no time for people stealing. For the text au I got help from @trxpluh who played Gilinsky💗


Omaha AU: You’re dating Gilinsky

I had so much fun making this :). 

I’m laughing so hard at the last gif, what’s wrong with me




OMAHA AU (requested by anonymous): can you please make a gilinsky au where you’re curvy and you get bashed on it and an interviewer mentions it to jack and he gets mad and sticks up for you || MASTERLIST


Requested by Anon:

(Can you do a Johnson one like your Nate AU? 😍😍)

There you go :)

Omaha AU: You’re dating Jack Johnson.

I hope you enjoy it <3 ! 

AU Requests are always welcome! I’d also love to do some more specific ones if you want to have me make them about a certain Situation. Just tell me and I’ll try to make them when I have time :)

Imagine Cameron protecting you when other boys try to touch his girl.


Anon: Can you do a Sammy au where you’re in Hawaii with them and he proposes to you with the guys help and it really cute and fluffy and stuff? I absolutely love your work!!😍 

 Anon: Hey I don’t mean to be a bother but when is the Sammy proposal in Hawaii au gonna be posted? I’m super excited for it! 

Anon: Hey I read the request for the Sammy au in Hawaii where he proposes and it sounds amazing! When do you think it’ll be out? I love your work!!! 

Here it is guys! Sorry I made you guys wait for so long but I hope you guys enjoy it 😄💞



Omaha AU: You and Jack G have a two year old son

‘Y/S/N’ = Your sons name

This was requested by Anon: Can u do a jack G au when you guys have a two year old son? And are seniors in high school?

That was the best I could do ❤️‍

REQUESTS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW! please give me some time to make the ones requested. You can have a look at the things that are going to come up and the stuff I made so far HERE😊

I can’t explain how much I love this kid.